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MARCH 2013

Christ Lutheran Church • Highlands Ranch, CO • Gathering † Gifting † Sending

Legacy and Endowment Scholarships for 2013 Each spring, our Legacy & Endowment Team is charged with the task of selecting and awarding at least one scholarship to a graduating high school senior or a currently enrolled college student studying for an undergraduate degree. The team has started to accept applications now and will continue until April 20th 2013. Please call the church office at 303-791-0803 or go online to to get an application. The student must have a 3.0 grade point average to be considered for the scholarship.

CLC Scrip Gift Cards

Do you have a birthday celebration coming up? Or maybe a spring home improvement project? Please don’t forget that Scrip gift cards are always available for order here at CLC. Our order form includes a large selection of restaurants and stores, and many more are available by checking out We also keep a complete list of available merchants, along with order forms, in the basket by the information wall in the narthex. I’d like to highlight our program through King Soopers. All of the King Soopers gift cards purchased from CLC are reloadable. When we reach $5,000 in reloads in one month, King Soopers sends us a check for 5% of the total reloaded amount. We had over $6,000 in reloads the past 2 months, which translates into $600+ to CLC. You may either reload your card at the Customer Service Center, or simply hand it to the cashier prior to checking out with your groceries. You may put as much, or as little, on the card as you wish, and then swipe the card to pay for the groceries. We currently have approximately 20 families using this program and I’d love to see this number doubled or tripled! Please contact Sallie Burns at if you have any questions about our Scrip gift card program. Thanks so much for your support!

It’s That Time Again!


Spring & Summer Childrens Consignment Sale at Christ Lutheran Church Friday, April 5th from 8am-4pm Half-price sale Saturday, April 6th from 8am-12pm (select items) Pre-sale for new/expectant moms Thursday, April 4th from 6:30-8:30pm Come shop for everything related to babies, children and pregnant moms - gently used clothing (newborn to size 12), shoes, toys, books and videos, maternity clothing, nursery items, strollers, car seats, furniture, outdoor toys, costumes, holiday wear and much, much more! Shop early for the best selection! Visit for more information, and please let friends, family, neighbors and co-workers know! This is a phenomenal sale that benefits our MOPS group, as well as providing an incredible service to the community at large. If you are interested in consigning, registration will open the last week of February. For more information please contact us at or visit our website at

STAFF: Rev. Tom Shelly, Sr. Pastor

Pastor Tom’s Message

Rev. DJ Dent, Associate Pastor Debby Kinsella Dir. Outreach/Equipping Gary Knutson Dir. of Youth & Family Deb Morgans Preschool Director Mary Behnke Administrative Manager Sallie Burns Financial Secretary Judi Best Dir. Traditional Music Linda Holcombe Dir. Contemporary Music Nicholas Koltay Administrative Assistant Carrie Mallery Principal Pianist Larry Scalfari Pianist Barbara Pierson Dir. Nursery Ministry Meliha & Predrag Vajzovic Custodians CHURCH COUNCIL: Mark Yoss Crista Larsen Ken Kroneberger Rick Boyer Julie Waggoner Jody Alexander Alan Buckel Norm Beulke Gary Rasel Nancy Bauer

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“You make known to me the path of life; You will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at Your right hand.”

Psalm 16:11

What preoccupies your time? Attention? Thoughts? As I write it is snowing another few inches on top of last Sunday’s snow storm of at least 12 inches. It is hard to believe that spring is just around the corner! Or should I say, just below the surface? Every year I marvel at the power of nature when life seems to have gone away but again, it is merely sleeping just below what we see. This image of nature and life also reminds me that just beyond nature is the Creator. If we marvel at nature and life, how much more so may we marvel at the Creator of it all? The white blanket of snow covering the landscape is unseeingly watering the roots of grass, trees and flowers. The moisture it brings to the ground also brings life giving water to insects and actually keeps warm those creatures that have dug into the protection of the earth. These are the ways of the Creator that sustains life from season to season, year to year, out in the open and beyond our sight. Soon it will be Easter! Which will be symbolized in flowers and butterflies! Young animals and eggs, all emphasizing life, new life, resurrected life! To a young child this is a surprising joy! A mature faith will tell us we still have a lot of winter left and like spring to get to Easter at the other end we will have to pass through all of Lent and Holy Week. The cross of Christ leads us to Easter Resurrection; we must go through Jesus’ passion in order to get to the Joy of Easter!

