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Water: we can’t live without it. In fact, we can’t be without it: the human body is approximately 70% water. Every single cell, tissue, and organ in our bodies needs water to function properly. Whether it’s delivering oxygen to the cells in our blood, helping to flush out toxins, aiding in digestion, or protecting our vital organs, water is undoubtedly the most essential compound on Earth. Unfortunately, access to fresh, clean, healthy water is anything but universal. Even in the United States, where public water sources are among the cleanest in the world, comprehensive laboratory analysis has found over 300 dangerous chemicals in the common tap water we all have in our homes. Most infamously, the entire population of Flint, Michigan—over 100,000 people—has been exposed to dangerous levels of lead and other toxins through their drinking water. The forthcoming government effort to rebuild the Flint infrastructure and restore a healthful supply of tap water to the city’s residents is projected to cost hundreds of millions of dollars and will take years to be completed. When it comes to poor quality water, Michigan is not alone. According to the U.S. EPA, there are over 100 potentially damaging chemicals and 12 microbes that are known to commonly occur in public water systems, but these chemicals are not yet regulated. A few of these harmful contaminants include: Disinfection byproducts (carcinogens) Perchlorate (rocket fuel) MTBE (gasoline additive) Prescription drug residue like Anti-Depressants; and Hormones from birth control. Some of these chemicals have been linked to cancer, bone disease, hip fractures, and even lower IQ; but because the U.S. Government does not require any testing for drugs in the water supply or set safety limits for drug contamination, it may be decades before we know the long-term effects of consuming tainted tap water. And yet, research published in the Journals of Clinical Oncology found that the more water someone drinks, the less likely they are to develop bladder, colon, and breast cancers. But how can we drink more water, if every time we turn on the tap we’re afraid of what might come out? In search of a consistent source of dependably great drinking water, many consumers are forced to turn to the massive bottling conglomerates. These bottled waters are frequently expensive, cumbersome, and of no better quality than water produced by the average tap filter. The AquaTru water purifying system, on the other hand, is anything but average. It’s a breakthrough countertop water filtration system that, with its unique and comprehensive process, leaves other filtration products way behind. The Competition There’s no doubt that many off-the-shelf filters can produce cleaner, better tasting water than the average American tap (which isn’t saying much). But they all suffer from one problem: they are painstakingly slow. That’s because most of the filters in those products are gravity filters—meaning they rely on the water in the reservoir ever so slowly dripping through the purifying filter into the dispensing area below—a process that can take hours to produce just a couple of gallons of filtered water. On top of that, these filters are just that: filters. They’re products designed to remove simple chemicals (i.e. chlorine), but for the most part, they’re unable to do anything other than make your water taste better. What you want is better-tasting and safer water. By contrast, the AquaTru system purifies water at lightning speed using reverse osmosis technology that also removes toxic elements down to single-digit parts per billion levels. The AquaTru is able to speed up the traditional purification process by using a small, silent pump that accelerates the water through its comprehensive four-stage filtration. Incredibly, the Aquatru’s TruPure 4-stage filter removes more than 30x the contaminants of the best-selling pitcher water filter. The AquaTru manages all this while still maintaining its compact, attractive form factor that looks fantastic on any kitchen countertop. And it’s completely mobile, so you can have clean, pure water at home or on the go. Despite its advanced technology, the AquaTru system requires no plumbing whatsoever—a first among systems in its class. For perfectly filtered water, simply add water into a removable tap water reservoir, place it in the standalone base, and the AquaTru filters the water automatically. This unique, streamlined process produces ultra-clean water in a BPA-

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