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July 2008

No 48


Magazine of The Church Lads’ and Church Girls’ Brigade

Going for Growth! wo new Companies in the last twelve months – another starting in September and two Churches talking with us about the possibility of new Companies by 2009. It’s that kind of interest that has convinced us that we must offer the Brigade as a relevant and vibrant vehicle for ministry among children and young people in today’s Church.


Aided by funding from the Faith Communities Capacity Building Fund, John Corbishley (Manchester Regiment) and Martin Lambourne have developed a DVD presentation to encourage Parishes to see the Brigade as a serious option for their mission to the young. The video features Laura

Turner, an Officer in the Alperton (North London) Company and a member of our British Olympic Team in Beijing this Summer. It also includes a commendation from our National Chaplain, Bishop Jack, as well as a comprehensive guide to what makes the Brigade tick.

that are made with offers to welcome enquirers to their own Company nights as well as offering what support they can in setting up new Brigade ventures.

upward trend of growth and development with your support and a new marketing tool at hand. Turner.htm

Our numbers may be down, but our sights are set on an

This DVD, together with a booklet on ‘Starting Up a Company’ and samples of our programme and training resources, will be available for distribution in September. We hope to get it into the hands of as many Parishes as possible, but we need local Companies to back up any new contacts

A Company Limited by Guarantee No 1395966 Registered Charity No 276821


A pictorial overview of the Church Lads’ and Church Girls’ Brigade events, awards, presentations and communitybased activities


St Mary’s Wombwell enjoying a visit to the National Coal Mining Museum in Wakefield.



Moor versus Roman on the streets of Cartagena.



13 - 21 YEARS

Good Luck Laura Turner at this Summer’s Olympics.


Members of the NHQ family meet Sergeant Bunny from Big Earswick.

HERE & THERE Pictures from St Mary’s Beverley Centenary


Governor's Message s some of you may already be aware, my wife Sarah passed away after suffering a seizure on Tuesday 20th May 2008. To those of you who have already written to me and my family, concerning our sad loss, I am most grateful to you for your thoughts and prayers at this time. Having been married for 48 years, indeed most of our lives, Sarah and I have shared many happy years together and have a wonderful family, with our children and grandchildren, who are a great support to me at this time. Sarah and I recently celebrated our wedding anniversary and then my birthday, both very


enjoyable and memorable occasions at the time, and even more so now. I am pleased that Sarah was proud of the Brigade and my role as your Governor, and that she accompanied me on many of my visits to Brigade activities, most recently the Centenary Celebrations and Service for St Mary’s Beverley Company, both of which she thoroughly enjoyed. I send my good wishes to you all for the coming summer months of Camps and other Brigade activities, your own holidays and the reopening of your Companies after the school holidays. Anthony Baker, Governor.

Annual Brigade Remembrance Service November 2008 he Annual tickets to those if you wish to attend, Brigade indicating that they indicating the number Remembrance wish to attend the of tickets required. Service will be held in Service. Please There is much of the Chapel and the contact Headquarters interest to see at the Brigade’s Memorial Garden, at the National Memorial Arboretum, at 2pm on Saturday, 8th November 2008. It will once again commence with a Band performance from 1.30pm. All Brigade members are invited to attend. As the Chapel only holds approximately 100 people, it will be necessary to issue St Mary’s Hinckley performing at this year Brigade Band (freely available) Competition.



Arboretum and there are parking and catering facilities available on site. As we intend to use the Annual Remembrance Service as an opportunity to showcase the talent of the Brigade’s members and to give various Companies and Formations opportunities for involvement, we are grateful that St Mary’s Hinckley Band has agreed to perform at the 2008 Brigade Remembrance Service.

