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a HERITAGE  KITCHEN The story of a heritage kitchen with a sunny cabinetry colour that was inspired by a very tasty and traditional lemon dessert.

In The Kitchen With Chestnut Grove See the Chestnut Grove team creating food in the kitchen and discover The Foreign Affair Winery’s newly released wine, ‘Apologetic Red’.




THE ARTISAN’S STUDIO Above: Principal Designer and Owner of Chestnut Grove applies leather to a tailor-made wood desk. Chestnut Grove is a studio based company made up of artists, craftsmen and designers. Visit Chestnut Grove’s showroom to see more of their work.

Cabinetry & Design

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Cabinetry & Design




Read the story of a Toronto century home kitchen renovation. A complete re-design, including cabinets and a custom-made paint colour that’s named after a favourite dessert.


Discover Chestnut Grove’s bespoke and boutique pieces and read about their whimsical winery project.




A clients review of their completed kitchen that includes inspirational detailing from throughout their 1920s style house.


Chestnut Grove client, Helene recounts the re-design of her kitchen renovation that features walnut cabinetry and personal items she has collected over the years.


A review by Chestnut Grove clients Rachel and Bruce, describing the design and inspiration behind their art deco range hood cover.



Learn how to make a delicious tuna pasta with Chestnut Grove President, Francesco Giampietro as he shares one of his favourite dishes. Also, a tasty wine pairing from The Foreign Affair Winery.



The Foreign Affair Winery of Niagara Falls, Ontario showcases their newly released wine, ‘Apologetic Red’.

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very design that is created for our customers is a reflection of who they are and how they want to live. The designs created are inspired by their life stories and travels. I was bitten by the creative bug since early childhood; at the age of four I was fashioning newspaper into boats, hats and paper airplanes. Some people say that one is born creative, others claim creativity is taught and may take many years of practice to perfect. I choose to believe it is a bit of both, but it still puzzled me because the answer somehow felt incomplete. When one stops to consider that our ancestors had no formal education in engineering, no exposure to pictures, books, photos, or the internet, as we do today to find inspiration, they were able to come up with some of the most beautiful designs. They overcame incredible engineering feats to make their designs function, as well as they were able to develop and build their own tools to craft with. So where does this creative ability, imagination and ingenuity come from; is it within us genetically? Many years ago I set out on a philosophical excursion to explore the origin of creativity, imagination, design engineering and the root cause of inspiration; inspired to create and build what we feel in our heart and see in our mind. To share our creativity with a handful of people or share it with the world, is the ultimate sensation of accomplishment.

Does the ability to create what does not exist reside in all of us? Has it become dormant and suppressed by the evolution of the modern world and its dominant media influences?

Today, at a touch of a button we can see anything we want and synthetically be inspired by it. If we do not have the ease of a touch of a button, but just a blue sky instead, could we harness the power to create from within, or is it only for the few individuals who are born gifted with this ability. In practicing design my entire life and continuing to do so successfully, a dear friend encouraged me to take the path of starting my own company. A company built on my design

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approach and philosophy’s, sharing directly with people my passion for creating wonderful things. Taking the design industry to another level that involves teaching the customer how to be creative and allow themselves to be inspired, fall in love with the idea, and feel the excitement step by step as the design evolves into the finished piece. Custom is a common word used in many fabrication facilities or small shops when being commissioned by a customer. In the typical industry the customer will bring images of what they have seen in magazines or online and ask for the same item to be replicated to a scale that fits their space or make a few adjustments and call it original. What custom really means is taking any object, space, or even a recipe that is existing and fashioning it to suit your needs giving the person a sense of individuality, but this is not what the origin of creative is about. In my early years I had the privilege of working in Milan, Italy for Giorgio Armani with some of his master tailors. I was blessed that I had gained an appreciation for making a garment not just exceptionally well made, but I also learned that the design of the garment should be fitted to the person’s body type; fabrics and style should be reflective of the person’s personality. This is what tailored design is, each customer that attends Chestnut Grove Design Studio is encourage to explore and be inspired by the places they have visited, things they have experienced, or items they have collected that they hold dearest to their heart. This is what differentiates Chestnut Grove from the other design studios and custom shops. We facilitate the creative process, evolving designs that are tailored to the individual’s distinctive lifestyle and self expression. A perfect fitted design conveys the customer style, giving them the true feeling of uniqueness. Being a good designer means being a good listener. We become design psychiatrists, by asking the right questions to help the customer explore who they are by looking within themselves and confidently bringing out their true individuality. Not to be bound by what the outside influences dictate how one should live and what one should follow to feel trendy. Everything about Chestnut Grove Design Studio is felt in the story that they share with friends and family, how it started with a journey of self discovery that inspired the creation of the perfect piece or space that they now have, tailored made just for them, for life. Francesco Giampietro | President, Chestnut Grove Design How does it feel to feel creative! Tailored made at Chestnut Grove Design Studio.