An even more mature faith also understands that that Joy of Easter is everywhere and at all times. It is the joy to be found in nearly every aspect of life, the four seasons and the seasons of life. In a recent devotion for our staff meeting we heard about the joy of the simplest things, the joy of a child in a dance of delight, and then asked the question about “what keeps us from such joy?” Don’t let your preoccupations prevent you from missing the Joy of Easter on March 31st and throughout each day and each year! Palm Sunday: March 24th Maundy Thursday: March 28th 7 p.m. Good Friday: March 29th noon and 7p.m. Easter Saturday Celebration March 30th 5 p.m. Easter Sunday Celebration March 31st 6:30, 8, 9:30 & 11a.m.

Dynamite: Exploding for Christ! We loved sharing our February meeting with members of the OWLS group. The kids shared devotion time on the 10 Commandments and then had a friendly competition of Bible Blitz! Everyone had fun playing games and talking with each other. A special thanks to the parents who stayed and cleaned up after dinner! Our next meeting will be March 10 from 5-7pm. A few members of Chicks with Sticks will attend and we will work on completing Peace Pal dolls. These knitted dolls will make their way around the world and will be held in the arms of a child. What an amazing way to share God’s love. Questions: please contact Gary Knutson or Erika Alpern at

Volunteer Spotlight: Jill Staub I volunteer my time to keep myself busy. I've sewn dresses for Uganda, which kept me busy for quite a while as I made 80 dresses, and loved doing it. I also help Gary with set up for confirmation on Wednesdays, and help with the youth group and Lenten dinners to make money for the mission trips. I have been on two and will be going to help again this year. I also like to help out with the Harrington Christmas gifts and at the spring carnival.

MARCH PRESCHOOL NEWS: They often say that March comes in like a lamb and out like a lion... hmmm. We know that this means the weather, and in Colorado one never knows. However, here in the preschool we just look at how blessed we are to have so many lambs in our presence and a lion here and there just adds to the mystery and fun we share every day! We first want to thank everyone who helped us make our Book Fair goal in February. We came in at $2500.00. Given there was a blizzard in the mix we are so glad for those that ventured out. We are so very thankful for the support from our parents and our congregation. In March we will be getting things organized for Easter and be on Spring break the last week of the month. We wish everyone a very happy Easter season and when reflecting on this period of time, remember to keep things simple and enjoy those moments that you will treasure always. Many blessings, Deb and Blair

Pastor DJ’s Message Sometimes you do things just because someone else tells you to. In my case, my calendar is pretty much my unquestionable boss. Every now and then it pops in my head that I have no idea why I am doing something and it just so happened that this year I looked at March 17th and thought, “Why on earth do I celebrate leprechauns and beer and the color green?” Perhaps more importantly, I thought, “Who on earth is Saint Patrick?” First, it’s helpful to note that March 17th is the day that St. Patrick died, which is why the commemoration is held on that day. This is pretty common for the saints and martyrs of the church. Their birth dates are not memorialized but rather the date they “entered the church triumphant” as we say, is the date we remember. It should come as no shock that St. Patrick comes from Ireland sometime in the late fourth century. Around the turn of the fifth century he was captured and made a slave to herd and tend sheep. After about five years he escaped to Britain because of a vision he received from God in his sleep. Soon, he received another dream which called him back to Ireland to serve as a priest and bishop. He spent most of his time as a traveling evangelist until his death in the 460s. He is to this day the patron saint of Ireland because he brought Christianity there. He was a prolific author and had many miracle stories attributed to him as well, most of them having to do with resurrections. There were 33 such stories that surround St. Patrick including bringing a horse back to life as well as a resurrection of his own step-father. Perhaps the most significant thing that St. Patrick was known for, however, was his ability to stand in the midst of pagans who sought to do him harm and come away with the group of people as newly converted Christians. Turning the other cheek proved to be a quite persuasive Gospel message. While medieval celebrations on March 17th celebrated the saint, more modern celebrations have become a celebration of Irish culture (think Oktoberfest except everything is green). You most likely won’t need to head to work on March 17th of this year, but that’s only because it falls on a Sunday. It is helpful to borrow some of the symbols of St. Patrick’s Day when discussing our faith life. For instance, St. Patrick used the clover (the three leaf variety, obviously) to teach the doctrine of the Trinity. So while it has lost some of its religious significance, it can become an opportunity to reflect on God in a few different ways: the Trinity itself, the connection of all peoples into one group (Everyone’s Irish, but we would say everyone is a child of God), or the need for common things to be able to relay the good news to people. Hope you have a happy St. Patrick’s Day, Pastor DJ

