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Graphic Design

Paul Richardson

an n ual rep o rt: travelbag worldwide travel . uk

ann u al r epo r t: travelbag world wide travel . uk

br o chu r e: Presbyterian Support . nz

Enterprise Protection & Investment 2008/9

Geo Forecasting Enterprise Protection & Investment 2008/9

de p art m ent bro c hures: the sustainable group . bc

Ocean Statistics

c a mpa i gn b roc h ure : travelbag worldwide travel . uk

p ro duc t ca t log u e: a via footwear + adidas swimwear . uk

e ve nt + me d ia a rt d irection: victoria flower show . bz

b ran d + p ack a gin g de sign: nz greyhound association . nz

boo k ar t di r ect i on: fabar blat publishing . bc

bro c hur e ar t di r ecc t ion : p ersonaly recruiting . glasgow . scotland

boo k ar t di rection: sprat the cat . bc

b ook art dir e cti o n: green peace international . bc

Graphic Design  
Graphic Design  

Graphic design assignments completed over the past five years, internationally and here in New Zealand...enjoy.