I couldn’t recommend Chestnut Grove more highly, we love our new kitchen!” Josette Chen

t was a pleasure working with Frank and Joe from Chestnut Grove on our kitchen renovation. What impressed us from the start is Frank’s creativity in kitchen design. He always has excellent suggestions and ideas, which was especially useful as our house is old and crooked. Making all the choices for the finishes was very enjoyable as he was able to ascertain the style we liked and narrowed down the field considerably. Frank also has a great eye for colour, which we needed as we didn’t want a white kitchen. From the project management side, Joe and the rest of the team were really fantastic too. Joe was very good with communication, always letting us know when people would be showing up and just a phone call away. The crew were friendly and polite, and they always cleaned up after a day’s work. I couldn’t recommend Chestnut Grove more highly, we love our new kitchen! Josette Chen TAILORmade | 5

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Century Home Kitchen: Returning The Charm

Meet a Toronto homeowner who faced a common problem during the renovation her century home kitchen. The challenge was to keep the design modern while incorporating original features of the home. Find out how lead designer Francesco Giampietro completes the design with ease and style in this contemporary yet classic renovation.


kitchen becomes the heart and centre of the home when it’s designed with the homeowner’s lifestyle and passion in mind. This century home located in trendy Riverdale, Toronto was in need of some tender loving care. The homeowners, Josette and Mike wanted to restore this once glorious house, keeping the old world charm while updating the kitchen with modern amenities and appliances that provided a comfortable and fun space for family gatherings. This busy family enjoys spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking with their children. The list of requirements included, modern kitchen appliances such as a quiet hood

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design | TAILORmade fan, plenty of lights, ample storage space and an designated office area. Designer, Francesco Giampietro approached the design by taking a contemporary door and modern appliances while keeping the backbone architecture of the room. The colour of the kitchen, called lemon pudding, is a personal touch from the homeowner. F rancesco applied a caramel colour glaze and dry brushing technique to the kitchen cabinets that burst with sweetness, adding to the old character charm that the clients were looking for. Francesco anchors the kitchen design by using vintage styled hardware, bringing a classic elegance to the space yet providing modern functionality. In keeping with the contemporary interpretation of a classical kitchen, a stainless steel apron sink from Kraus was added to the design with a single lever faucet. Typically the stove area of the kitchen is the focal point, but in this kitchen the awkward position of the window in the far corner created a design opportunity to make the sink area a second focal point. The open shelves on either side of the window create a bridge connection the sink and stove area. The natural sunlight streaming through the open shelves is a perfect spot for growing herbs indoors. A durable countertop is a concern for most kitchens. With this design the homeowners wanted a quartz countertop with anti-bacterial protection, making Sile-Stone White Dune the top choice. When combined with the rich vibrant yellow hues of the kitchen and the cobalt blue glass tiles, the overall effect is simply perfection. The need for a

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spacious pantry was a necessity for the homeowner. With a large canvas for the pantry area, a play on symmetry was used. That symmetry was then carried along to the stone topped desk. The exposed red brick wall of the house is now a chic area for working on a lap-top. Bright pot lights cover the ceiling and a dimmer switch is used to control the intensity. LED lights are installed under and inside the cabinets, adding extra light if needed. Two reeded glass pendent lights are suspended over the island to add a touch of classic character to the room. This cheerful kitchen has brought the historic flavour and charm back into this home that will be enjoyed by this growing family for years to come.

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GENUINE ARTICLE Discover the boutique and bespoke side of Chestnut Grove. Original pieces that exude personality and style. TAILORmade | 11

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New Projects & Updates

PROJECT DETAILS This large scale reception and bar area for a Niagara Falls area winery, features a design influenced by the Art Nouveau movement and the organic curves the artwork of the era represents.

INSPIRATION Designer and Chestnut Grove owner, Francesco Giampietro was inspired by the flowing water of Niagara Falls and grape vines; he studied how these two objects could intertwine each other to create a whimsical yet sophisticated design.

