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Get the best cleaning service at your home. November, 30, 2016, New Delhi: -- Cleaning Pirates are the company involved in cleaning and washing of home and office including cleaning and washing of floor and bathrooms.

Cleaning Pirates is the company in Delhi. It gives complete cleaning solution for your entire home including floor cleaning. Giving the details of the company the spokesperson told us that Cleaning Pirates is the best company in its domain. It gives complete cleaning solution for your home. The company knows that people are living a hectic life. City people especially don’t have time to do anything extra. They hardly have time to do their routine work, which also involves some domestic activities, but cleaning the rooms require a full day, which nobody has today. Nobody wants to invest an entire day in just cleaning the floor and washrooms. Even on Sunday, people like to take a break from their hectic schedule and prefer to go out with friends and families. In such a condition the work of cleaning is really very annoying as nobody wants to spoil the weekend after a long and hectic week. The company saw the opportunity to serve you and came up with this unique idea to give you all the cleaning services. The company is an expert in this domain and give its services at a very reasonable price. The company is an expert and uses the best quality product for cleaning the floor perfectly. We are an expert in surface polishing. We are an expert in cleaning your floor and making it stain free. Not only this, we also make sure that the floor is secure against dust, dirt and wear and tear.

Apart from Floor cleaning services, the company is also an expert in cleaning the washroom. Basically cleaning the washroom is a task which can make anybody feel sick. But we do this noble work for you at a cost effective rate. We clean the bathroom with the best quality products. We are an expert in cleaning cabinets, tiles, skirts, taps, toilets, and even door and windows. About the company: --

Cleaning Pirates is a company in Delhi. It is in the unique and noble job of cleaning your home entirely. The team of experts uses only quality products to clean your home. The team of bathroom cleaning services makes sure that your home is not just free from stain but germ-free. The team takes every bit to give you a clean and healthy home.

Company Details: Plot No 229, Block- B, Phase-I, Ashok Vihar, New Delhi- 110052.

Contact: (+91) 9650508472-82 Email Address:

Get the best cleaning service at your home