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Seven Ways to Know if your Company is on Vacation, While You Work Overtime

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Welcome to Corporate Cabana! Hop on our tour as we explore the signs of doing nothing. That’s right. Most people at work actually do nothing. In the midst of data overload, they’re on vacation at their desks - relaxing, unwinding, and hanging loose - yet swamped with tedious research and inaccurate reporting. In the end, little is accomplished, despite all the hard work. So while you sip on your coffee, imagine it’s a piña colada! And see how a typical day at work could be like a day at Corporate Cabana. If you happen to identify with any of the characters or signs in this eBook, take a break, have another sip of your piña colada, and acknowledge that you’re not alone. >Technology to Compete.

On the hunt for insightful data... Meet Sandy Brown. Sandy spends her afternoons hunting for seashells along picturesque beaches. She easily spends up to several hours, if necessary, trying to spot pretty shells for her collection. Sandy doesn’t have a strategy for shell gathering, but considers herself pretty lucky when she finally does find a rare one.

Sandy Brown NAME:

Business Analyst



Meanwhile at the office... Sandy’s inefficient search for important data progresses bit by bit. Although she feels confident about her company’s market position, she’s completely caught off guard about the competition. Consequently, her boss gets impatient and suddenly begins to question her productivity. So much for a day at the beach.

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Inconsistently benchmarking... Meet Skip Charter. Skip is a natural fisherman. He started off like most do, cruising around for baitfish and learning the ropes. He thinks he’s ready for big game fish now, but there’s a catch: he doesn’t know what he needs to hook a marlin. His practice hasn’t paid off.

Skip Charter NAME:

Market Intelligence Director


ID: 3578BNPC

Meanwhile at the office... Skip’s new promotion has left him tied up. He’s prepping a compelling business case to explain why the competitor is taking up market share this quarter, but doesn’t have accurate or complete data to support his assumptions. Without it, his competitive analysis may lead to poor decisions made by the execs. Hook, line, and sinker.

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Using multiple tracking tools. Meet Summer Tanner. Summer is overly excited about her beach trip. She hasn’t been to the beach in over a decade. She wants to make the most of her trip so she brings along everything in sight, only to find that once she arrives, the dark clouds are taking over.

Summer Tanner NAME:

VP of Sales


ID: 759UYH89

Meanwhile at the office... Summer is intensely entrenched in her various data management tools, that she overlooks the early warning signs. During her monthly sales meeting, her team is blown away by their competitor’s latest pricing strategy. Summer could have done a better job predicting the storm.

Use a Centralized System to Understand the Landscape!

Incomplete monitoring... Meet Eve Green. Eve is a nature lover and makes photo albums when on vacation. She enjoys safaris and nature tours, hoping to get the perfect shot of exotic wildlife. While she has photographed the best nature has to offer, she doesn’t particularly notice the smaller animals that are just as beautiful for her album. Her picture book is incomplete.


ndy Br own EveNAaMGreen E:

Busine NAME: ss A


LE: VPTITof Marketing





Meanwhile at the office... Eve’s diligently working on a market profile requested earlier this week. She regularly tracks her biggest competitors, but overlooks sources related to emerging substitutes, industry trends, or global markets. Eve will be on the clock this evening. Even then, she will overlook many details, causing missed opportunities and poor investments for the firm.

Get All The Information, Not Just Fragments.

Little time spent analyzing. Meet Ray Blues. Ray is a frustrated surfer. He can’t seem to catch the right waves despite the rumors of big swells. He paddles out to the best spot, waits patiently, but can’t seem to nab the gnarly waves. Ray is hopeful for change, but unless he follows daily surf reports, he’ll get burnt out.

Ray Blues NAME:

Head of R&D



Meanwhile at the office... Ray’s a great researcher, but his timing is off. He’s not finding information quickly enough to justify his product development timeline. Without a way to get accurate information on demand, he spends less time analyzing the right things. The result is limited productivity, slowing down his company tremendously.

Get Accurate Information Fast.

Can’t find what’s necessary. Meet Gary Drifter. Gary feels a bit weary. He spent all afternoon in the water and has no idea where he left his things on the beach. He spent a good amount of time searching for landmarks, hoping to find his spot. Along the way, he found a ring, a new novel, and a message in a bottle. Unfortunately, Gary is lost.

Gary Drifter NAME:

Customer Intelligence Director TITLE:

ID: 679XT4H9

Meanwhile at the office... Gary is one of many. He finds great things all the time, but can’t manage it all. He follows his customers on social media networks, competitor blogs, and at times, runs into something he wasn’t looking for. In the end, he can’t seem to stay organized. Gary is ineffective.

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Not sharing valuable data with leaders quickly enough. Meet Jamie Sharp. Jamie is a valued member of Treasure Hunters International. Her club leader divides the team’s search to find hot spots sooner. Shortly after, Jamie thinks she is on to something. Her excitement gets the best of her when she finds a buried safe near the shoreline. She may lose her opportunity to shine if she can’t respond to her leader before high tide rolls in.

Jamie Sharp NAME:

Intelligence Analyst


ID: 470WO798

Meanwhile at the office... Jamie’s team is well versed with what’s happening in the global business environment, but they have trouble providing department leaders with critical insights around the clock. Most of the time, these departments are not aligned. The tools they use don’t communicate information consistently, making it difficult for dispersed teams to compete and prove their value.

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