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2018 Financials

Clean Lakes Alliance continues to be well positioned to further its mission thanks to continued support from a diverse group of individuals, businesses, and other organizations.

Total support and revenue increased for fiscal year 2018, up 29.07% from the prior year. In-kind revenue decreased by 12.7%, but this was offset by increases in revenue from contributions, events, and grants of 86.2%. Total operating expenses decreased by 3.4% from the prior year.

Clean Lakes Alliance continues to grow a strong and sustainable base of support from individuals and corporate sponsors. This dedication and support of the organization’s mission and the growing concern around the “state of our lakes” continues to be reflected in our growth and stability. This support allows the organization to invest more funds each year in community engagement and phosphorus reduction efforts.

Clean Lakes Alliance continued supporting the efforts of Yahara Pride Farms with funding for on-theground projects, as well as committed a contribution of $100,000 to Yahara WINS to help further the community effort to reduce phosphorus.

Looking to 2019 and beyond, Clean Lakes Alliance has positioned itself for financial success by continuing to grow grassroot donation efforts. Individual donors increased by nearly 20% in 2018 and the revenue from those donations increased by 35%. The same can be said for business donors, which increased by 27% and the revenue they donated increased by nearly 100% (96.9%). By increasing individual and business donations, Clean Lakes Alliance will become less dependent on large grants or events for yearly financial success.

Overall the organization continues to perform well and is positioned to carry out its efforts toward improving water quality in the Yahara Watershed.

Jim West Treasurer Clean Lakes Alliance Executive Board