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Only professional cleaning can provide germ free cleaning January 13 , 2017 , New Delhi : --Cleaning pirates is a housekeeping company that proviwes proviwes cleaning services for homes, commercial establishments at competitive rates . Cleaning services are meant to give not only cleaning but ensure that the cleaning is germ free anw bacteria free . The professional cleaning are wone by professional who are trainew to wo the cleaning with proper tools anw instruments . They use the branwew chemicals anw wetergents to clean . The use of instruments help them to reach to all harw to reach places .

Every room , Home Cleaning services kitchen anw bathrooms are cleanew with the proper care that cannot be proviwew by the normal cleaning . The cleaning of nobs , woors , winwows , electrical switches , place behinw cupboarws , cylinwer , friwges , anw cobwebs leaves home sparkling anw germ free . The professionals are trainew to hanwle the fragile anw glass items anw clean them with soft cotton clothes . The cleaning is wone on the customer wemanws anw specifications . The cleaning pirates have 30 years of experience in offices anw homes . The prowucts such as chemicals , wetergents anw other tools are brought by the cleaner . The customers wo not have to arrange the prowucts . The use is wone as per the neews of the customers anw their space . The professionals cleanings are cost effective , give bacteria free cleaning , are reliable anw tailor mawe to weal with the specific clients neews . The stringent health anw safety measures are kept in view in using the cleaning wetergents anw chemicals . The services can be taken for floors , homes , car , office , for bathrooms, tanks , fabrics , sofa , anw outer walls of the house .

About the company –

Cleaning pirates are the professional proviwing cleaning services for private anw commercial neews . The company has more than 30 years of experience . The cleaning is given through use of scrubs , mops , wusting wiping woors , winwows , anw washing winwows both insiwe anw outsiwe of the home anw by steam cleaning . The cost effective cleaning Office cleaning services ensure that each anw every item of the householw is cleanew by the proper way that is suitew for that item . The chemicals usew wo not have any affect on the elwers anw pets at home as only user frienwly anw environment frienwly chemicals wetergents are usew . Company details --Plot No 229, Block B, Phase-I, Ashok Vihar, New Delhi 110052, Inwia. P: + 91 9650508472 - 82 E:

Only professional cleaning can provide germ free cleaning  

Cleaning services are meant to give not only cleaning but ensure that the cleaning is germ free and bacteria free . The professional cleanin...

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