Join us for Holy Week & Easter at Christ Lutheran Church Palm Sunday, March 24th Worship: 8:00, 9:30 and 11:00 Breakfast 8:30-11:15 am (Fundraiser for Sr. High Mission Trip)

Maundy Thursday, March 28th Worship 7:00 pm (Celebration of 1st Communion) Crossroads Band

Good Friday, March 29th Worship 12:00 pm 7:00 pm (Musical service of remembrance by Celebration Choir)

Easter Saturday, March 30th Easter Worship: 5:00 pm

Easter Sunday, March 31st 2013 He is Risen!

Easter Worship 6:30 / 8:00 / 9:30 / 11:00 am

Worship Teams for Easter

Do you like to Usher or serve Communion, but not all the time? We could really use your help at any of the four services Easter morning and the Saturday 5:00 service. The times on Easter Sunday are 6:30, 8:00 9:30, and 11:00 am. There are clip boards with sign-up sheets in the Narthex on the wall, or you can sign the response sheet. If you are on a worship team and can help us please pick the service that works best for you.

Worship Team Training: We will have a training for all of you who have signed up to be on a worship team for Easter services. The training will be held in the Youth room on March 24th at 9:00 am ( between 8:00 & 9:30 services). Please sign the response sheet if you are interested.

Placing the flowers on Good Friday

We will be placing the flowers around the Altar after the Good Friday Service. If you can stay an extra 20 minutes to help please sign the response sheet.

Stations of the Cross in the Sanctuary on Good Friday

We will be projecting the Stations of the Cross from 9:00 to 11:30 am and from 1:00 to 6:30 pm on Good Friday. Please just go into the Sanctuary any time during those hours.

Plastic Eggs

We are in need of plastic eggs for our annual Egg Toss. Please bring any donations to Debby in the church office.

Easter Egg Stuffing & Toss

Easter is coming soon and every year we toss plastic Easter eggs with an invitation to Palm Sunday breakfast and listing of our Holy Week services on the lawns of our neighbors and friends that don’t have a church home. Please join us on March 11th at 10:00am to help stuff the eggs. Then, grab a bag of eggs from the Narthex on the weekend of March 16th & 17th and take them with you to toss. This is great fun especially for the kids.

Easter Shuttle

Please don’t forget to ride the shuttle for Easter Sunday. At a time when we worship over 2000 people on a weekend this will insure that our guests have a place to park. The shuttle will run back and forth from the southeast corner of the AMC parking lot across from Outback from 7:10 to 12:30 am Easter Sunday March 31st. This is a fun way to meet others on your way to worship.

Easter Lilies and Plants

Easter Lilies and Easter Flowers may be purchased in memory or honor of someone meaningful in your life. The plants will be $16 each and will decorate our Sanctuary on Easter. We now have envelopes to place your check in located in the Narthex. Fill out the information needed on the front of the envelope and place it in the offering plate or the basket provided in the Narthex. You may also indicate on your check the name of the person and in memory or honor of that individual and place your check in the offering plate.There will also be a place to sign up on the response sheet.

Hanging butterflies for Easter

We will be hanging the butterflies on Sat March 30th at 9:30 am please join us if you can. Please sign the response sheet if you are interested.

Calling All Singers

Celebration Choir would love to have you join in singing for the Easter season. Use the response sheet to indicate your interest or contact Judi Best at for specifics on rehearsal time.

Nursery Volunteers for Easter

We are in need of people to help in the nursery during the 9:30 and 11:00 service on Easter Sunday. If you can help please sign the response sheet.

Refreshments in the Sonrise Room on Easter Sunday

Please join us in the Sonrise room for wonderful fresh baked goodies after services on Easter Morning. If you are interested in supplying baked goods please sign the response sheet.

Volunteers to Clean up the Church after Easter On Tuesday April 2nd we will be cleaning up the church after the big Easter weekend. If you can help us put back chairs, move plants and just do minor clean up please mark the response sheet.

Volunteers Needed to Water the Plants After Easter

We need people to water the plants for 2 weeks after Easter. If you are available please sign the response sheet.

Decorating the church setting up chairs and organizing Easter Flowers

We will be decorating the church and setting up extra chairs in the fellowship hall for the overflow of people for Easter on Wednesday March 27th at 10:00. That same day we will be taking the flowers out of boxes and watering them to be placed after the service on Good Friday. If you can help please sign the response sheet.

