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What to Expect from Clearogen's Acne ❧Solution ❧

Acne Facts ❧

Acne is extremely common for both men and women of all ages.

Bacteria and clogged pores are blamed for acne, but it truly starts with stimulations of the oil glands by DHT, a hormonal by-product.

Acne strikes when least wanted, and can leave you feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Hundreds of acne treatment products currently on the market don’t work.

Clearogen Facts ❧

Clearogen acne treatment is a combination of FDA-approved anti acne medications with natural Anti-DHT ingredients. Clearogen is clinically proven reduce existing acne and prevent future breakouts.

It starts working from day one by: Reducing DHT production and preventing excess oil production; o Blocking androgen receptors and minimizing oil gland stimulation; o Opening pores and eliminating acne causing bacteria; o Reducing irritation and inflammation, allowing the skin to fully repair itself. o

In just a few weeks, it restores your skin’s natural beauty, making it the best acne treatment for teenagers and adults.

30 Day Expectations â?§

Within 30 days of using Clearogen’s acne solutions, you can expect: o Existing acne to start vanishing o New acne to stop forming o Skin to become less oily and healthier

45 to 60 Day Expectations ❧

Within 45 to 60 days of using Clearogen’s acne products, you can expect: o Significant, visible reduction of existing acne o Noticeable prevention of future breakouts o Significant skin health improvement

Beyond 60 Days ❧

Clearogen’s adult and teenage acne treatments reduce skin’s oiliness, helping prevent future acne.

After 60 days of treatment, Clearogen will help you maintain your results and prevent new breakouts.

You can use Clearogen less frequently after 60 days and incorporate our blackhead acne treatment as needed.

Our Guarantee To You ❧ ❧ ❧

Clearogen clears acne and prevents new acne by addressing the DHT, the root cause of acne. Expect your existing acne to be visibly reduced. Expect future breakout prevention.

Our Guarantee ❧

If you’re not satisfied with your Clearogen results after 60 days, return your used or unused products for a full refund.

Contact us ❧

For more information: • Visit our website at • Call us at 877-30-CLEAR

What to Expect from Clearogen's Acne Solution