The Brigade Secretary's Message s I am writing this message it is the last day of May and there have been floods in Somerset! Where to start and what to include? So much has happened since my last message. Well, we were turned down yet again for any Government funding, whilst some of our sister, and very similar, organisations continued to receive such funding (in their case, repeat funding). We do not have any animosity against those who did receive funding but we question why CLCGB still does not receive such funding. Indeed, we think that all such organisations should get this funding. But why does Her Majesty’s Government not fund our organisation, the only uniformed youth organisation of the Established Church? Her Majesty is Head of The Church and, coincidentally, Patron of the Church Lads’ and Church Girls’ Brigade. (We are also advised that the Government has not provided such funding to the Church of England nationally, so that it will need to make one of its only two National Youth Advisers redundant.) This at the very time that we read reports that the Prime Minister is advocating that more schools have Cadet Corps, “Gordon’s Army” as the press reports it. So, I have now written


twice to the Prime Minister to enquire why, on the one hand, he appears to be advocating the importance of organisations such as ours, and why, on the other hand, his Government will not provide such modest funding, 7 pence per member per day, to sustain an organisation like ours, that generates one adult volunteer per two young members and provides thousands of voluntary hours of children’s and youth

asking if I will provide an information pack, such that he may lobby his local MP about the reasonableness of providing us with support. In real terms, our NHQ funds will run out in less than two years, unless we are able to improve our financial situation. Thus the national dimension of our organisation is seriously under threat and we risk disintegration into simply a series of standalone and self-sustaining local groups, without any

Y Team games - Ulster style.

work per year; delivering on the Government’s own agenda of Every Child Matters and its various reported criteria of positive and meaningful engagement with children and young people, providing creative and worthwhile activities and direction. To date, no reply! Read into that what you will! I have already been contacted by one Commanding Officer (a Government supporter)

national or HQ structure. So we must continue with the process of trying to raise funds from grant-making trusts and other such bodies, as well as continuing trying to sell or lease our Headquarters’ premises. Our builder is keen to get on with developing the site and he reports that the banks are prepared to lend him the money to develop our car park, the Vicarage and the


training centre but require him and his codirectors to put up their own homes as security, which they are not willing to do; or for us – a charity – to guarantee the loan to the bank, so its risks are covered! We continue to work with another Christian children’s and youth work charity, keen on obtaining our headquarters but which is not itself cash rich but whose directors are willing to sell their own homes to part-finance the purchase of the whole site. Additionally, we have entered into dialogue with the local authority and voluntary sector groups about potential options for our facilities becoming available to their local communities. So we are trying a variety of options to achieve the funding we need, not just for the Brigade to survive but so that it may grow. As may be seen elsewhere, we have now completed version one of our DVD and the accompanying booklet is being written, such that our Start-up Pack, will be freely available to Parishes without any organised work with children and young people in their local

The Brigade Secretary’s Report continued from page 5

community, thus, promoting the Brigade, encouraging its take up and illustrating how to get a local Company off the ground. Whilst our latest returns showed a further decline in numbers, we are able to report on newly established Companies and, potentially, a second Company in Wales. Ultimately, this has to be the proof of whether or not the Brigade is still seen as being relevant; will Parishes opt for CLCGB in preference to other means of working with their local children and young people? Our auditors finally completed their audit and we were able to get our Accounts to both Companies’ House and the Charity Commission by the due date. However, this wasn’t without much additional work required by NHQ, because of the number of active and dormant Companies and Formations that had not filed their Accounts and Returns with us, long after the due date and despite several ‘reminders’. Well, with the year-end looming, we are going to have to repeat the exercise all over again, so I request all Companies and Formations to get their Accounts and Returns to us by the due dates please! In the last issue of The Brigade magazine we reported on the Centenary celebrations of the CLB at St

Martin’s, Castleton, Rochdale. The format of a three day celebratory weekend seems infectious, as St Mary’s Beverley celebrated their Centenary over a similar time span and great it was too. The Friday evening saw a display reminiscent of the Royal Tournament that used to be televised

