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Community First - Let’s make a difference Berkshire Community Foundation is currently offering a fantastic opportunity to make your donation go further with ‘Community First’. The programme, that ends on 31st March 2015, is a UK wide scheme funded by the Office for Civil Society (OCS).

Throughout this scheme all new donations however big or small will be matched - so for every £1 you donate, we can add a further 50p!

The Community First Match Challenge - How it works To meet this challenge, we need to raise £820,000 in donations that will be matched with £410,000 of government investment. The money you donate goes to the causes you care about now and grows over time to benefit the people and organisations you want to help in the years to come. It’s simple. Your contribution + Government match funding + Gift Aid and tax relief + investment income = a bigger fund to provide more help to those who need it, now, and in the future.

The Community First Endowment Fund: It’s like building a legacy in your lifetime.

+ £500

= £1,750 The total value of your donation

+ £250 Gift Aid

Government Match

£1,000* Your donation


*If you are a 40% tax payer, your actual donation would be £750.

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