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When Only One Ladder Will Do Combination Ladder _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Sebastian -

Ladders are like other tools in that they have specific uses for specific tasks. Just as you wouldn't take a flat head screwdriver to a cross-headed screw - using a step-ladder for a job that an extension ladder should be used for, is not only impractical but can be dangerous too! Ask any tradesman and they'll tell you the right tool should always be used for the right job - and the same applies to ladders; however, unlike other tools that can fit snugly into a toolbox or tool belt - they are large and cumbersome. To Learn More About Combination Ladder

Often, it can be difficult to transport more than one type of ladder so tradesman have to often make a compromise or plan well-ahead; although, there can be times that however hard you have planned for a job, you cannot always foresee the tasks ahead and often you can be left with the wrong one ..

While there is no such thing as a single ladder that can do all jobs, combination ladders combine some of the fundamental facets of other types making them an extremely flexible solution for when you are unsure of the type that may be required. Some combination ladders can act as a leaning ladders enabling you to do tasks such as guttering our exterior wall work; step-ladders so you can work indoors and even platforms, ideal for ceiling work. And combination ladders don't stop there. Some combinations can be used in extremely difficult locations where other types simply couldn't be used.

Combinations can even be placed on stairs as their folding ability enables it to be safely sited on separate steps - still providing a stable and safe platform to climb. Combination ladders come in all sorts of guises and while there is no such thing as a single type for all tasks a combination is akin to a Swiss army knife - with multiple positions and uses they are ideal for the busy tradesperson who often finds themselves with the wrong ladder for the job. Because of this flexibility combinations are used by a whole host of trades.

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Combination ladder  

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