Beverley, reportedly the most visited exhibition that The Treasury had ever mounted. The Centenary celebrations in Beverley were all the more poignant as this would be the last time that Sarah Baker would accompany our Governor, Anthony Baker, to any Brigade

Royal Tournament - Beverley style!

from London each year when I was a child. Saturday evening was a dinner and dance, with a superb band, a disco, and drums and bugles of the Royal Marines with ex-Brigade members. On Sunday there was a special Church Service and Parade, including a strong contingent of former Brigade members and with the Salute being taken by the Lord Lieutenant and the Governor. Throughout the week, a special, highly professional and edifying exhibition about the CLB, CGB and CL&CGB was held in The Treasury at

events. Sarah attended both the Friday evening’s display and the Sunday morning Service and Parade, thoroughly enjoying both, very different, celebrations. Sarah’s funeral was held on a warm and sunlit morning in the little Church of St Peter’s, Letwell. As with Sir Desmond’s funeral in a similar village Church, there was standing room only. Anthony was flanked by his children, grand children and other family members, for a Service, largely following Sarah’s own stipulations – she was always well organised and well in


advance – with humour injected by Tim and Patricia, Sarah and Anthony’s children, as they recounted features of their mother’s life and involvements. Then Sarah was laid to rest in the adjoining Churchyard, in the grave of their infant son, who had died in 1966. For Sir Desmond’s funeral, The Governor, Hon Treasurer and Brigade Secretary represented the Brigade; with former Deputy Governor, Ted Storey and former Brigade Secretaries Stewart Creswell and Tony Reed Screen and their wives also present. I attended Sarah Baker’s funeral to represent the Brigade, my uniform causing much speculation – I was even asked if I was the High Sherriff! But the wife of Canon Matthews, who conducted the Service, recognised it immediately and came to talk about her time with the Brigade, when she could only be an Hon Member, as their town just had CLB not CGB. For both Sir Desmond and Sarah, the overriding sense of their funerals was of celebration of Christian lives well lived, that they were people who gave great service, were well loved and respected, and who in turn loved people, especially their own families, and their Saviour.

Bishop Jack he Brigade Chaplain, Bishop Jack, is to retire from his role as Lord Bishop of Sheffield on 9th June 2008. He and his wife Judith, who have two sons and two daughters, will make their new home in the Peak District and, we are pleased to say, Bishop Jack will continue as Brigade Chaplain.


from his primary school days! All stages of Bishop Jack’s life and friendships were represented, including the then 13 year old Server who helped Bishop Jack as a then Curate in Salford, whilst Celebrating his first Eucharist after Ordination; only that Server is now Dean of Lichfield.

Bishop Jack became the Sixth Bishop of Sheffield in 1997, having previously been Bishop of Lancaster. His ministry spans 40 years and there was a Eucharist of Thanksgiving for his Priesthood on the Feast of St Columba, 9th June 2008 in Sheffield Cathedral and the Cuttlers’ Hall, accommodating the overflow and the after Service Reception. Representatives of many faiths were present at the Service, as was the Lord Lieutenant and Bishop Jack’s History teacher

Bishop Jack’s prescription for the Christian Faith? Prayer and Parties!

Bishop Jack with teddies.

Born in Rossendale, Lancashire, son of a bakery worker, when Bishop Jack became a Member of the House of Lords, he was intrigued to see that sitting across from him was a childhood friend from Rawtenstall, only now she was a Baroness! Not bad for valley folk – as we say in Lancashire! Bishop Jack’s involvement with the then Church Lads’ Brigade goes back to his time as

Phone home.