Sunday School Happenings

We have many Volunteer needs for the upcoming months. Please consider helping spread Jesus' word.

Help us spread some smiles! CLC Sunday School will be holding a game board drive from Feb 10th-March 31st for Project Sanctuary. (Just a few examples: Spot It, Uno, Monopoly, etc). Doesn’t necessarily need to be a board game.

3 year olds Teacher for April & May, Helper for April & May

Faith Talk at Home: What is Faith Talk at home? After Sunday School be sure to check our facebook page for continuing questions on our Sunday School Lessons. Martin Luther believed that faith is not just for church but also living and learning beginning at home through discussion which will often spur ideas in which to show God’s Love for us. Books of the Bible and Cup Stacking: Our 2nd-6th graders are learning the books of the bible to songs. After we work on this for awhile we will learn CUP STACKING! How cool to go from learning the books of the bible to cup stacking! A special thanks to Jordan Green for assisting in this fun project!

Volunteers Needed:

PreK Teacher: March, April & May, Helper: March, Aril & May Kindergarten Teacher: March 17th Helper March 17, April & May 1st Grade Teacher: March & May, Helper: March & May 2nd Grade Teacher: April, Helper: April & May 3rd Grade Teacher: March, April & May, Helper: April & May 4th Grade Teacher: April & May For an up to date list please email Becky or see our board in the narthex. All materials are provided for you. It truly is a blessing to have everyone helping. This is what makes this Sunday School program work. If you can help in any area please let Becky know at or call/text 303-563-9475.

Happy Birthday Gigi Ceci - Mar 1 Janice Korte - Mar 1 Beth Lindemann - Mar 1 Sara Oscai - Mar 1 Sonja Burns - Mar 2 William Dumler - Mar 2 Grant Wischer - Mar 2 Dana Elkins - Mar 3 Erik Hanson - Mar 3 Lance Malburg - Mar 3 Charlie Newman - Mar 3 Lucille Roinestad - Mar 3 Chad Aaberg - Mar 4 Peyton Freitag - Mar 4 Sara Switzer - Mar 4 Rylie Wieseler - Mar 4 Rick Boyer - Mar 5 Brett Coates - Mar 5 Brooke Larson - Mar 5 Kyle Lutze - Mar 5 Luke Marxhausen - Mar 5 David Pierce - Mar 5 Tracy Pride - Mar 5 Judy Schuman - Mar 5 Pastor DJ Dent - Mar 6 Jordan Hegre - Mar 6

Cynthia Marxhausen - Mar 6 Valerie Smith - Mar 6 Lauren Ashley - Mar 7 Alma Hardegree - Mar 7 Eric Benner - Mar 8 Brittny Dilges - Mar 8 Kennedy Green - Mar 8 Griffinm Lau - Mar 9 Steve Schrader - Mar 9 Morgan Sullivan - Mar 9 Ronny Van Steyn - Mar 9 Tiffany Beffel - Mar 10 Bob Belin - Mar 10 Emily Bolgren - Mar 10 Marion Hillgren - Mar 10 Daley Ornes - Mar 10 Cooper Paul - Mar 10 Morgan (Heinz) Stovall - Mar 10 Kirsten White - Mar 10 Robbie Grant - Mar 11 Brian Kolseth - Mar 11 John Riley - Mar 11 Barry Siel - Mar 11 Kay Stolzenbach - Mar 11 Mark Tronrud - Mar 11 Patrick Voelker - Mar 11

Alexandra Yvars - Mar 11 Kandi Albers - Mar 12 Mike Harner - Mar 12 Renee Burton - Mar 13 Bill Carroll - Mar 13 Aaron Henkes - Mar 13 Linda Klein - Mar 13 Kent Bigelow - Mar 15 Amy Fenton - Mar 15 Matt Sorenson - Mar 15 Catherine Doernbrack - Mar 16 Nathan Gray - Mar 16 Audrey Kleen - Mar 16 Don Zundel - Mar 16 Crista Larsen - Mar 17 Sonja Murphy - Mar 17 Ruth Nelms - Mar 17 Adelyn Oscai - Mar 17 Lana Scarlett - Mar 17 Daniel Tjosvold - Mar 17 Trudy Hunchar - Mar 18 John Mitchell - Mar 18 Brendan Parsa - Mar 18 Kalina Perry - Mar 18 Emma Stanek - Mar 18 Kensie Cembalisty - Mar 19

