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free receptacle that can easily be detached and refrigerated on its own. After it’s been properly chilled, the AquaTru has its own dispenser for convenient serving. Best of all, the AquaTru system removes over 100 toxic chemicals and heavy metals from tap water, and through its unique filtration process, is able to significantly reduce the concentration of many, many more.
 According to a recent lab test, the AquaTru system eliminated over 98% of eight toxic elements most commonly found in polluted water sources.
 Lead = 99.90%
ELIMINATED with AquaTru Cesium = 100.00%
ELMINATED with AquaTru Arsenic = 99.90%
ELIMINATED with AquaTru Cadmium = 100.00%
ELIMINATED with AquaTru Copper = 99.79% ELIMINATED with AquaTru Mercury = 100.00%
ELIMINATED with AquaTru Strontium = 98.80%
ELIMINATED with AquaTru Uranium = 100.00% ELIMINATED with AquaTru Aluminum = 92.99% ELIMINATED with AquaTru AquaTru is so strong, it can even turn Diet Coke into pure water. Of course, it would be easier to simply open the tap...But that’s how powerful the AquaTru really is. Thanks to AquaTru, we can now make our own better-than-bottled water for just pennies a gallon. Even better, we avoid contributing to the extraordinary pollution caused by plastic water bottles (and their copious packaging) ending up in our landfills and waterways. It’s a total win-win. But the environmental benefits don’t end there. With the petroleum used to create those plastic bottles alone, we could produce enough fuel to power 1 million cars for an entire year; include the fuel necessary to transport that water all over the country and we’d no doubt fuel thousands more. When you get down to it, it just makes good sense to purify your own water. It's less expensive, more environmentally sound, and—as the science proves—it produces better quality water. But before AquaTru perfected its reverse osmosis filtration technology, water purification was a time-consuming, inefficient process. No longer. The AquaTru system is the perfect combination of speed, filtration effectiveness and usability.Plus, its minimal energy usage (about $2.00 a year for the average family of four) means it’s super-affordable, too. That means the high quality, delicious drinking water that our families (and even our pets) deserve is totally within reach, more than ever before. 
 And no matter how the water quality provided by local sources keeps plunging, better-than-bottled water will always be available from the countertop AquaTru system. That’s because it: - Requires no additional plumbing - Filters out heavy metals, fluoride and toxic elements - Conserves water compared to traditional RO systems
 - Filters water FAST - Is virtually silent - Removes pharmaceuticals, chlorine, pesticides, fluoride, bacteria and much more…

How do you get it? Well, the AquaTru water filter system is so new that it's currently in preproduction, but it will be shipping to pre-order customers before the end of the year. Clean Green Living readers can get a special discount of 40% off on orders placed before July 12th via this link. Don't wait! The pre-order price will NOT stay this low for long!

Yes, I want perfectly clean water for my home!

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