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• Companies aren't legally required to do drug testing, but many of them have developed low- or zero-tolerance policies for their own purposes. • Typically, drug tests are requested to ensure that the applicant or employee is not using illegal drugs or drinking excessively, which they fear may lead to problems at work.

• Another reason for drug testing is that it's simply good PR to have a firm drug policy and is generally bad PR for employees to use controversial substances like marijuana.

Even with the best intentions, drug tests can put both privacy and job security at risk for those who responsibly enjoy substances such as recreational marijuana.

The reality is that drug tests often threaten the income of otherwise productive, professional and honest employees. While drug testing may be meant to prevent the hiring of severe addicts who exhibit risky behaviors, many see it as questionable in terms of privacy rights and personal freedoms.

• While it is impossible to say for certain whether a particular company will require a drug test for a promotion, it is within the rights of employers to request drug tests at any time. • Your company may indeed require a drug test as a condition of your promotion, particularly if they have suspicions. • If your company requests a drug test before a promotion and you refuse, it is legal for your employer to take disciplinary action or even terminate you.

• As mentioned previously, there are immediate risks to the employee in the form of disciplinary action and/or termination from his or her job. • Although results are usually kept confidential, a failed drug test can be embarrassing, affect confidence and create anxiety around future job applications and promotions. • Depending upon the situation and applicable legal precedent, results may be shared with authorities. In 2016, the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court gave the state Board of Nursing the right to subpoena drug test results from a nurse's employer.

• Once a drug test is requested of you, it is important that you immediately start preparing to pass.

• If you are concerned that recent use will show up on your test, there are various DIY methods and products you can turn to. �

Note: there is always the risk of being caught using alternative methods to pass a drug test, no matter what method you use. If this happens, ClearTest does not assume any responsibility for the repercussions.

If you need to pass an upcoming drug test as part of a promotion, start preparing by working to cleanse your body naturally as much as possible. Stop using any substances immediately. Drink lots of water to flush your system as much as you can. Try to avoid exercising too much, as the breakdown of fat cells could release stored chemicals from previous use.

• ClearTest offers a range of products that can help you pass an employer drug test. – For urine test: synthetic urine, additives like Urine Luck and drinks like Rescue Cleanse – For hair drug test: detox shampoos like Clear Choice and Dr. Green's Wash Away Shampoo – For saliva drug test/mouth swab drug test: Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum

ClearTest is a professional company that aims to help individuals protect their privacy rights with regard to employer drug testing. We offer a variety of drug test detox beverages, synthetic urine products and other solutions to help customers pass urine or hair follicle tests at work.

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Do Companies Drug Test Before Promotions | Explore the question of whether employers require drug tests as part of considering an employee for a promotion....

Do Companies Drug Test Before Promotions | Explore the question of whether employers require drug tests as part of considering an employee for a promotion....