TECHNICAL The backdrop that the vines curve around represents moving water. These 3D sculpted vines were hand crafted by the design team using clay models then scanned with a 3D scanner before being programmed into the CNC machine.

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bespoke & boutique


Often times artisans attempt to design or replicate a piece of furniture that appears aged, giving it a distressed look that can only be achieved by careful detailing. This practice is done by studying antique furniture items to see where the natural aging marks fall on the piece. Designer Francesco Giampietro created this buffet, with its French ogee style curved legs as an homage to antique French furniture. The buffet is designed in the style of eighteenth century Provence, France. The weathered appearance and splits in the wood on the exterior of the cabinet are created by a distressing technique used to make the wood appear aged. Small, simulated wormholes are added to create a centuries old appearance.

New lumber is carefully processed and turned into oldstyle boards. The inside features detailed construction of the bottom cabinet and back panels of the top hutch, these boards are rough to the touch and mature in appearance. Aging the wood and texturing it gives the buffet a vintage feel and appeal. The antique style bubble glass panels that adorn the cabinetry, allow the kitchenware’s housed inside to deliver a pop of colour. Hardware was sourced with an antique feel and a matching skeleton key to further the old-fashioned look. The entire cabinet is painted and the wood is given a patina to create a rustic old-world charm. The cabinet is a true reflection of the classic, yet rural atmosphere of France’s countryside provinces of Bordeaux, Normandy and Provence. The design alludes to a time when life was a little simpler and furniture was crafted by hand, all the while providing countryside residents a beautiful and stylish addition to their homes.

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Timeless design that fits into the most modest of spaces; it’s sculpted and inventive furniture design.


or the designers, creating intriguing furniture creations for clients is a skilled requirement of working at Chestnut Grove. The design team excels at creating modern furniture, from the sculpted oval shapes on the night table drawers, to the geometric and bold black diamond pattern on the buffet below. Both pieces are created using computer aided design software by an engineer, then programmed into the CNC machine for precision cutting. The wood is then painted in a vibrant automotive paint hue, selected by the client. These trendy, yet sophisticated designs feature well with artwork or display pieces in any room of the home. Creating one of a kind pieces is a motivator for Lead Designer Francesco Giampietro, who believes in designing for the client based on their lifestyle needs. Every creation is tailor-made at Chestnut Grove where the 3D design possibilities are endless.

“To all the members of the Chestnut Grove team that worked on our beautiful units. Thank you so much for your hard work, attention to detail, flawless finish and installation of our built-ins and credenza. We love them and love working with all of you.� - John & Effie, Chestnut Grove Clients who own this buffet.

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Arts & Crafts Kitchen Revival JOHN & EVANS STORY

“A Dream Kitchen Designed To Fit With Our 1920’s Craftsman Style Home.”


e had purchased our property in the Upper Beach a year before, and the house needed many upgrades. These included updating wiring, installing a new furnace, and replacing the worn hardwood floors. But the most glaring update needed was the tired 1980’s kitchen. This was our second kitchen renovation, and we approached this one slowly as we wanted a kitchen that was timeless (both in style and durability), and matched our unique house. The renovation at the previous house, being constrained by funds, had been an IKEA kitchen; serviceable, but not that unique. We now wanted a kitchen that would revive and honour the 1920’s roots of our home. Having seen the work of Chestnut Grove at our neighbour’s house, we decided to approach them for a quote. Shortly after Franco Giampietro and Joe Buompastore arrived at our house, we could tell this was not going to be what one would expect from a kitchen contractor. Their visit was not limited to the kitchen, but extended throughout the house. Franco explained that his vision for any job is to provide a kitchen that

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reviews | TAILORmade fits with the entire house. He took pictures of numerous unique architectural features throughout the house, such as the arch on the front verandah, the plate rail in the diningroom, and the original airing cupboard in the upstairs hallway. Most importantly, he asked what our vision for the kitchen was. Throughout the design process we were asked to be key contributors to the plans for our new kitchen. We were encouraged to bring in any photos or concepts that we felt illustrated our vision. We were part of all design discussions, and Franco helped us sort through our ideas and inspirations to find the balance that worked for our kitchen. Once it came to the work actually beginning, we were always informed on a daily basis of what tasks were being worked on, and who would be coming into the house. All of the trades’ people who were sent in by Chestnut Grove were extremely professional. They were polite, and we always had a sense that they were treating our house as if it was their own. No shortcuts were taken, and no detail was spared. It was this attention to detail that impressed us the most. All of the features of our house that Frank focused on in his first visit found their way into our kitchen design; the arch on the verandah was featured in the range hood cabinet, the new opening into the dining room, and even in the kick plate details. However the piece that we feel is the crowning glory of the kitchen is the pantry cupboard that Frank designed that echoes the upstairs linen cupboard.

