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Clear Creek Consulting Our Strategy Our services are designed to be flexible and appropriate for your organization. We research and uncover strategic communications opportunities in your fundraising programs through research and analysis. This gives us an in-depth understanding of all your fund raising programs and communications needs. We begin with two fundamental services, the Development Audit and Communications Audit, which are designed to quickly uncover opportunities for ROI (return on investment). Development Audit  

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We analyze your fundraising history and data, identifying key measures of donor-focused performance. To be truly donor-focused, and to communicate with your constituents in a strategic manner, we help you understand each donor group more completely. This requires a deeper understanding of your donor’s needs during these challenging times. In-depth, one-on-one interviews are conducted with your key leadership and lead donors. Our donor group profiles will reveal what is most important to friends of your organization and their preferences regarding the manner in which you communicate with them. We assess current communications, including acknowledgment and recognition activities, against donors' needs and desires. We examine your current fund raising policies and procedures, related record keeping, and the security of donor information and data systems – a key concern for many donors. We help your development staff by providing strategic counsel to ensure that your policies and procedures are “best practices.” Where your systems are slow and inefficient, we provide advice on how to streamline operations.

Communications Audit Next, we proceed with a thorough analysis and evaluation of all your communications activities, channels, and products along with an analysis of your competition. Our goal is to discover and begin to articulate your organization’s story and to significantly improve your message(s). The purpose is to demonstrate how integrated strategic messages can generate more income immediately, with continued increases in the future. Upon completion of the Development Audit and the Communications Audit, we provide the appropriate reporting, review, and implementation: After-Action Reports As each program is evaluated, we make specific and pragmatic recommendations for real and measurable change. Our goal is to ensure that your communications are strategic, integrated and donor-focused, and that you see ROI (return on investment) as early in the process as possible. Strategic Communications Plan Next, a comprehensive Strategic Communications Plan is presented, evaluated, and tweaked to ensure that it meets your needs.

This plan conveys thoughtful and deliberate messages. Recommendations are made regarding the most suitable media for the designated audience, to be delivered at the appropriate time. This Communications Plan becomes the platform for a multi-year donor-focused communications strategy. Setting a Social Media Policy for your Organization A “Social Media Policy” is important for your organization to ensure you let your staff know what is and isn’t acceptable when it comes to their personal and professional lives in the Social Media arena. We will help you develop and implement a social media policy to support and protect your organization while enabling staff to creatively engage with your donors and prospective donors. Maximizing the Power of the Web Your website is a critical connection between your organization and its constituents, and is integral to your overall strategic communications with donors. Creating and updating your website content to deliver your message is key to building stronger relationships with your constituents. With the right strategy, your site can be a powerful vehicle for engaging constituents, driving donations, advancing your mission, and building enduring support. Our services include website evaluation. We work with the most innovative and technically gifted experts in the field to analyze and produce dynamic content to improve your site or create a new one. Design of your website is important but, these days, content is king. It’s critical that your website has the appropriate content written in a style that matches your pre-determined strategic communication goals. Our services include: content outline, writing, identifying or locating photos, and working with web designers to ensure that your site meets the needs of your key audiences and your organization. Best Practice Study Best Practice Study looks at organizational websites known for “best practices” and then recommendations are made in order to bring your website up to these standards. Our partners can also help you design and launch a new dynamic site in record time. Online Giving The average online gift has been trending in the range of $140 per donation. Even major donors are giving online. We will share with you best practices in online giving to ensure that you are offering your donors a positive experience with an efficient, secure, uncluttered donation process that will help increase the number of online donations that you receive. Donor-Focused Email Programs Donor-focused email programs allow you to design email newsletters, share them on social networks, integrate with services already in use, and track your results. Our email programs increase the impact of your message by combining email marketing with social networking. Our Program Highlights:     

Delivery of a strategic message that is consistent across all channels Development of multi-year Strategic Communication Plan that is truly donor-focused A Strategic Communications Plan that is integrated with the most appropriate and dynamic social media sites A donor-focused approach on every fundraising program Increased income in the areas of major gifts, annual fund, endowment and capital campaigns

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