Curate (1969–72) at All Saints and Martyrs, Langley. This was a newly built Church, designed to serve the large ‘overspill estate’ being created to house families displaced under the ‘slum clearance’ programme in Manchester. The legendary Canon Whitsey, incumbent at that time and later Bishop of Chester, had established a large CLB, such that each of his three Curates Commanded a separate CLB Company, with each one heading up their own Company as they Paraded around the Belle Vue Speedway track, venue for the Manchester Regiment’s famous Annual Parade. Photos from those days still have pride of place in Bishop Jack’s study. Bishop Jack stayed on at Langley as Vicar (1972-78) and most of his ministry has been


in Lancashire, Manchester, Salford and Yorkshire. He fondly recalls several former CLB members from Langley who entered the Ministry. Besides remaining as Brigade Chaplain, Bishop Jack will continue as Prelate of the Order of St John, taking him on regular visits to Jerusalem. He also comments that his wife, an accomplished Dancing Teacher, has plans for them to take up ballroom dancing. Bishop Jack is not quite so certain about that one! We wish Bishop Jack and Judith a long and very happy retirement. See: http://www.sheffield.ang /features/Sheffield39sRed-Devil-bishop-ready

Brigade Council ollowing the elections, at their April 2008 meeting Brigade Council said farewell and thank you to retiring members Martin Stubbs (North Eastern Representative) and Stewart Lewis (South Eastern Representative); and Kyle Spence (Youth Representative, Manchester Regiment) who, having reached the age of 21years, was ineligible to stand for reelection. In their place they welcomed new Members: Cath O’Gara (from the North West but occupying the vacant South East Region seat) and Andrew Bruton (from the North East but occupying the vacant Wales and South West


Region seat) and our two Youth Representatives: Laura O’Gara (Manchester Regiment and younger sister of Cath O’Gara) and Gareth Campbell (Lincoln Diocesan Battalion). Additionally, Brigade Council decided to extend the number of Co-options to Brigade Council, taking account of the loss over recent years of those members appointed by the Incorporated Society, at the time that Brigade Council was established as its successor body. Co-opted members bring external view points and experience to the work of Brigade Council and the Brigade. Brigade Council also accepted

the nomination of two new Co-opted Members: Professor Nicholas P Gair, Cert Ed, BEd(Hons), ACP, MA, MSc, PhD, CGeog, FRSA, FRGS, Chief Executive of the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland, Chairman of the London Youth Trust and Visiting Professor to the Carnegie Faculty of Sport and Education at Leeds Metropolitan University, who is a well qualified and experienced outdoor education author, teacher and practitioner, being, amongst other roles: National Director of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Wild Country Assessor Accreditation Scheme and a Member of the

Risk Management Committee of the Outward Bound Trust. John E Smith is a former member of the Church Lads’ Brigade in Manchester and is now Director of a successful and specialist human resources and business systems company based in the Midlands. John is most enthusiastic about the benefits of the Brigade in the lives and development of young people and has never forgotten the positive impact the Brigade and its leaders had on his young life, with the development of a range of disciplines, skills, team-working and talents, and his belief in his ability to succeed.

style’ entertainment. On the Sunday morning there will be a Church Service and Parade to and from Holy Trinity Platt, led by the Tameside Battalion Band. Following lunch there will be further Conference sessions and with the Conference close aimed for 4pm.

Please put the dates in your diary. We are hoping to achieve financial support for the Conference, such that costs will be minimised. A warm invitation is extended to Officers, Leaders and Helpers (and spouses, etc are welcome to accompany delegates).

Officers’ Conference t is some time since we held a National Conference for Brigade Officers, Leaders and Helpers and we think it is high time that we did so again. So it is being planned for Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd February 2009 inclusive and will be based in Manchester, principally at Luther King House in Rusholme. The format of the Conference is being planned to include sessions for those who want to arrive on Friday afternoon/evening. On


Saturday we will be joined by our Brigade Chaplain, Bishop Jack, and we hope that it will prove possible for us to hold a Communion Service and Conference session at a Church in Manchester. It is intended that Saturday afternoon will provide some free time for those attending (and spouses, etc if also in attendance) to sample the attractions of Manchester’s city centre. There will be a Conference Dinner on the Saturday evening, along with ‘Brigade 8