18 | TAILORmade

In the words of one of our first guests to see the finished kitchen, “it seems that this pantry is original to the house.” Mission achieved. And it even has squeaky hinges! Thank you Chestnut Grove; we could not be happier. John Ealey & Evan Wood

Inspired from the front porch arch, original to the house.

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e are writing this letter to attest to the outstanding quality of workmanship and ethical business practices observed in our dealings with Chestnut Grove for the design and build of our custom kitchen millwork and custom cabinetry. From the project inception through to completion, the owner and staff of Chestnut Grove were accessible and eager to collaborate. Through the design phase, multiple on-site visits for measurements were performed by their staff and we were welcomed by the owners to visit their offices after normal working hours and on weekends to hammer out details. Our experience with Chestnut Grove was stellar. We would not hesitate for an instant to recommend them to anyone - and we already have on several occasions. We were so happy with their work that we have already engaged them to do additional projects and look forward to working with them again. H. Larochelle

The kitchen was completely gutted, leaving a blank canvas for the design team.

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I can't tell you how excited Ann and I are with our new kitchen table designed by you and built by Chestnut Grove. While we knew the size and colour the rest was your creation and we couldn't be more pleased. The colouring matches the buffet perfectly and your design of the table legs, top and drawers really worked for us. I hope you are as thrilled as we are. Thank you Franco and look forward to the next time. Ann and Pete Conacher

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he calm in the eye of the hurricane: After suffering through the madness imposed by our original general contractor, that is how it felt dealing with the professional, thoughtful and caring team members of Chestnut Grove Cabinetry & Millwork. Because of the general contractor’s bullish practices, and his gruff manner, my wife Rachel and I were stressed and distressed. But hiring Chestnut Grove to handle the brilliant design and excellent build of our art deco kitchen was the best decision we made during the entire process of our major home renovation. It was also our salvation when the general contractor walked off the job later in the reno: Chestnut Grove came to the rescue to handle more than their kitchen duties. Throughout this journey, whenever Franco, Dorothy and their staff members met with us at Chestnut Grove’s offices and millwork shop, or at our house in the east end of Toronto, we felt an immense relief. All discussions were quiet and reasonable. Meticulous detail was always paramount. We felt in safe hands. And then we watched as the vision we had brainstormed with the artistic-minded designer Franco come to reality in the hands of expert craftsmen led by Jerry. The results are stunning. The kitchen, which was expanded to twice its size as a 14-foot addition enlarged the entire house, is now a showpiece. It has sublime style. It has excellent function. It has quality cabinetry. Visitors to the house — especially people who had seen the original and decidedly tired 1923 kitchen layout — marvel at what has become a beautiful space with its art deco touches, with its wall of French copper pots, with its island counter that quickly turns into a social hub where the visitors gather.

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We were so pleased that, when other parts of the reno proved to be problematic, we were confident to continue and to expand our relationship with Chestnut Grove. The archway from the living room to the dining room — which had been slopped into a crooked and ugly disaster by the general contractor — was redone by Chestnut Grove’s craftsmen in their millwork shop and then installed without fuss. This after Franco had queried us on our desires and tastes and designed a masterful art deco passageway that perfectly complements the kitchen design. This archway is now our home’s first-impression artistic statement — and it looks even better after the installation than it did on paper in the design. An ugly mess has become a thing of beauty. As a result, Chestnut Grove is now about to re-do our en suite bathroom and we are anticipating the same level of satisfaction with that project as we have experienced with all other contributions the team has made to the house. Looking back, we wish we had contracted them to do that part the original renovation, too. But better late than never. The quality results, and the calm with which they are achieved, are all that will count in the long run. Bruce Kirkland & Rachel Sa

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This Toronto Area Kitchen Was Featured On The Cover Of Reno & Decor Magazine

DECOR TREND: Très Tropical


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Unique kitchen captures homeowners’ distinctive style

