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Venice Airport Exclusivity, innovation & creativity

Venice Airport Exclusivity, innovation & creativity

In this folder is represented only part of the digital offer available at Venice Airport. The cover illustrates three original projects of Clear Channel Italy (design Paolo Casti) innovatively interpreting the key points of digital proposals:   DigiWelcome WelcomeTower LCD 65” The projects of digital advertising conceived to modernize the look and external features of the airport are shown via virtual images. The sources of data flow of passengers and those related to passengers’ profile are taken from:”Retail: customer satisfaction and motivations and buying behavior, May 9, 2012” and “Traffic flows CY 2011 - Key figures, February 2012” by sisTHEMA srl for Save.

Clear Channel Airport in the advertising market

Clear Channel has always used innovation to create the conditions for a positive encounter between brands and people on the move. Clear Channel has developed a portfolio of out-of-home products that includes over one million advertising displays and ďŹ xtures in more than 40 countries worldwide. Our extensive global heritage ranges from posters to digital formats at airports, as well as advertising posters on streets, street furniture, malls and leisure environments. Clear Channel is also the world leader in advertising at airports, with a network of 280 airports worldwide that reaches over 1 billion passengers. In Europe we operate in 13 airports in nine countries. In North America, Clear Channel is the major advertising media owner at airports, managing six of the top ten terminals in terms of the number of passengers. Despite our strong presence on the market, not only do we want to be considered for our numbers but also for our qualitative approach and our strong partnerships.

Clear Channel is the world leader in airport advertising, with a network of 280 airports worldwide that reaches over 1 billion passengers.

The advertising market at airports

In the last ten years, the global advertising market at airports has experienced unprecedented growth. Against a backdrop of continuous fragmentation and declining audiences for other media forms, such as the TV and the press, the number of passengers transiting through Clear Channel Airports has increased by 27%. Airports are therefore one of the few advertising platforms with enormous untapped potential. This rise in the number of travellers, combined with increasingly spectacular environments, has led major brands to invest ever-increasing amounts in airports worldwide

The number of passengers at airports worldwide increased by 6.6% in 2010, reaching 5.04 billion. In countries where Clear Channel operates, passenger trafďŹ c increased by 27% from 2001 to 2010.

VCE the third Italian airport

Venice Airport in the world

Venice is the third Italian airport. 8.6 million passengers in 2011 (more than 9.5 million passengers including passengers at Treviso airport) and over 1,600 trips a week. 45 scheduled carriers connect Venice to 69 domestic, European and international destinations. 3 scheduled long-haul flights every day to the U.S.: New York, Atlanta and Philadelphia. 2 flights every day to the Middle East: Dubai and Doha. 2 flights every week to Canada: Toronto and Montreal. 75% of traffic to/from international destinations (on average, Italians account for 57%).

VCE connecting passengers Breakdown by hub CY 2011 Others AMS






Economic flows

The increase in commercial flights in the Veneto region is over 18% up on last year. Venice Airport is located to the east of the leading economic axis of Italy. Its catchment area covers 17% of Italian exports and 12% of imports. The latest ISTAT (National Statistical Institute) data confirm double-digit growth in commercial and tourist traffic, especially with regard to trips abroad.



Tourist flows

Venice Airport directs passenger traffic to two amongst the most popular destinations in the world: Venice and the Dolomites, both protected by UNESCO. Six million people, 10% of the Italian population, live in the catchment area of Venice Airport. 10% are foreigners, accounting for over 13% of those residing in Italy. Even from the point of view of tourist traffic, which is increasing together with business traffic, Venice Airport stands for excellence at a national level.

Foreigners Italians











Annual family income (€)

Primary school

Middle school

Secondary school certificate

University degree

<20.000 €

20/50.000 €

50/100.000 €

>100.000 €

Passenger profile Gender: a slight predominance of male passengers, with mostly female foreign passengers. Age: a higher incidence in the 35-54 and 25-34 age groups. Education: a larger number of university graduates (53%), followed by secondary school leavers (38%); foreigners include a large number of university graduates. Annual family income: a predominance of the “€20-50,000” income range of 42%, followed by 31% in the “€50-100,000” income range. Respondents generally declare a lower income. Frequency: 12% of passengers frequently fly from Venice, whereas 49% fly “less frequently” and the remaining number (40%) for the “first time”. Means of transport used to get to the airport: the bus is the most common means of transport, followed by the car (driven by others = 15% and self-driven = 12%). Foreigners use both “land” and “waterbuses” more.

