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Get your home deep cleaned this time. November, 30, 2016, New Delhi: -- Cleaning Pirates is a master in cleaning your homes. The customers can now just sit back and relax and get their homes cleaned by experts. Cleaning Pirates are the market leaders. The location of the company is Delhi but still gives perfect service for your home. Giving the details of the company, the spokesperson told that the company gives the best cleaning solution for your home. The company is an expert in giving the deep clean services even for your furniture. It is an expert in cleaning the sofa, which is considered to be the toughest furniture of any home. The company believes that cleaning the sofa is not just beneficial in financial terms but also benefits you in social and psychological terms. Anybody who comes in from outside sits on the sofa and makes it dirty, and playing with the kids can never keep your sofa clean. But our company makes sure that your sofa remains clean and germ-free for a longer duration. It not just keeps your sofa clean but hygienic too. The company is an expert in cleaning process and advice to get your sofa clean on a regular basis to keep it clean and durable. The company always use quality products to clean your sofa as it is the most delicate furniture. Our team of experts uses world class equipment and chemicals to clean your delicate furniture. The experts know that every furniture is unique so first they inspect the furniture and the areas around it for any heavy soiled or traffic area. Then heavy effective water extraction method is used to clean the dirt from floor and debris which is usually invisible to naked eye. We use a perfect method to clean our sofa to the best.

Apart from sofa cleaning services, the company also gives services regarding the cleaning of your home. The company is an expert in cleaning your home to the perfection you can’t even imagine. We even clean the minute dust particle, cobwebs, switchboards of your home.

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Cleaning Pirates is a company in Delhi. It gives complete cleaning solution for your home. The experts are fully dedicated towards their work and even cleans the switchboards of your home. Home Cleaning services remove even the minute dust particles from your home leaving it entirely germ-free. Company Details: Plot No. 229,Block- B, Phase-I, Ashok Vihar, New Delhi- 110052.

Contact: (+91) 9650508472- 82 Email Address:

Get your home deep cleaned this time