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› EXTERIOR UPKEEP: Jim Caruk’s spring check list › Unwind in a sophisticated KID-FREE SITTING ROOM

PRODUCT SHOWCASES: Kitchens and Exteriors 2016-02-10 12:26 PM 2016-02-20 4:54 PM

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2016-02-29 7:04 PM 2016-02-25 10:53 AM

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Twenty Little Pieces: A historical restoration of NHL legend Pete Conacher’s treasured cuckoo-clock

A 28 | TAILORmade

wood carved vintage ‘hunt piece’ cuckoo-clock that holds sentimental value to the customer was broken into twenty little pieces by a crew working in his home. This whimsical clock was bought by the client in Black Forest, Germany in the 1970s while he was touring Europe as part of the NHL Old Timers hockey team. The hunt piece clock features nature scenes made of three dimensional hand carvings. Considered to be a work of art, the owner was hoping for a seamless repair. Peter entrusted his treasured clock to Chestnut Grove owner and artisan, Francesco Giampietro to repair the damaged pieces. This type of restoration takes the skill of a crafts worker to ensure the repairs are done flawlessly. Francesco studied the clock’s unique design including the species of wood, how it was assembled originally and the history of the clock. Not leaving any missed details to chance, Francesco set to work delicately re-attaching the broken pieces using wood glue as an adhesive. Once the glue was set, the clock began to resemble its striking presence once again. The clock was brought back to life by refinishing the reattached parts to match the surrounding wood. The restored and much cherished cuckoo-clock is once again on the wall of the client’s home providing a timely reminder of great memories, time past and wonderful travels of places once visited.

NHL LEGEND PETE CONACHER’S STORY A little history about the cuckoo clock you so masterfully repaired. About 1974, I was playing hockey with the N.H.L Old Timers. We were invited to play some games overseas against our Armed Forces in Germany. While there we had a tour through the Black Forest. We stopped at a Clock Shop at the side of the road where I purchased my clock. It had been working perfectly until the accident during a basement cleanup when the clock was knocked off the wall and broken in about 20 pieces. I never believed it could be fixed, but you did it and it's all back on the wall and working perfectly. The clock represents a treasured experience with the Old Timers, so I can't thank you enough for your expertise in the restoration.

Above: Hockey great Peter Conacher in his Toronto Maple Leaf’s uniform.

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Our table was delivered today and what a wonderful job you did - even on the legs, they were so rough! Can't thank you enough. The table is absolutely beautiful and its sitting in our living room with a pair of cranberry lustres on it. Franco, the two marbles that Peter sent you were a wedding gift to his mother and father, which would be early 1930s. They were electric lamps then and had globes on top for the light. When we got them, the globes were gone and looked exactly like they do today. I used candles but we're now trying to downsize. Hope you can use them in some way as we think they are in a good place. Many thanks again for all you have done for us. Mr. and Mrs. Conacher

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ince the Fall of 2013, we have actively been involved with Chestnut Grove Cabinetry & Millwork, primarily Franco Giampietro, with the renovation to our new showroom and offices. We have met on several occasions with Franco, and his team, through various design consultations and concepts, combining both aesthetic form and function. Franco’s vast years of experience and insight have proven to be invaluable, and has always represented both himself

32 | TAILORmade

and Chestnut Grove with the utmost professionalism, accommodation and dignity. We continue to work closely together on multiple design projects and look forward to building a long-term business relationship with Franco and Chestnut Grove. Elie Ezras | General Manager of Berenson Naveen Karna | Operations Manager Berenson



am a Toronto based contractor and I have been in business for 6 years and have had the pleasure of working with many talented trades and shops, but this shop is simply the best kept secret. I had a unique project that required a very creative approach to solving the design issues for the Berenson showroom. My Interior Designer told me of a small studio shop that could build anything that reaches far into unique workmanship. Upon my first visit I was immediately astounded as soon as I walked through the front doors. It's best described as a creative wonderland. The ideas and approach to building furniture, cabinetry and art pieces are astounding and of superior quality. Francesco is the owner and gifted designer who is not only talented at the design aspect, but even more so on the communication. My clients were struggling with an array of ideas, fixtures and showrooms that they had seen from other competitors. Synthesizing this vast amount of information and listening to the Berenson team

share their visions is a daunting task. In no time Francesco won their confidence and interpreted it into a design that they had all agreed on to meet the budget. It was an amazing experience to watch the way Francesco worked and how he and his team treated this job with passion, care and excellence. I would like to sincerely recommend Chestnut Grove to anyone who is in need of a fantastic place to get truly one of a kind workmanship. On behalf of my ecstatic client and myself I would like to say thanks to Francesco and the Chestnut Grove team for the incredible experience and encourage you to visit the Berenson Showroom (321 Hanlan Rd.) and see for yourself.