Surplus Uniform rigade NHQ regularly receives enquiries from Companies seeking supplies of second-hand uniforms and equipment, particularly but not exclusively the more traditional varieties. If you, as an individual, or your Company or Formation, have items of uniform surplus to requirements, we would be pleased to receive them at NHQ. We regularly recycle uniforms and both the Governor and Brigade Secretary wear their predecessors’ uniforms,


and the Training and Development Officer sports a uniform

donated by a former Brigade Chaplain! We are currently under

request for ladies’ traditional Brigade uniform items and both leather and white plastic belts, drum slings, etc. So please check out your wardrobe, loft or Company store cupboard and let us know at NHQ what you have available; we can usually arrange collection.

instruments are required elsewhere.

band, or have surplus instruments that they are willing to loan or donate to Brigade NHQ’s loan stock, please contact the Brigade Secretary.

Band Instruments ollowing our recent appeal, we have acquired a collection of redundant and surplus band instruments – mainly side drums, tenor drums and bass drums, valve-less trumpets and bugles – mostly in reasonable to good and usable condition but with some items requiring repair/TLC. These items are now available from our loan stock, to assist new Companies in forming bands and existing Companies requiring additional band instruments or training items. All instruments are available on a three monthly renewable


loan, as against supply and demand requirements. Intentionally, the instruments are available on loan until Companies can afford their own replacements or the

If you have or know of redundant or surplus band instruments, where Companies have ceased to exist or no longer have a


The Ulster Regiment’s Second Annual Raft Race n Saturday the 10th of May The Seniors from the Ulster Regiment held their second annual raft race at The Lough Shore Antrim. The weather and the conditions were perfect for the event with the sun reflecting on a calm Six Mile River.


The event was to be run in 2 heats and then a final under the watchful gaze of the safety boat from Antrim Boat Club. Amongst the first heat was the only Officers’ crew, who were confident of victory. The horn sounded and the craft set off, within seconds the Officers hit problems with their craft taking on water. (There is

some suspicion of sabotage as others were observed in the vicinity of the raft with a drill.) However the Officers battled on, taking the first turn too tight and promptly capsized.

“doughnuts” for the spectators, whilst their other crew came a

outside but it was too late, Broomhedge held St Hilda’s off to

close second.

pick up the blue winners pennant for a second year in a row.

Once righted the Leaders battled back only to see St Elizabeth’s from Dundonald streaking ahead in the QE1½, who comfortably came first in the heat with the Leaders clinching second. The second heat got off to a better start with all the crews making it off the beach and into Six Mile River proper. Broomhedge made it a comfortable win; with one of the crews from St. Hilda’s putting on a display of

It was tense as the crews from St Hilda’s , St Elizabeth’s and Broomhedge lined up for the final heat and as the horn sounded the crews were neck and neck round the first turn. As the crews entered the straight, Broomhedge began to edge-ahead with St Elizabeth’s losing all sense of direction, and ramming the far bank. Broomhedge continued to pull away but as they made the final turn around the buoy, St Hilda’s made a spurt, trying to pass Broomhedge on the 10

The Brigade would like to thank Antrim Boat club for supplying the safety boat and also the first aiders from St John’s Ambulance; without whose support the event would not be possible. To find out more about the work of the Ulster Regiment The Church Lads’ and Church Girls’ Brigade visit their website at: www.ulsterregimentc


Brigade Worldwide

Widening our Brigade Horizons Martin Lambourne writes he Brigade is a great vehicle for introducing young people to the possibilities of Living on a Large Map. Sports and Band Competitions at Battalion, Regimental and National levels, together with National Band and Choir concerts, tours, camps, residentials, days out and Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions all help our members to meet new people and see new places.


