Clean Green Living spring/summer 2016

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Outdoor clea

To start this project remove all your deck or patio furniture, grills, and pots from the area. It’s so much easier to clean an open area than trying to work around things. Once you’ve removed everything, use your leaf blower on a gentle setting to remove leaves, dust, and dirt. Then grab a stiff broom and sweep spider webs and dirt from windows and outdoor walls. Next, we will work from the top of the area to the flooring. Using two microfiber cloths, wash and dry the exterior windows near the area. Then, using a gentle cleaner and a few tablespoons of oxygen bleach, we will scrub the walls and rails to remove any mold or mildew. After a long dark winter your hard surfaces may have a green mildew that may need to be power washed. If you are using a power washer be very careful to avoid damaging the surface with a high powered water stream. Now that the area is cleared of the winter dirt, we can start to work on the furniture. Each type of furniture needs to be cleaned in a specific way. Here are the types of surfaces that you may have to clean: Plastic furniture is made from either PVC or PD plastics. These plastics are made to withstand the weather with additives that help withstand sun and fungus. But even with these additives your furniture still need a good cleaning in the spring. Use a gentle cleaner and a scrub brush to remove built up dirt and grime. To remove stains or mildew use a few tablespoons of oxygen bleach in a bucket of hot water and scrub the surfaces completely and rinse thoroughly. Fabrics need to be cleaned with great care. If you have a weather resistant fabric on your pillows and covers you can pop them into the washing machine on a gentle cycle using a simple laundry soap and warm water. Harsh detergents and hot water