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our mission, To provide our clientele dynamic digital solutions through our philosophy of feel, function, & simplicity.

your success brings ours. We are Take Ctrl LLC, a company with two equally important ingredients, Clear Creative, and Take Ctrl IT services. But what’s more important is your business, and how we can help it flourish. Feel, function, and simplicity is how we do business. We aim to make your business stand out from the pack, and operate in the most efficient way possible. All this comes in a streamlined package letting you go about your business, while we do ours.

make yourself stand out feel. function. simplicity. maximize your efficiency simplicity. we make it easy



brand & print services What’s the difference between Apple and Microsoft? Between Starbucks and every other coffee shop? It only takes a small look into their branding approaches to see, and if there’s any proof that branding makes for loyal customers, these companies are it. We believe in the power of branding and start from the very roots of your company. We then begin building a strong and effective brand that people can connect with, all the while making sure to keep your customers in top priority. We believe advertising may bring you customers, but effective branding will Our Giftback. to You. bring them 1) Tear this card along perforated edge 2) Plant it 3) Water it 4) Watch the future of packaging grow

transforming landfills into landscapes

If one card grows a plant, imagine what our packaging does.

transforming landfills into landscapes

Mike Bohner Partner 720.290.3814

transforming landfills into landscapes

Mike Bohner Partner 720.290.3814

Brand Development Starting at $399 Our brand development package includes a ground-level approach to strategic branding. We will work side by side with you developing everything from basic vision and mission statements, and then apply these concepts across your company. Includes Logo Creation Graphic Style Guide Logo/Identity Creation Starting at $249 Sure you could get a stock logo from some site, but a logo should be a personal message to your customers. Let clear communicate your business in a crisp and stylish image that will seperate you from all the mediocre, cookie-cutter design out there. Print Services Brochure / Booklet Design starting at 149.99 Whether you have a catalog of products, or a simple service to sell, the right promotional products are key to getting your message across. With our brochure design, you’ll get a clean and professionally printed design you’ll be proud to hand out to customers Advertising Campaigns starting at 199.99 Not only will we provide designs that convey everything your company wants, but we have the tools to research where and what your ads should be printed in, maximizing the potential for increasing revenue. Includes Magazine Ads Poster Design Signage & Vinyl Applications


website & application creation It’s important for your customers to easily see you. Being a small, personalized company means we love to help our fellow business owners thrive in the market. We offer a complete web site creation service that includes the design, programming, and hosting aspects of site creation. We also maintain your site, so if you ever need additional features, or a problem ever arises, we are there to help.

Basic 5 page HTML / CSS web site (Click to Click) $99 Down + 1yr of Webmaster Monthly + $99 Closing or $450.00 for site only $30 for first additional page $15 for every additional after first Basic 5 page Flash site (Animated Sequencing) $149 Down + 1yr of Webmaster Monthly + $99 closing or $500.00 for site only $30 for first additional page $15 for every additional after first Additional web site functionality including (pricing varies): Content Management Systems Database Setup and Query Javascript / PHP Functions and Applications Blog Building / News Sections Site Updates A one-time focused update to your website. Starting at $10.00 Site Redesign & Layout Adjustment Color and placement editing only, does not include any additional interactivity. Starting at $125.00 Complete Site Overhaul Includes Unlimited Graphic Creation and added interactivity. We will also move your site to a new domain(.com) of your choice if necessary. Starting at $250.00

function. webmaster & seo services

We offer a variety of packages for keeping your web site up to date and running smoothly, while you can just sit back and let it work for you. Nothing is worse than having your site go down and spending an entire day or more fixing the problem. Let us deal with the dirty work.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization puts you above your competition. We have teamed up with Advanced Ranking Solutions, an industry leading SEO firm whose service is designed to put your web site on page one of all major search engines. We can offer these professional services to our clients at highly discounted rates, they can be the difference between your site simply being there, and getting seen.

Website Hosting $5.00 / mo. Webmaster Monthly $60.00 $180 with SEO services ($20 monthly savings) Monthly Performance Reports 5 Monthly Updates Monthly Site Backup Hosting Redundancy Email Setup 10% off computer repairs from Take Ctrl Webmaster Pro $125.00 $230 with SEO services ($35 monthly savings) All Webmaster Monthly Features + Weekly Performance Reports 1 Annual Site Redesign 20 Monthly Updates 20% Off Computer Repairs Webmaster Elite $360.00 $440 with SEO services ($60 monthly savings) All Above Services + 24/7 Technical Support Unlimited Updates 1 Monthly Redesign / 1 Annual Overhaul 25% Off Computer Repairs Clear SEO Package $140.00 / mo. Includes Monthly Detailed Ranking Report for all major search engines. Web site Performance Reports $5.00 / mo. View traffic to your site and track the when, where, and how for every visitor to your site.


i.t. solutions & computer repair We strive to offer a solution for every aspect of your digital world. Through Take Ctrl we offer a variety of solutions to take care of whatever ails your business. Help desk services give you experienced technicians available 24/7 for any issues you might face. We offer flexible payment options to suit your needs, giving you more freedom and bang for your buck. Take Ctrl Business Solutions provide an experience unrivalled by any competitor. With a quick response time, variety of services, and techs available to take your call any time of day, you can’t go wrong choosing Take Ctrl as your dedicated IT department.

Applications Remote Workspace Imagine never having to upgrade your software. With remote workspace you just log into our system from your own computer and you’ll have access to the most recent versions of MS Office, Exchange, and other powerful business software. Support We support all Microsoft and Apple software as well as most third party applications. Data Backup Offering remote and on-site backup solutions, we’ll make sure you’ll never lose a file again! Helpdesk Support Our online ticketing system allows you to submit a service request, check on the status of a service request, or make payments all through our web site. Support is available 24/7 at your office, remotely, or through pickup and delivery. Our goal is to make sure your business runs smooth and efficiently. Networking Deployment We’ll survey the area and install a scalable, top-notch network. This means your network can change and grow with your company without having to start over. Administration We’ll keep an eye on your network, keep intruders out and employees happy. Consultations From general startup consultations to specific networking or printer needs, we are available to help you make the right decision for you.

simplicity. easy on your mind & your budget What separates us from the average development and IT company is our commitment to make ourselves and our projects as accessible as possible. These ideas are based around a concept of clientknowledge and interaction. By keeping you in the know, and involving you in projects, (after all, your paying for them) we feel our services not only allow themselves to become custom-tailored to your needs, but also, end up creating more efficient and creative results.


clear network

offer your services

your business connected to others’

recieve services at discount

Development Corner The Development Corner allows you to log into our system and view all your current projects. We update the interface daily, so you will always know exactly what is going on with your project whether its a web site, report, or IT repair. As well, you can view balances, make payments and communicate securely with project managers and techs for instant feedback on whatever isn’t sitting right with you. On Site or Pick Up, Your Choice. Our techs work around your needs, and almost any service can be provided to you in your office, store, or if its after-hours, we are available for drop off / pick up service any time. 24/7 Emergency Support Server down? Hard Drive crash before an important business meeting? Our techs offer 24 hour support so just in case your computer or network decides to act up on you at the worst possible moment, we’ll be there to get it into shape! Clear Network (Coming Soon!) The Clear Network is a collection of small businesses around Colorado who are offering their services to you at a discounted price. All you have to do is offer your services on our network, and you’ll get access to all these businesses and even receive discounts from us on your projects!

you + us.

Together, we can build a window and let the world see the possibilities of your business. Along the way, we’ll help you keep it clear.

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