That’s also true of events such as our Family Weekend at Butlins in February and Spring Adventure at Easter. They deserve more support as they are exciting events which bring the Brigade Family together in special ways. At NHQ, we have been exploring further ventures to expand our Brigade family

Outdoor Pursuits at Los Alcazares.

programme. So, here are a couple of new opportunities to tempt you to look further afield:

Have a family week on the Mediterranean in 2009 Having returned to Murcia in May, I have been shown some more great resources for a stay on the shores of the Mar Menor at Los Alcazares. David Urion, our man

in Spain, took me to see an activity centre with a residential facility right on the sea shore. This centre is run by qualified youth and activity leaders and has facilities for water sports outside the front door as well as organising beach sports like volleyball and trips out to other attractions in the region. The nearest road is two hundred yards away from the beach and this part of the Mediterranean is non11

tidal as it is a twenty mile wide lagoon, so it is as safe as these locations can be. Walking back along the avenue from the beach, you come to a large hotel just before the first road – an ideal place for adults and families who don’t want dormitory accommodation. Across the road from the hotel is a shopping precinct, complete with newsagent run by a Scotsman! (continued)

Widening our Brigade Horizons continued from page 11 30 minutes drive away is Cartagena, a historic sea port city where Hannibal began his trek across the Alps with his elephants brought in from North Africa. The city has a Roman Amphitheatre, extensive cultural and retail interest and boat trips from the bustling port area. With other fascinating historic towns and cities nestling in the hills away from the sea, there is so much of interest for anyone of any age. David, who lives nearby, is an expoliceman, ex-youth worker who is able to arrange coaches and visits as required. All it needs is for the Brigade to go and

Roman Amphitheatre by the port of Cartagena.

enjoy the environment and all it has to offer. So, what about a Brigade Family trip in the Autumn of 2009? Interested? Give me a call/text/email at NHQ or on 07796697369.

Fancy a DofE Open Gold Expedition in the Sierra De Espuna in 2010?

DofE Gold terrain in the Sierra De Espuna

Less than an hour from Murcia (San Javier) airport and you are into the Sierra rising to 1600 metres. It’s an ideal location for an expedition, with campsites and rangers scattered

through the extensive Natural Park and Forest area. If anyone is interested, I am happy to talk with DofE HQ about setting up an Open Expedition. Any older Seniors interested?

How about a Youth Exchange with our Brigade Family in the eight dioceses of North Kenya? Our Dormanston Company has already twinned with Thika Diocese and is supporting some of their work where the Brigade is flourishing. I am now planning to go to Kenya in April 2009 to offer training to the Brigades in the eight dioceses of the 12

Regional Province north of Nairobi. On my agenda will also be the possibility of arranging exchanges of older Seniors between their dioceses and our Diocesan Formations. They are very interested in such an exchange. It would mean hosting some of their young people over here as well as being hosted in Kenya. Such experiences can be life-changing, and no young person can fail to have their horizons expanded by such a venture. So there are the opportunities and challenges that have developed recently. There may be more!!

New Resources for the Y Team Programme From September we have available the last resources which Kathleen Boyland was working on before she left us. They are two different ideas for the Y team Databox. The Gospel Rocky Kids’ Club is a concept Kathleen developed in association with a Church Army Roadshow called Gospel Rocky. It is different from the other resources in the Databox, but has a wide ranging sessional programme ranging from Abraham to Jesus.


New Resources cont...

The other unit is under the Exploring God’s World banner and is an outdoor based programme looking at the environment around the local church. It links in with the JTC material on the Eco Friendly Church. We’ve enclosed some sample pages to give you a taste of what is on offer... 14


Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Training Day - Saturday December 13th Expeditions and Assessor accreditation and training has been revamped by The Award and we are keen to keep up to date with guidelines and training requirements. Our Yorkshire and Humber Regional Office has kindly agreed to join us for a Training Day on Saturday, December 13th at NHQ, Wath. The day will begin with refreshments at 9.30 am for a 10.00 am start and finish at 3.30 pm. Lunch and all refreshments will be provided. All involved in or interested in running DofE programmes are invited to join us for the day. A booking form for the day is included in the Summer mailing. The form will give you the opportunity to offer other issues for the day’s agenda which you would like to be addressed

In Memoriam e have been saddened to hear of the following losses within our Brigade fellowship and send to the families our heartfelt condolences. “May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace and rise again in glory.”