More than half of Venice Airport passengers are university graduates with a relatively high income, who are frequent travellers.

Travel purposes

Work/business Family/health

Tourism Cruise

Number of flights per year



Time spent in the shopping areas

More than 5 hours

From 1 to 2 hours

less than 1 hour

3-6 times

1-2 times


first time

Avarage expense in shopping areas

>5€ 5-30€ 30-80€ 80-150€ 150-300€ more than 300€

Passenger profile Travel purposes: Prevailing purposes include “tourism” (54%), followed by “work/business” (30%). As expected, Italians mostly travel for “work” reasons, whereas foreigners for “tourism”. These two reasons vary over time according to the season. Waiting at the airport: 45% of the passengers interviewed wait over two hours before boarding, whereas 52% say that they wait from one to two hours. Foreigners arrive at the airport much earlier, also clearly because they prefer to use the bus to get to the airport. Time spent in the shopping areas: 59% of the passengers interviewed say that they spend less than one hour in shopping areas. Check-in procedures: 59% of the passengers interviewed use the traditional method (check-in counter), whereas 29% check in online. Frequency of travelling: 67% of the passengers interviewed travel at least “3 times a year” and, of these, 37% travel more than “6 times a year”, a rather high frequency that was confirmed during monitoring.

Women, foreigners and frequent flyers are more likely to shop at the airport.

Digital offer Digital advertising, both digital signage and mobile engagement, is becoming widespread all over the world. Even in Italy, especially in areas of heavy traffic – airports, underground and railway stations – digital advertising is beginning to gain a significant market share that is clearly on the increase. In order to focus all activities concerning this new market and its new creative potential, Clear Channel has created a specific brand that connects all the experts and activities of the group worldwide. The aim of “Play” is to quickly consolidate all the experience of our multinational company in the digital area to make a valid and constantly updated support available to customers who use our spaces.

The global portfolio of Clear Channel Digital Media comprises over 2,200 digital panels in 12 countries throughout Europe and Asia, including the “Spectaculars” at Piccadilly Circus, London.


The most important innovation introduced at the air terminal is the LCD screen network. Thanks to “Play”, Clear Channel has quickly gained considerable experience in the field of “digital signage” and “mobile engagement”. Thanks to these new installations, the international brands that use digital languages the most can also rely on coverage for passenger traffic at Venice Airport. Companies that have not yet crossed the boundaries of static advertising, but are ready to do so, will have the opportunity to test the new network thanks to Clear Channel, the ideal partner for discovering the future.


40 brand-new 65-inch LCD screens are located in the entire airside area. These screens, which are perfect for advertising with animated images and captivating videos, are incorporated into the furnishing elements of the airport, perfectly integrating with the architectural design of shopping areas and guided routes to arrivals and departures. The strategic layout of the screens and the advert schedule, which is synchronised in each area of the air terminal, allows coverage for all 9 million passengers travelling through Venice Airport, thus guaranteeing advertisers efďŹ cient and measurable advertising.

DigiWelcome 170â&#x20AC;?

Welcome to Venice. Eight 170-inch video walls consisting of sixteen LCD screens, ready to welcome all passengers arriving in Venice, are a great opportunity to create an communication service for passengers who have just arrived, updating them on what to expect once they have entered the air terminal. Museums, exhibitions, institutions and all those who wish to communicate with their target audience upon landing, will ďŹ nd a unique and rare opportunity in Venice. The contents and the organisation of the advert schedule itself are designed to entertain passengers who have just landed thanks to information and useful tips on how to organise their holiday or make better use of the time they will be able to take off from their commitments.


120 square metres of LED lights at a height of 25 metres in the middle of the airport. DigiTower, a spectacular and impressive digital installation, is the most important Clear Channel project. A LED mesh surrounds the water tower located in front of the air terminal, overlooking the car parks and all access and exit routes. It guarantees clear visibility for those who prefer high-impact solutions. A sophisticated technological system ensures the quality and ďŹ&#x201A;uidity of full-colour animated images that move 360 degrees around the 28-metre perimeter of the 4.5-metre high tower. This unique solution can be used in many ways.