Kave Shoman

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would just like to formally thank you for the fantastic work you did in our kitchen. The design successfully captured the contemporary style that we were after but delivered the functionality that we needed in what far exceeded our expectations. Having Joe as our project manager eased the process. Both my wife and I are professionals and have demanding careers. It would have therefore been impossible to be in constant contact with the various trades. Joe not only took care of the detail but delivered weekly progress reports. One of the biggest pluses was his accommodation to meet at times that suited our schedules. I would be happy to recommend both you and your company in the event of you ever needing a reference. James Dixon

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reviews | TAILORmade



would like to thank Franco and his team for a job well done. Our kitchen looks incredible and the reviews from our family and friends are a testament to the quality of work your company can do. Every step of the way from our original visit to your showroom to the design and quoting stage to the actual installation of the kitchen was handled in a professional manner with no delays or problems during the process. Your personal attentiveness to detail in the construction and then final follow up and completion of the project was great. There was not one issue that you did not resolve to my satisfaction. We are planning to renovate our master bathroom next year and we will definitely use Chestnut Grove. Once again Franco, thanks to you and your team for a trouble free experience and a beautiful kitchen. Mr. & Mrs. Renda

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In The Kitchen

In Every issue of Tailor Made Chestnut Grove staff will be sharing with you some of their favourite recipes. Try this tasty tuna pasta dish that’s packed full of Italian flavour and garden fresh ingredients. Our friends at The Foreign Affair Winery have paired one of their delicious wines with our recipe, making this a great dish to share amongst friends. TAILORmade | 39


lifestyle | TAILORmade

Tuna Pasta Designing spaces for clients isn’t all Chestnut Grove employees are interested in creating - Join owner and expert cook, Francesco Giampietro in creating one of his favourite homemade dishes.

INGREDIENTS 2 Jars or cans of tuna packed in olive oil A pinch of sea salt 1/2 Teaspoon ground pepper 1/2 Teaspoon Italian seasoning 1 Red pepper (chopped) 1 Yellow onion (diced) 4 Fresh or dried basil leaves 1/4 Cup of salted capers 2 tablespoons of olive oil 1 jar of pasta sauce (pre-made or homemade) (700 ml) Dried or fresh pasta

40 | TAILORmade


1 | Heat olive oil in the pan and add diced onions. Sautee until soft 2 | Add chopped red peppers and stir until cooked. 3 | Stir in tuna and its olive oil and break apart into small flakes while mixing. Don’t crush the tuna. 4 | Add sauce. We’re using homemade, but any quality red sauce will suffice. 5 | Add sea salt and basil to taste. 6 | Add Italian seasoning and allow dish to cook for five minutes. Stirring occasionally. 7 | Add capers five minutes before serving and stir

Chestnut Grove President, Francesco Giampietro creating his own ‘tuna pasta’ recipe in the work studio kitchen.

PRO TIP: To speed up the cooking time of the onions and peppers add a small amount of water to pan and cover with lid.

A Tasty Wine Pairing From The Foreign Affair Winery Our 2010 Pinot Noir is a perfect pairing for Tuna Pasta. This dish combines the powerful and intense flavours of tuna and tomato sauce and needs a powerful yet balanced wine to tie them together. The high acid nature of Pinot Noir will balance the acid of tomato sauce, allowing the fruity flavours of the wine and sauce to show through. The savoury and intense flavours of tuna match the wine’s

lighter tannic structure and savoury notes. As a medium-bodied dish, tuna pasta calls for a similar wine, bold enough to balance, but delicate so as to avoid overpowering the dish. Our partial appassimento Pinot pairs on all accounts to deliver a memorable match. - The Foreign Affair Winery

TAILORmade | 41

42 | TAILORmade

summer fresh

Caprese Salad

TAILORmade | 43

lifestyle | TAILORmade

44 | TAILORmade


Caprese Salad A summer fresh caprese salad with garden ripe tomatoes and soft bocconcini cheese marinated in an olive oil base, lightly topped with Italian seasoning and sea salt.