Mrs Sarah Baker. (see Governor’s message on page 4 and Brigade Secretary’s message page 6) Mr Len Robson. (81), 1st May, Shotton, Durham Regiment. Mr. Stuart Mellish (50), 25th May, served in St. Andrew’s, Denton Company. Stuart met his wife Gill on a DofE Gold Expedition in the 1970s. Gill also served the Brigade in the Manchester Regiment. Our condolences to Gill, Paul and Andrew.


A Time to Reflect

by Martin Lambourne

Bishop Jack, was ordained 40 years ago on June 9th. His retirement Eucharist as Bishop of Sheffield was a moving service as he handed over his Bishop’s Crook to the Dean of the Cathedral after over ten years as Pastor Pastorem. His sermon focussed on the character of the Priest which, for him, was summed up in the phrase, ‘you have to know what it is like to be in the gutter as well as catching sight of the stars’. Bishop Jack will continue his ministry in new ways in retirement and will, I believe, never cease to be a priest. Thankfully, for us, he will continue to be our National Chaplain. Having been ordained in the Baptist tradition, I still subscribe to the New Testament concept of the Priesthood of all Believers. I suspect Bishop Jack does too. Which means that when we are called to follow Jesus as Saviour and Lord, we are called to be priests to one another. The late Archbishop of San Salvador, Oscar Romero, who was assassinated in 1980 while saying Mass knew both the gutter and the stars. He lost his life because he dared to be a champion for the poor in South America – the voice of the voiceless. He proclaimed that we are all Priests – the taxi driver in his cab, the doctor, the market stall holder if we work with honesty and faithfulness to Christ. In the end our legacies are determined by who and what we are to others, not how long we have served in whatever office or none. Bishop Jack and Judith his wife are special people because of what they mean to so many people on both sides of the Pennines and far beyond. I hope that may be our legacies too – that we are judged to be special people in our priestly offices.

Bishop Jack requested that this prayer of St Columba be printed in the service sheet of his Thanksgiving Eucharist on the Feast of St. Columba: Almighty Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, eternal, ever blessed gracious God; to me the least of saints, to me allow that I may keep a door in paradise. That I may keep even the smallest door, the farthest, darkest, coldest door, the door that is least used, the stiffest door. If so it be but in your house, O God, if so it be that I can see your glory even from afar, and hear your voice, O God, and know that I am with you, O my God. 17

Brigade Association The Annual General Meeting Saturday Oct 4th/5th 2008 – St. Mary’s Beverley Agenda. 11am Arrival of Members. 11.30am- AGM 1pm- Lunch. 2pm- Display by Host Company. Tea & Coffee at close of Display. 7.30pm- Evening Dinner at the Beverley Arms. Sunday Oct 5th. Morning Service at St Mary’s. Booking Form Reservations. Name…………………………… Address……………………………………………. …………………………………………………….. Telephone Number…………………….. E-Mail Address……………………………………. We have arranged a weekend deal for accommodation at the Beverley Arms Hotel if anyone wishes to stay for Friday/Saturday nights . B&B £70 per double room or Dinner B & B £85 per double room per night. Full English Breakfast will be served. Saturday lunch only - £4 per head. Details of the Evening Dinner menus will be sent on receipt of bookings. To book- please send a deposit of £15 per room or money in full if only meals are required, with your details and requirements to, Brigade Association Secretary (Duane Trevena-Tow). Cheques to be made payable to ‘Brigade Association’. Note. Rob Bolton, Chairman of the Brigade Historical Group, was interviewed by the BBC Radio 4 about the CLB in the First World War on Tuesday 22nd April at 3.00pm the edition was about Making History. For anyone who had the chance to listen to it, your comments will be welcome. We would also welcome articles, letters, comments etc. For inclusion in the next edition of LINK which will be appearing in the Autumn issue of the Brigade Magazine. Send items to: Granville Higson 65 Edinburgh Drive Prenton Wirral CH43 0RJ Email 18

