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Municipal Information 217 Gideon Street, Stayner, ON L0M 1S0 Telephone: 705-428-6230 | Fax: 705-428-0288 | Email: Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm

Parks and Recreation


Municipal Information

General Manager Parks, Culture and Recreation CAO Terry Vachon 705-428-6230 Stephen Sage 705-428-6230 (ext. 228) Community Culture and Tourism Coordinator Legislative Services/Municipal Clerk CLEARVIEW TOWNSHIP Amanda Murray 705-428-6230 (ext. 249) Pamela Fettes 705-428-6230 (ext. 224) ADMINISTRATION CENTRE FIRE AND EMERGENCY SERVICES Recreation Facilities Foreman 217 Gideon Street, Box 200, Fire Chief: Colin Shewell (Ext. 253) Dan Gowan 705-466-3000 By-law Enforcement Stayner, ON L0M 1S0 Recreation Facility Bookings Senior By-law Enforcement Telephone: 705-428-6230 LIBRARY, CLEARVIEW Christine Taggart 705-428-6230 (ext.PUBLIC 238) Joseph Paddock 705-428-6230 (ext. 241) Fax: 705-428-0288 Creemore Branch: 705-466-3011 Website: Stayner Branch: 705-428-3595 Planning and Development Building E-Mail: Sunnidale Branch: 705-424-6288 Director of Community Services Chief Building Official Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm Mara Burton 705-428-6230 (ext. 264) Scott McLeod 705-428-6230 (ext. 231) PARKS AND RECREATION ADMINISTRATION Creemore Arena Manager Corporate Communications & Marketing Dan Gowan 705-466-3000 Finance Communications and Marketing Coordinator CAO Steve Sage (Ext. 228) Community, Culture, Recreation Treasurer Tim Hendry 705-428-6230 (ext. 240) Legislative Services/Clerk: Pamela Fettes (Ext. 224) Shane Sargant (Ext. 249) Edward Henley 705-428-6230 (ext. 225) Facilities Manager: Public Works BY-LAW Aaron Annis 705-428-6013 Fire andENFORCEMENT Emergency Services By-Law Enforcement Officer Environmental Services Fire Chief Josesph Paddock (Ext. 241) (ext. 403) PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT General Manager Colin Shewell 705-428-6230 of Planning: Wynia (Ext.240) Mike RawnDirector 705-428-6230 (ext. Michael 243) PUBLIC WORKS ROAD MANAGER Sewer and Water Manager Library Tony Clarke (Ext. 237) Todd Patton PUBLIC WORKS(ext. 302) 705-428-6230 Creemore Branch, 705-466-3011 Environmental Mike Rawn (Ext. 243) Transportation andServices: Drainage Stayner Branch, 705-428-3595 FINANCE Transportation and Recreation: Steve Sage (Ext. 228) General Manager Sunnidale Branch, 705-424-6288 Treasurer: Edward Henley (Ext. 225) Gerry LeMay 705-428-6230 (ext. 230) Roads Manager Tony Clarke 705-428-6230 (ext. 303) 4 • Fall 2017/Winter 2018 •

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Fall 2017 & Winter 2018 Clearview Activity Guide  
Fall 2017 & Winter 2018 Clearview Activity Guide