Gracie Childs - Mar 19 Darcie Reed - Mar 19 Madylin Walker - Mar 19 Addison Bergstrom - Mar 20 Wendi Coates - Mar 20 Austin Cummings - Mar 20 Mason Topp - Mar 20 Gregory Best - Mar 21 James Danyo - Mar 21 Tracy Fellows - Mar 21 Sara Gall - Mar 21 Fay Lukasik - Mar 21 Sara Ziesman - Mar 21 Sarah Davis - Mar 22 Sarah Flynn - Mar 22 Caroline Flynn - Mar 22 Kyle Russell - Mar 22 Ally Williams - Mar 22 Cheryl Burton - Mar 23 Robin Mundell - Mar 23 Jon Rakes - Mar 23 Bobby Reed - Mar 23 Andrew Beffel - Mar 24 Jan Cogburn - Mar 24 Quinn Connolly - Mar 24 Bryan Lichty - Mar 24

Stephanie DeBolt - Mar 25 Ben Tronrud - Mar 25 Martin Brown - Mar 26 Mae Cameron - Mar 26 Helen Knutson - Mar 26 Brian Ozenbaugh - Mar 26 David Kaiser - Mar 27 Tami Kreimeyer - Mar 27 Donna Polodna - Mar 27 Kaley Sandon - Mar 27 Jeramy Staub - Mar 27 Dan Grant - Mar 28 Jason Mundell - Mar 28 Seth Burt - Mar 29 Martha Miller - Mar 29 Liesl Purchase - Mar 29 Eric Young - Mar 29 Steve Best - Mar 30 Colin Brand - Mar 30 Angela Tonelli - Mar 30 Randi Valenti - Mar 30 Nanako Keney - Mar 31 Aiden Macko - Mar 31

Lenten Mentoring Season DATES TO REMEMBER This years theme “GraceBook” Timeline to the cross March 6th Lenten dinner #3- Ball Park night 5:15 to 7 PM March 13th Lenten dinner #4- Chili cook-off contest 5:15 to 7 PM

1st Communion Classes

March 3rd & March 24th 12:15 to 3pm Both classes must be attended with a parent. Lunch will be served. If interested mark the response sheet and you will be registered.

March 20th Lenten dinner #5 Brisket night 5:15 to 7 PM Lenten services follow each meal starting at 7 PM

Our church now has a Confirmation FB page. Please follow us during Lent as we go on a spiritual journey through our intergenerational Mentoring program. The theme packet can be seen there also.







7:30am Book Fair 24 8:00am Worship/CC 9:30am Worship/SS 9:30am Adult Education Class 9:30am BAPTISM - Mena Casa 11:00am Worship/CC 11:00am Jubilation Choir 11:00am Joy Choir Rehearsal 12:00pm Book Fair Clean Up 12:00pm New Member's Class 7:00pm AA Meeting

6:30am Men's Breakfast 25 Group 9:30am Mission Quilters 6:00pm Boy Scouts Venture 7:00pm Boy Scouts

8:30am Preschool 26 11:00am Chapel 11:15am Staff Mtg. 5:00pm Crossroads Band 6:15pm Praise Team Rehearsal 7:00pm BLAZE

8:30am Preschool 27 8:30am Preschool 28 11:00am Chapel 9:00am Adult University Class 2:00pm Chapel 7:00pm Celebration Choir 5:15pm Lenten Dinner/Mexican 5:30pm Carillon Choir 7:00pm Lenten Service/Faith Mentoring

8:30am Preschool 9:00am Rejoice Circle

NAME TAG SUNDAY 3 NEW MEMBERS REC’D 8:00am Worship/CC 9:30am Worship/SS 9:30am Adult Education Class 11:00am Worship/CC 11:00am Jubilation Choir 11:00am Joy Choir Rehearsal 12:15pm 1st Communion Class 4:00pm Pierce-concert 7:00pm AA Meeting

6:30am Men's Breakfast 4 Group 8:30am Preschool 7:00pm Boy Scouts 7:00pm Personnel Committee Mtg.

