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Human Resource and Employment Solutions

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An HR Solutions Program for the Small to Medium-Size Company

All businesses face challenges. Obtain the solution necessary to make your organization more efficient and profitable. Clear Choices provides an economic business model giving you free time to concentrate on managing operations and making money. By transferring the burden of government obstacles to us, the ability to focus freely on being successful is now yours. Employment and personnel issues are overwhelming due to Federal and State agency laws and rules trying to regulate your business into oblivion. Call us for a no obligation evaluation and remember, doing nothing could be costing you more opportunities than you will ever know.

Human Resource Expertise. We believe in a methodology of providing solutions to businesses ensuring profitability and efficiency. Focus attention on building business profits, not human capital issues. As a management-based solutions company, our Clear Choices program offers businesses a combination of the benefits of recruitment agencies, Professional Employment Organizations (PEO), and Human Resource Consulting, all in one package. Reduce administrative costs and employment risks. Serving as a human resource department, we provide all components necessary for recruitment, hiring, aptitude assessment, training, compliance, payroll, taxes, disciplinary action, unemployment, benefits, wellness, and workers’ compensation. Your business receives qualified employees dedicated to your success. The Clear Choices model transitions all employees to our payroll, requalifies them for the required workload, and allows our company to recruit for new and replacement employees for your company. Clear Choices ensures the hiring and retention process meets government standards, and eliminates many employment and personnel tasks - all for an affordable fee. You know your business, and we know ours. We are human resource experts who are committed to forward thinking.

Clear Choices makes implementing business solutions easy. UNLIMITED VALUE The current economic climate dictates a reduction in workforce, with an increased workload for employees. Business owners and human resource management face increased issues including regulatory and legal compliance, documentation, archiving, and processing requirements. Clear Choices offers businesses with superior resources. Our consultants develop high performance and practical solutions which seamlessly fold into individual business models and corporate cultures. What makes our service stand out? We present businesses with a value unlike any of our competitors. We provide answers.

COMMITTED TO EXPERTISE Economically, the Clear Choices business solution makes sense. Business owners benefit from the simple mechanics and increased flexibility. Human resource departments can allocate time to other tasks. Organizations that integrate Clear Choices into their business model receive:

* *

Freedom from payroll taxes and tax reports.


Assessment and qualification of candidates, including interview, drug screening, background checking, skills testing, reference checking, and industry specific safety training.


Recruitment for open positions (excluding some higher salaried positions).

Personnel file maintenance, including storage of records, application acceptance and processing, and employee evaluations.


Unemployment and Workers’ Compensation claims management.


Pre- and post- metric statistics supporting effectiveness and return on investment.


A self-pay, non-major medical insurance program offered to employees.


Dedicated and credentialed human resource experts serving as your HR Department.


Flexibility to focus on building business profits, alleviating the stress of human resource issues.


The ability to budget, analyze, and measure payroll costs more effectively.


Hard and soft cost savings in the employment process, lowered turnover, and increased productivity.

Services Provided

Clear Choices


Background Checks

Reference Checks

Drug Screens

Employee Trial Period

Performance Reviews

Unemployment Claims Management

Customer Service Support

Personnel Records Management

Annual Third-Party Records Audit

W-2 Preparation

Employee Skills Testing

Workers’ Compensation Management

Safety Inspections and Review

Government Compliance

Benefit Management



Employee Relations Management

Candidate Recruitment

Pre-Hire Assessment and Screening

Employee Safety Training

• • • •

hiring and training a Costs of

new employee can vary from

25% to 200% of annual salary.

Hiring Costs Include: Production Loss Customer Service Disruption Loss of Morale Emotional Costs Loss of Experience Burnout/Absenteeism Training Advertisements/Job Postings Pre-Hire Screens

We help businesses

discover opportunity.

VALUE ADDED SERVICES Drive results with our selection of products and services geared towards engaging your employees and building relationships. We assist companies with workforce analysis and planning, attraction and retention, employee development and growth management, and succession planning. Evaluate: Ensure future business success. Analyze access to new talent, review the resource utilization of current employees, forecast future needs, and assess the integration of successful employees to drive your competitive advantage. Recruit: Obtain highly experienced professionals with skills matched to your unique hiring requirements and corporate culture. Utilizing proactive techniques, we provide employees dedicated to your strategic plan. Enhance: Employee growth requires a multi-faceted approach: training, development, and metrics. Expand an employee's knowledge of their current position or promote internal career development. Our Learning Management System provides a simple program for you to track training activities and measure success. Invest in your employees and better performance. Design: Establish executive-level talent development with employees. Succession planning identifies employees with potential to assume greater responsibilities and engages them in development exercises to prepare for such roles. Improve employee commitment and retention and reduce the cost of recruitment. Our unique solutions are aligned with your organizational strategies and goals. When implemented, our uniquely developed solutions enables companies to convert strategic intent into sustainable and high performance results.