Digital Creativity Using creative posters or TV schemes would be a huge limitation to the efďŹ ciency of Digital Signage advertising. Clear Channel has created work teams worldwide to share different experiences concerning the integration of technology and special effects: from huge 2D cut-outs to the latest 3D displays for mobile applications, including touch-screens, Wi-Fi, QRcode and all other Mobile Marketing inventions. All our specialists work in partnership with agencies and advertisers to overcome the limits of what can be done in the out-of-home ďŹ eld.

Advertising in the digital age implies a completely different approach to the traditional one.

A classic offer for exclusive spaces Elegant high-tech spaces immersed in a simple linear context. The Clear Channel offer for classic spaces stands out for its top-quality design and high-tech solutions used for LED-backlighting and for the crystals in Ledlightbox and Seamless panels, which transmit advertising messages inside the air terminal. A range of different options, varying in size and position, satisfy customersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; advertising projects in areas where passengers transit, depart or arrive.


The most representative Clear Channel installation at Venice Airport is the WelcomeTower. Its size, 18 metres high and 5 metres wide, certainly makes it striking but what highlights and makes advertising spectacular is its twist. Its cutting-edge design is not only impressive and provocative but also functional for advertising. The image on both sides is visible from all roundabout entrances thanks to the twist that makes the tower so original. Drivers approaching it can perceive a gentle deformation that gives rise to unusual and original optical dynamics.


The spectacular presence of two large backlit screens that dominate the large departure hall allows transmitted advertising messages to reach not only all passengers departing from the airport but also those who accompany them. This means that almost one million people can be added to the number of passengers transiting through the airport for travel purposes.


Your ďŹ rst impression of Venice. As soon as you get off the plane, after walking along the passenger bridge, you will arrive in an area dominated by an advertising installation overlooking the entrance to the baggage claim area and the air terminal exits. This is the largest LedLightBox at the airport. An excellent opportunity to be the ďŹ rst to get noticed.


Gates are used to gather departing passengers, and at each one we have placed a series of advertising spaces. These six Seamless panels are ultra-ďŹ&#x201A;at and, thanks to LED backlit technology, are available in a size that easily ďŹ ts into any context. They dominate departure areas, where they clearly attract the attention of passengers who, ticket in hand, are departing from Venice. As a single network solution, guaranteeing total coverage of departing passengers, they are a certain and efďŹ cient media tool.


The last encounter with indoor advertising before leaving the main exit is with an advertising space located on the exit doors. Flat, elegant and perfectly backlit, this Seamless panel is a solution with an excellent balance of impact and ďŹ nancial investment.


It welcomes people entering the airport and says goodbye to those leaving on business or want to enjoy a holiday. It attracts the attention not only of passengers but also of those accompanying friends or relatives. Thanks to LED backlit technology, this double-sided LedLightBox maintains a very ďŹ&#x201A;at and elegant appearance, perfectly integrating with all Clear Channel installations at Venice Airport.


Vehicular trafďŹ c at Venice Airport may arrive at the air terminal entrances on two levels, which are both covered by an elegant architectural construction comprising two large and extended areas. Inside these areas, vehicles, passengers and visitors create a dynamic and busy atmosphere, which is ideal for inserting bright and spectacular images. The Arcades are the two networks covering the entire access and exit areas, with the same number of advertising spaces for each road access level. They group together the 24 LedLightBoxes, divided into two sets of 12 pieces, which are incorporated into the dividing walls surrounding the road access area on each ďŹ&#x201A;oor. Together, these 24 spaces provide the most prestigious opportunity to quickly cover all air terminal trafďŹ c. Separated into two lots, the 12 spaces are an excellent investment and a cost-effective solution.


Clear Channel has created an incredibly large and impressive LedLightBox with a great impact on the departures area. 60 square metres of light and colour are available to brands that know how to be bold and have the means to communicate their leading position with prestige and character.


Prestigious and exclusive, the landing stage for motorboats offers the best opportunity to attract the wealthiest passengers. Venice, thanks to the strategic position of its airport, can offer extraordinary added value for passengers who choose to cross the lagoon by motorboat. Passengers are not the only lucky ones to beneďŹ t from this, as it gives advertisers a unique opportunity. The Taxi Boat is a particularly large tower, designed to showcase a brand, an image or an informational display. It is ideal for adverts about the many events that enrich the spirit and culture of the Venetian lagoon.

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