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ImperiumRisk Letter From The President

All employers hold a vested interest in preventing work site it accidents id t and d providid ing their employees a genuinely safe working environment. The costs associated with unsafe working conditions, both in dollars lost, and human pain and suffering staggers business everyday. Imperium Risk’s dedication to providing business with contemporary and effective safety counseling, training and resources, complying with federal, state and industry rules and regulations, is contagious. We believe risk management and safety knowledge should be an essential element of every company’s business plan. All programs should be adapted to each company’s type of work and environment to allow employees an opportunity to understand and follow the need for safety and the prevention of accidents. The costs of non-compliance or failure to implement sound processes can be very high. Partner with Imperium Risk to find solutions; properly train and inform everyone under your control and responsibility. Do the processes right - work to eliminate unsafe conditions and mitigate your exposure to workplace injuries and costs. Sincerely,

Jeff A. Reagan President

Safety is

something we believe in.

About Us

With the ever aggressive regulations placed upon businesses, protecting yourself from risk is a top priority. Imperium Risk provides trained professionals to protect businesses and employees from hazards and legal liabilities. Imperium Risk is a leading safety and risk management companies in the Southwest. We offer our clients a unique, management-based approach to safety and risk control, utilizing over 45 years of experience in various industries. Credentialed professionals with industry experience, Imperium Risk provides the greatest level of service possible to our clients. Our staff holds credentials from the OSHA Training Institute, as well as various graduate and undergraduate degrees. All businesses face some form of risk, be prepared. Our mission is to protect and educate businesses in all aspects of risk and safety management. A partnership with Imperium Risk provides your business with the services every business needs.

Jordan A. Reagan, CHSO, SSH Risk and Safety Consultant, Accident Investigator

Sean Finkbone, CSHO, SSH Risk and Safety Consultant

With extensive experience deploying effective hazard recognition strategies for large and small business, Jordan specializes in OSHA compliance, accident investigation, incident recording and forecasting, site inspections, crisis management plan and training program development. Jordan’s philosophy is to protect every worker and company by developing and implementing a strong safety plan, training, promoting hazard awareness and increasing employee engagement. An accomplished risk and safety consultant, he has had several articles published in various publications covering safety and risk topics. Jordan is a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers.

Sean assists clients with mitigating risks in all aspects of the workplace. As a consultant, he surveys and evaluates job sites for worker safety and compliance. Sean’s comprehensive knowledge of emergency preparedness, disaster preparation and recovery has assisted many organizations with developing small and large scale readiness plans. In addition to working with clients on emergency preparedness, he regularly conducts detailed site assessments, providing corrective and preventative measures. Sean has over a decade of experience conducting successful training programs. His trainings provide participants with a personal touch, ensuring comprehension and implementation of material.

Sarah Reagan, JD, BSN CEO, Corporate Nurse

Jeff Reagan, JD, CPA President

With 25 years of health care experience, Sarah currently practices with knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm for workplace safety. As an accomplished operations professional, Sarah specializes in increasing company productivity through training, leadership, safety, and risk management programs. She gained an extensive understanding of employment law, workers’ compensation, and risk during her tenure. Sarah’s unique healthcare perspective serves as a informative tool for clients.

Years of operating staffing companies with a wide variety of clients, multiple locations with various environments conditions a manager to see the whole picture. Jeff, by working in this scenario, brings critical insight to a company seeking improved risk management techniques and a safe workplace setting. An understanding of legal consequences and economic costs allow Jeff to develop processes and actions that assist the business owners and managers in implementing programs that make sense.

Expert training keeps employees safe and creates a positive safety atmosphere. Training OSHA 10-HOUR

Training Programs Offered OSHA Outreach 10 & 30-Hour Programs General Industry Construction


General Hazard Awareness (4-Hour) Basic Safety Training (4-Hour) Hazardous Waste Worker (40-Hour) Hazardous Waste Refresher (8-Hour) Hazardous Waste Supervisor (8-Hour) Emergency Response Awareness (4-Hour) Emergency Response Operations (8-Hour) Emergency Response Technician (24-Hour) Emergency Response Refresher (8-Hour) On-Scene Incident Commander (8-Hour)

Safety Meeting -- “Tool Box� Training Course Development Learning Management System

Powered Industrial Vehicles Training Course Development Learning Management System Credential System Development

Competent & Qualified Person Training CPR/First Aid Training

All training programs are customized to the specific needs of a client.