OUR MISSION IS YOUR SUCCESS. We believe knowledge comes from experience. Without proper industry knowledge, it is virtually impossible to provide successful solutions. We are a woman owned, regional, management-based employment solutions company, operating successfully since 1994. Our success is attributed to the skills contributed by our consultants who have a combined experience of more than 70 years of strategic management, employment law, employment training, and compensation process development. We are a recognized leader in designing and providing employment solutions to a wide variety of satisfied and successful clients. The team is comprised of certified individuals: Juris Doctor Professional in Human Resources Certified Public Accountant IT Infrastructure Library Certification Certified Safety and Health Official Specialist in Safety and Health Certified Staffing Professional Master of Business Administration We are a Workers’ Compensation Risk Certification (WRC) designated company; a joint recognized certification from the American Staffing Association and Risk Control Services (RCS). The certification is the staffing equivalent of ISO 9000 and must be maintained on an annual basis.

We are HR professionals who will guide you through your toughest challenges and make your business more efficient and profitable.


Sarah Reagan, JD, BSN, CSP



Jeff holds over 20 years of experience in human resource management and delivers skills and knowledge relating to employment law, risk and safety management, practical business experience, and a managementbased viewpoint serving our clients. Under his leadership, the company recognizes the governmental involvement and regulation of business needs to be balanced with a sound strategy impacting every company's policies and procedures to ensure future business viability.

Sarah possesses over 25 years in both health care and employment management. She is a proactive executive identifying and resolving situations that range from ineffective management practices to increasing profitability by creating safety programs to reduce workers’ compensation premiums. A present sense of current laws allows her to provide clients with the best business practices for implementation of policies and procedures.

Laurie Anderson, CSP

Rainy Espinoza, SPHR, MBA, CSP

As an experienced consultant, Laurie develops new client-centric employment solutions. She possesses extensive experience managing and performing process evaluations of human resource efficiency programs for clients. Laurie is currently studying to obtain her SPHR.

Rainy is seasoned consultant who illustrates strong strategic management skills, a solid background in human resources and a career focused on delivering high levels of employee and customer service. Her expertise provides clients with a strategic, "outside of the box" approach to compliance.

Carol Everly, PHR, CSP

Sean Finkbone, CSHO, SSH, CSP

Carol is responsible for a wide range of activities covering design, research, and analysis of business programs, business planning, and employment-related pricing and cost analysis. She works with clients as an advisor and business partner to increase business profits.

Sean assists in risk mitigation in all aspects of the employment process. He evaluates job sites for safety and compliance, working with clients to discover preventative and post-accident corrective measures. His experience brings a professional vision of techniques required to provide business solutions.

René Hatfield, PHR, CSP

Jordan Reagan, CSHO, SSH, CSP

René provides clients with a comprehensive approach to employment processes. She is a management and organization development consultant, specializing in human resource issues and in management development to create forward thinking workplaces.

As a safety expert, Jordan assists clients with an in-depth review of safety policies, procedures, and compliance. He works diligently to educate clients and improve processes. Jordan has a commitment to provide expertise in the field of health and safety.

Joe Stack, ITIL

Pam Stack, PHR, CSP

As part of the consulting and analysis team, Joe is dedicated to providing clients with industry knowledge and expertise achieving critical business objectives. His work ranges from evaluation of dynamic solutions, to development of evaluation protocols business programs and processes.

Pam brings over seven years project management and marketing experience spanning various industries. Often characterized by her “big picture” perspective, she is a strong collaborative leader with the proven ability to build highly-competent teams.

Employment Consultant -

Human Resource Consultant -

Human Resource Consultant -

Business Consultant -

Human Resource Consultant -

Operations and IT Manager -

Compliance Manager -

Business Specialist -

The value is represented on your bottom’s profit, knowledge, and having a capable partner. Clear Choices provides a rational response for small and medium-size businesses to better cope with the pressures of human resources. Our process is a seamless transition and balanced program that streamlines your operation and ensures the quality of your employees. Benefit by re-thinking your human resource processes and utilize the Clear Choices program.

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Clear Choices Solutions  

A business solution for small to mid-size businesses.

Clear Choices Solutions  

A business solution for small to mid-size businesses.