8:30am Preschool 5 11:00am Chapel 11:15am Staff Mtg. 2:00pm Chapel 4:45pm Daisy Troop Mtg. 5:00pm Crossroads Band 6:15pm Praise Team Rehearsal 7:00pm BLAZE 8:00pm MOPS set up

8:30am Preschool 6 9:00am MOPS Mtg 11:00am Chapel 1:00pm PAT Meeting 2:00pm Chapel 5:15pm Lenten Dinner/Ball Park 5:30pm Carillon Choir 7:00pm Lenten Service/Faith Mentoring

8:30am Preschool 7 9:00am Adult University Class 6:00pm Cub Scout Mtg. 7:00pm Celebration Choir

8:30am Preschool 8 12:00pm OWLS Luncheon 6:00pm Parent's Night Out

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS 10 8:00am Worship/CC 9:30 Worship/SS 9:30am Adult Education Class 11:00am Worship/CC 11:00am Jubilation Choir 11:00am Joy Choir Rehearsal 11:00am Easter Bags stuffing 12:00pm Irish Dance 5:00pm Dynamite 7:00pm AA Meeting

6:30am Men's Breakfast 11 Group 8:30am Preschool 9:30am Mission Quilters 10:00am Stuff easter eggs 6:00pm Boy Scouts Venture 7:00pm Boy Scouts 7:00pm Legacy & Endowment Mtg.

8:00am Staff Meeting 12 8:30am Preschool 10:15am Storyteller 11:15am Staff Mtg. 2:00pm Storyteller 5:00pm Crossroads Band 6:15pm Praise Team Rehearsal 7:00pm BLAZE 7:00pm Council Mtg.

8:30am Preschool 13 10:00am MOPS Steering 10:15am Storyteller 2:00pm Storyteller 5:15pm Lenten Dinner/Chili 5:30pm Carillon Choir 7:00pm Lenten Service/Faith Mentoring

8:30am Preschool 14 8:30am Preschool 9:00am Adult University Class 9:00am Rejoice Circle 9:30am MOPS mtg. 7:00pm Celebration Choir

Egg Toss 17 8:00am Worship/CC 9:30 Worship/SS 9:30am Adult Education Class 11:00am Worship/CC 11:00am Jubilation Choir 11:00am Joy Choir Rehearsal 7:00pm AA Meeting

6:30am Men's Breakfast Group 8:30am Preschool 7:00pm Boy Scouts 7:00pm Card Making

PALM SUNDAY 24 8:00am Worship/CC 8:30am Palm Sunday Breakfast 9:00am Worship Team Training 9:30 Worship/SS 9:30am Adult Education Class 11:00am Worship/CC 11:00am Jubilation Choir 11:00am Joy Choir Rehearsal 12:15pm 1st Communion Class 7:00pm AA Meeting

Preschool Spring Break 25 6:30am Men's Breakfast Group 9:30am Mission Quilters 6:00pm Boy Scouts Venture 7:00pm Boy Scouts

EASTER SUNDAY 31 6:30am Sunrise Service 8:00am Easter Worship 9:30am Adult Education Class 9:30am Easter Worship 11:00am Easter Worship 7:00pm AA Meeting

18 8:30am Preschool

19 8:30am Preschool

11:00am Chapel 11:15am Staff Mtg. 1:00pm Visiting Nurse Assoc. 2:00pm Chapel 5:00pm Crossroads Band 6:15pm Praise Team Rehearsal 7:00pm BLAZE 8:00pm MOPS set up

20 8:30am Preschool

9:00am MOPS Mtg 11:00am Chapel 2:00pm Chapel 5:15pm Lenten Dinner/Brisket 5:30pm Carillon Choir 7:00pm Lenten Service/ Faith Mentoring

1:15am Staff Mtg. 26 10:00am Overflow set-up 27 5:00pm Crossroads Band 5:30pm Carillon Choir 6:15pm Praise Team Rehearsal 7:00pm Celebration Choir 7:00pm BLAZE

21 8:30am Preschool

9:00am Adult University Class 7:00pm Celebration Choir



NEW MEMBERS REC’D 9:00am Chicks w/Sticks 5:00pm Worship/CC


5:00pm Worship/CC


15 Egg Toss


22 7:00am General


5:00pm Worship/CC

MAUNDY THURSDAY 28 GOOD FRIDAY 29 9:00am Adult University 12:00pm Noon Service Class 7:00pm Good Friday Service/ 7:00pm Maundy Service/ Choir 1st Communion Celebration

Maintenance 5:00pm Worship/CC

5:00pm Worship/CC


Followers of Jesus Christ

8997 S. Broadway Highlands Ranch, CO 80129 Change Service Requested

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March 2013 CLC Crossword Newsletter  

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March 2013 CLC Crossword Newsletter  

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