The OSHA 10-Hour General Industry or Construction program provides entry-level employees a broad awareness on recognizing and preventing hazards. The training covers a variety of safety and health hazards employees may encounter, emphasizing hazard identification and prevention. The curriculum has some mandates by OSHA and serves as a thorough refresher course on OSHA Regulations.

OSHA 30-HOUR The OSHA 30-Hour General Industry or Construction program provides a variety of training to individuals responsible for supervision, management, safety, and employees with some safety responsibility. Training emphasizes hazard identification, avoidance, control, prevention, and establishes a foundation for the company safety program. Customizable curriculum has some mandates by OSHA.

HAZWOPER According to OSHA regulations, employees working at hazardous waste sites must be certified. The Hazardous Waste Operator (HAZWOPER) training is designed to educate employees about the risks of work sites. This course is necessary for employees working in a variety of situations including voluntary and involuntary clean-up operations, emergency response operations, uncontrolled hazardous waste sites, storage, disposal and management of hazardous materials.

Mitigate hazards before they injure employees and damage the reputation of your company. Work Site Inspection JOB HAZARD ANALYSIS What hazards do employees face in your workplace? A Job Hazard Analysis is an industry recognized method of determining work site risks and the ways to mitigate these hazards. Imperium Risk’s professional consultants train your employees to be aware of these risks, mitigating exposure to injury and production loss. Our consultants also create customized forms tailored specifically to your work site.

PERIODIC SAFETY INSPECTIONS Maintain site integrity. A quality safety program with regular site inspections ensures your employees’ safety. Imperium Risk safety professionals are trained to recognize existing hazards in your facility, as well as for OSHA compliance.

OSHA COMPLIANCE INSPECTIONS Perform a complete inspection before OSHA inspects you. We provide comprehensive site inspections completed by Certified Safety and Health Officials. All inspections are conducted in accordance with the OSHA Field Operations Manual. After every inspection, you will receive a detailed report of all findings and recommendations, including hazards, OSHA standards and mitigation procedures to alleviate these hazards. Promote compliance with your safety program and work site.

Policies & Procedures Solid safety policies save lives and maintain productivity. Businesses must review these plans often to ensure policies and response plans are effective and relevant. OSHA inspections require a complete review of all safety plans and policies implemented. Imperium Risk assists businesses with all steps of policy and plan writing. Whether your business needs a complete plan written or a review for compliancy, our consultants and writers will review your needs and provide a professional, custom program. With over 30 years of various industry experience including commercial and industrial fields, we are capable, knowledgeable experts committed to your safety and success.

Imperium Risk consultants provide solutions and expertise to help your company gain an advantage.

OSHA Inspections & Citation Mediation Every business fears being cited or fined by OSHA. In the event your company receives a fine or citation, Imperium Risk can help. Our experienced consultants assist businesses with all levels of citations, from non-serious to willful. In addition to developing response documents and attending the closing conference, we help businesses implement corrective actions deemed necessary as a result of the citation. Our goal is to prepare your business for future inspections and to mitigate your exposure to future citations.

Expert Witness Imperium Risk experts have specialized knowledge in safety and risk management. In the event your business should need an expert witness in a court room, allow our professionals to provide credible information.

Emergency Response ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION Accidents occur on job sites every day. Most accidents are a result of equipment failure or lack of training. Comprehensive accident investigations explore why and how these failures occur. Accident investigations must be performed with root cause analysis and accident prevention in mind, not to place blame. Using the information gathered during an accident investigation, future accidents may be prevented. Investigation procedures vary based upon the nature and result of the accident. Imperium Risk’s certified accident investigators complete thorough investigations immediately after the accident. Our investigators will analyze the scene, review evidence, gather witness statements and use techniques to understand the root cause of the accident. Once reviewed, we offer solutions to mitigate risk.

CRISIS MANAGEMENT & RESPONSE Crisis can strike at any time. Unlike risk management, crisis management involves maintaining business productivity after an incident has occurred. Develop a plan detailing how your organization will handle any event that threatens your business, employees or the general public. Imperium Risk provides businesses with a disciplined approach to management, utilizing the skills and techniques required to identify, assess, understand and cope from the moment a crisis first occurs through recovery procedures. Our specifically designed system promotes situational control and hazardous abatement in the most extreme conditions.

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