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The real cause of acne; bacteria, diet, or something else? No matter if you’re an adult or a teen, acne can be emotionally debilitating, especially if you don’t know the cause. Acne itself is caused by many things, which is why it can be so frustrating to cure. If your acne is potentially being caused by a dozen different factors, which one is causing yours and how do you find your acne solution? Research Your Acne The first step in clearing up acne is research. What is causing yours? Though the Internet doesn’t always give true information, in this instance it’s the right place to go for answers. As you do this however, keep in mind that all research must come from credible sources. Look through professional websites and stick to solid information. Otherwise you will come across a lot of sources advertising bogus acne treatments that could potentially damage your skin and run up a large bill in the process. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with information during your research, but just remember, most acne solutions are made from the same basic formula and the only differences are packaging and small amounts of additionally added products like moisturizers. Addressing the Underlying Cause What many acne control products don’t do is treat the underlying cause, which is what you want to do. Most causes of acne have their roots in hormone production. Hormonal acne is caused when oil glands attached to hair follicles are stimulated by circulating hormones. This creates a hormone by-product called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which in turn is what causes breakouts and pimples. DHT also causes hair loss and balding as well. There are not many products that stop DHT acne, but there are a few. This is the medication and treatment you want, so make sure it’s at the top of your research list. Other treatments may provide short-term success by temporarily getting rid of the symptoms of DHT, but they won’t make it go away entirely. How do Anti-DHT Treatments Work? Anti-DHT acne treatments go after the source of acne with a vengeance by eliminating the cause of excessive oil production by the oil glands at the hormonal level. First of all, they inhibit

the conversion of Testosterone to DHT and get rid of excess oil production. After this, the treatment blocks the Androgen Receptors and stops the stimulation of the oil glands. The third step involves disinfecting and cleaning. The treatment will open your pores and get rid of any bacteria while reducing inflammation. This allows your skin to heal and when is does, it will heal clear, leaving the newly regenerated skin smooth and less prone to breakouts. Remember, there are several different anti-DHT acne solutions, but before you try them, make sure they include these three steps for destroying acne at the root. They must hinder the conversion of testosterone to DHT, block the Androgen Receptors, and then disinfect and stop bacteria. If they do all of this, then you may have just found your cure for that stubborn acne. For more information visit us at

The real cause of acne; bacteria, diet, or something else  

No matter if you’re an adult or a teen, acne can be emotionally debilitating, especially if you don’t know the cause. Despite popular belief...

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