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Passenger profile Travel purposes: Prevailing purposes include “tourism” (54%), followed by “work/business” (30%). As expected, Italians mostly travel for “work” reasons, whereas foreigners for “tourism”. These two reasons vary over time according to the season. Waiting at the airport: 45% of the passengers interviewed wait over two hours before boarding, whereas 52% say that they wait from one to two hours. Foreigners arrive at the airport much earlier, also clearly because they prefer to use the bus to get to the airport. Time spent in the shopping areas: 59% of the passengers interviewed say that they spend less than one hour in shopping areas. Check-in procedures: 59% of the passengers interviewed use the traditional method (check-in counter), whereas 29% check in online. Frequency of travelling: 67% of the passengers interviewed travel at least “3 times a year” and, of these, 37% travel more than “6 times a year”, a rather high frequency that was confirmed during monitoring.

Women, foreigners and frequent flyers are more likely to shop at the airport.

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