INGREDIENTS 1 Container of bocconcini 3 Large ripe tomatoes 3 Basil leaves 4 Tablespoons of olive oil Salt to taste 1/4 Cup of water 4 Tablespoons balsamic vinegar 1 Teaspoon of dried oregano Black pepper to taste 1 Teaspoon of capers

PREPARATION 1 | Use a large bowl or serving dish with deep sides. 2 | Add the water, olive oil and balsamic vinegar to the bowl 3 | Add oregano, salt and black pepper 4 | Stir until blended. 5 | Chop the tomatoes into 6-8 pieces 6 Add the bocconcini cheese to the dish (drain and leave pieces whole) 7 | Add the liquid mixture. 8 | Tear the basil into bite size pieces and sprinkle over dish. Add capers. 9 | Stir and fold. Let rest and refrigerated for 30 minutes.

TAILORmade | 45

lifestyle | TAILORmade

46 | TAILORmade

The Foreign Affair Winery is a producer of distinctive Canadian full bodied reds and elegant white wines. It is the pioneer in Canada of the unique application of amarone styled wines. It is the only Canadian winery which produces all of its wines in this style of winemaking. Although inspired by Len and Marisa’s (proprietors) experience in Italy, these wines are uniquely Canadian. In 2014 the Winery was recognized with the prestigious Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation. All of its wines challenge convention and compete on a world stage with domestic and international recognitions. The Winery produces some 20 different wines all with an inherent premium and affordable luxury offering. It has raised the bar of winemaking in Ontario and its brand elicits passion and authenticity. Aside from its superb world class wines the winery’s philosophy is based on a service ethos whereby its proprietors’ goal is to leave lasting and memorable experiences for those visiting the winery. Its newest release is a wine affectionately called Apologetic Red as a metaphor for the need for Canadians to celebrate success. The wine’s message is that perhaps it is time to move from the notion of Sorry to Not Sorry because there

is much to celebrate about Canadian excellence whether is wine or other endeavours of our society. Through this wine, we raise a glass to all that is great and excellent in Canadian society.

From Left: Louis Cimicata, Marisa Crispino and Len Crispino of Foreign Affair Winery located near Niagara Falls, Ontario. Above: Apologetic Red, The Foreign Affair Winery’s newest wine.

TAILORmade | 47

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Lemon Pudding

Chestnut Grove cabinetry colour’s are named after delicious sounding foods. Lemon Pudding is the name of the mellow yellow tailored cabinetry that is the cover story in this issue of Tailor Made.

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Ingredients 3/4 cup sugar 1/4 cup cornstarch 2 1/2 cups milk 3 large egg yolks, lightly beaten 2 tablespoons finely grated lemon zest Pinch salt 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room temperature 1 pint of fresh blueberries

PREPARATION 1 | Whisk the sugar and the cornstarch together in a medium saucepan. 2 | Add the milk and whisk until smooth. 3 | Add the egg yolks, zest, and salt and cook, stirring frequently at first and constantly towards the end, over medium heat until thickened. 4 | Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the lemon juice and butter. 5 | Pour through a strainer into a large serving bowl or 4 individual serving dishes. 6 | Let cool to room temperature. 7 | Chill, loosely covered, for at least 2 hours and up to 3 days, or until set and thoroughly chilled. 8 | Serve chilled. Top with blueberries (optional).

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When Lemon Pudding Is A Creative Adventure It Becomes



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Guitars By Chestnut Grove We’re now building custom made wood guitar bodies - tailored to the musicians individual playing style. This guitar is painted in strawberry red, a reflective gleaming paint colour that was created exclusively at Chestnut Grove.

Cabinetry & Design

A CREATIVE ENVIRONMENT Above: Chestnut Grove takes inspiration from nature to create a waterfall and grape vine inspired design. Grape vines are used to make an authentic shape when sculpting the wood. Each client project is given the attention to detail needed to design a tailored space - a one of a kind creation that is made for the client for their lifestyle. Cabinetry & Design

40 Adesso Drive, Vaughan Ontario L4k 3C6 | | Tel: 416.252.8848 | Fax: 416.252.0807

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Tailor Made by Chestnut Grove Vol. 1  

Experience real life client stories, that tell in detail the renovation steps from start to finish. Read the complete design process of a q...

Tailor Made by Chestnut Grove Vol. 1  

Experience real life client stories, that tell in detail the renovation steps from start to finish. Read the complete design process of a q...

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