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Alayna’s Law by Aron Buttram

LEVERAGING A CHILD’S VOICE Many of us feel like all fit and lawabiding mothers and fathers deserve the right to speak to their child on a daily basis if they want to. And for anyone to try and restrict that right especially an attorney there needs to be punishment for that action. In my case, for example, the attorney is trying to restrict phone boundaries by law and has restricted them and I have done nothing wrong. They are using this for leverage to get what they want on the other side. That’s completely unacceptable and my daughter is suffering from this and she needs to speak to her father just as much as her mother and for them not to let her is just wrong to me. CLEANING LAW Alayna's Law will help children not to be held for leverage. She needs this law. Everyone who is a fit parent needs this law. Their future needs this law. There's no reason why mothers and fathers have to try and separate their child from their other parent excessively. Children are a part of

both parents and need to continue to be a part of both parents in my opinion. If Alayna's Law could pass, then it would not let attorney's or anybody else misuse the judicial system to take away talking to their children as leverage or as a punishment. That's just so wrong in so many ways. Please help Alayna and children like her by signing the petition on the Facebook page entitled “Alayna's Law” or by asking your state representative to sponsor Alayna’s Law. It really is safer for all. FAMILY DOING DONUTS Alayna’s dad is a small business owner and a concerned parent who is going through a divorce and fighting for 50/50. He is looking for a sponsor for Alayna’s Law but still faces danger. You see, even with joint custody, his parental inequality is certified by CLU to be more than 16 times unequal per month. (See the back for CLU’s study on inequality and how to get your case certified). That will be over 208 times unequal per year.

Certified Exponential Inequality If life was a mental donut, then how safe would that be? We’ve heard of the parental alienation epidemic of when a custodial parent turns a child against a non-custodial parent. But measuring the alienation power derived from inequality now gives us a brand-new tool to stop the spinning that is warping our children’s minds.

New School Equality Aaron W. Wemple studied engineering and scientific law in college and that it was unethical to violate those facts because people’s lives depend on the things that engineers design like bridges and skyscrapers. But what happens when scientific law is outlawed by courtroom law? Is law inequality hurting Illinois and draining us?



Many parents, psychologists, and statistics confirm report that fit & willing parental equality is safer for children & for a more civil society.

Assuming that a child is not in school and does not go to a sitter’s, then we can measure the inequality over time in order to find out how exponential it is. 1 week of inequality:


Torque is defined as the twisting of an object. Mechanical torque can be measured. And torque in motion can be felt. There’s healthy torque for people like car wheels driving us forward. And then there’s bad torque like doing donuts in a car. Torque (τ) is measured in foot-pounds (ft·lbs). It’s the length time’s pressure in this diagram:

134.4 hrs vs 33.6 hrs (The powerful side is four times stronger) 1 month of inequality:

537.6 hrs vs. 134.4 hrs (The powerful side is 16 times stronger) 1 year of inequality:

If 1 lb of pressure is 1 ft away like at hand A, then thats 1 ft·lb (1 x 1) of torque. And 2 lbs of pressure 2 ft away is 4 ft·lbs of torque. Two Torque Levers: A parental judicial scale is two torque levers opposite of each other that children feel pressing down on them or encouraging them up, This can be measured & rated for safety.

Joint custody in family court is usually every other weekend and one night per week. That’s roughly an 80/20 split. Or, 80% of a child’s time spent with their custodial parent and 20% of time spent with their non-custodial parent. The influences of these levers where one side is 4 times stronger work like this:

80% is 134.4 hrs per week and 20% is 33.6 hrs per week in this case. (Percentages and hours are calculated for each case.)

6,988.8 hrs vs. 1,747.2 hrs (The powerful side is 208 times stronger) 10 years of inequality:

69,888 hrs vs. 17,472 hrs (The powerful side is 2080 times stronger) This can be measured for each case. Over time, the majority side can envelop the minority side. The alienation power of exponential inequality in a child’s life can be thought of like horsepower. The strength of alienation power can be calculated so as not to exceed the Envelop Treshold (ET). Alienation is one side misrepresenting the other side while the other side cannot defend themselves equally to the child. When children are twisted hard enough for long enough, then there may never be any straightening it out without further damage. In every divorce contract, we should measure & know the parental equality or the parental inequality for child safety.


With science, we can measure the influence potential of each side over time to help children grow up healthy. Even 80/20 inequality spins children out intellectually over time. 50/50 would keep them navigating straight. Which is safer overall for all of us. Send a message of equality & advocate for truth in justice by certifying your case today. When trials cry for “equality” and it’s offered but refused, then it was never equality that it was after, it waspower to abuse. Typical property sharing in a divorce case is 50/50. But typical child visitation “equality” is 80/20 as best. To scientists, that “equality” is a hypothesis that doesn’t pass the test to become a theory. And only theories can become law in science. So, that “equality” isn’t even a hypothesis. That’s like a vacuum over a water fountain, a river over a bridge, a drain over a skyscraper, or a Fred Flintstone car running over a Tesla. It’s like fourth graders imprisoning a twelfth grader for not thinking like them. Why do we keep twisting trying to make the impossible “possible?” The Bible says that an uneven scale is an abomination, but that a just scale is the Lord’s delight. CLU (Clean Law™ Union) will study, certify and record the inequality or the equality of your divorce contract. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson says that “The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.” They certify other scales like those used to weigh grain, water and fuel. And children are just as important. So, get your case certified today & help make all public scales certified.


Clean Law Newsletter - Celebrate 50/50: Finding a Just Scale (Free with Subscription)  

This newsletter by CLU introduces Alayna's Law as her father Aron tells a heart wrenching story of why it's needed. "Finding a Just Scale" a...

Clean Law Newsletter - Celebrate 50/50: Finding a Just Scale (Free with Subscription)  

This newsletter by CLU introduces Alayna's Law as her father Aron tells a heart wrenching story of why it's needed. "Finding a Just Scale" a...