National Brigade Bands’ Competition n Saturday, 17th May 2008 the Brigade’s Bands’ Competition once again took place at Hinckley Leisure Centre, Leicestershire. Bands


from various parts of the country came together in a superb display of the talent of our young members. Whether Novice or Championship category, the standards

were high and the musical entertainment excellent, to the delight of the contingents of supporters who formed the audience. Standards of dress and intricate

St Mary’s marching through Beverley.

marching whilst playing instruments were exceptionally high. Overall Championship Band was St Mary’s Beverley, in their year of Centenary celebrations. Last year the Mayor of Hinckley was unable to stay for the entire day and this year organised his diary so as to be present throughout the event; having enjoyed last year’s Competition so much. We are grateful to the organisers and judges of the Competition, the Bands, individual performers and their leaders for all the hard work undertaken. A full list of the results is contained on page 20 and here’s a picture of St Mary’s Beverley Band, Championship Class winners.

Let’s put things right! n the March 2008 issue of The Brigade, we ran a feature Band of Brothers (and Sisters!). One of the


pictures correctly showed the Championship Class winners of the National Bands’ Competition in

2007 but incorrectly stated who they were! It wasn’t “Beverley Band”, as stated in the caption but St Andrew’s New

St Andrew’s New Earswick performing at this years Brigade Band Competition.


Earswick Company Band. So here’s a photograph of them by way of apology and celebration!!




National Competitions Brigade Band Competition

Novice Class

Championship Class

Best Band (Non-Valve) Best Band (Non-Valve) 1st St Peter’s & 1st St Wilfrid’s Standish St Lawrence’ Tameside 2nd St. Mary’s Hinckley 2nd St Marys’ Barwell

Best Band (Valve) Best Band (Valve) 1st St Mary’s Barwell

1st St Mary’s Beverley 2nd St James’ Darwin

Novice Inspection

Contest 1st St. Peter’s & St Lawrence’ Tameside Best Band (Valve) 1st St. Peter’s Chorley 2nd St Mary’s Barwell

Football/Netball Competitions

Lads’ Five-a-Side Football Group A 1st Manchester B & Beverley 2nd Manchester A 3rd Ulster Group B 1st Chorley & Ribblesdale 2nd Ulster A 3rd Beverley Group C 1st Ulster A 2nd Manchester 3rd New Waltham

Girls’ Five-a-Side Football

Contest and Championship Class Inspection 1st St James’ Brightlingsea 2nd St Peter’s Whetstone

Drum Major 1st St. James’ Darwin

Supreme Championship Band 1st St Mary’s Beverley 2nd St James’ Darwin

Group A 1st Chorley & Ribblesdale 2nd Beverley 3rd Manchester Group B 1st Manchester A 2nd Manchester B 3rd Durham & Manchester Group C 1st Cheltenham 2nd Chorley & Ribblesdale 3rd York

Netball Group A 1st Chorley & Ribblesdale 2nd Beverley 3rd Manchester Group B 1st Manchester A 2nd Manchester B 3rd Durham & Manchester Group C 1st Cheltenham 2nd Durham 3rd Chorley & Ribblesdale We welcome photographs from all our Brigade events at all levels Designed and Published by The Church Lads’ and Church Girls’ Brigade, 2 Barnsley Road, Wath-upon-Dearne, Rotherham, S63 6PY Registered Charity No 276821 Telephone (01709) 876535 - Fax (01709) 878089 - e-mail: - web site: Printed by Dearne Valley Printers, Wath-upon-Dearne, Rotherham

The Brigade Newsletter Issue 48  

The Church Lads' & Church Girls' Brigade Newsletter Issue number 48 (July 2008).