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Trials for in-vivo applications are subject to a degree of secrecy, but Neil McClelland, the UK Project Manager for Nanopool GmbH, describes the results as "stunning". "Items such as stents can be coated, and this will create anti sticking features - catheters , and sutures which are a source of infection, will also cease to be problematic." Promising, but Let's Wait and See I'm still waiting for more tests (real-world and lab) before getting too excited. But if it works as promised, this could be a new super-material like graphene, with multiple applications in tons of different fields. And if it really makes things more durable and reduces or removes the need for strong chemicals to clean something, it could have a pretty significant positive environmental impact. But it could also have unforeseen effects, so let's not rush to put this everywhere. Michael Graham Richard – Science & Technology.

Green Roof Courses Approved for LEED Education Credits The Green Building Certification Institute, established in January 2008, provides third-party project certification and professional credentials in green building performance and practice, including green roof course work.

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities announces its “Green Roof Professional” training courses have been approved as green building education by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED professionals can now use Green Roofs for Healthy Cities training courses to satisfy their credentialing requirements from the Green Building Certification Institute. Hazel Farley, director of training and accreditation for Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, says their courses undergo a third-party review to ensure high-quality green building professional development education. She notes that over the last five years, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities courses have provided continuing education credits for professionals from the American Institute of Architects, the American Society of Landscape Architects and the Roofing Consultants Institute, to name a few. “This additional endorsement serves to further promote the high quality of our training and our accredited Green Roof Professional program in particular,” asserted Farley. Green roof professional accreditation is supported by four professional development courses offered in different locations throughout North America. Winter training will take place in Toronto, Tampa, and New York. Visit for a course and exam calendar.

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