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Traditional Mexican drinks to complement your meal

Because many of the dishes which Mexican restaurants such as El Camion serve are hot and spicy, most people don’t think of washing down their meals with anything but water, or perhaps a cold beer. However, there are plenty of delicious hot and cold Mexican drinks which complement traditional dishes perfectly.

Horchata is a sweet and spicy drink which dates back centuries, and was originally el camion made using ground nuts. Now it is typically prepared using cinnamon, sugar, almonds, milk and rice. Although the drink is sometimes served hot, the milk in it makes it perfect for when you’re eating a spicy Mexican meal in a restaurant, as this ingredient has cooling properties. Horchata is also often consumed on its own as an after dinner dessert-drink.

Tequila is a traditional Mexican spirit which when distilled correctly, can taste incredible. It is best served as an after dinner drink to sip on, as it does not work well with the typical chilli laden dishes found in Mexican restaurants. This drink is made using the agave plant and has been a favourite drink in Mexico for many centuries; it was commonly consumed by the Aztecs as part of their ceremonies. In the same way that real Champagne can only be found in the Champagne region of France, authentic Mexican tequila can only be found in the Tequila region of Jalisco in Mexico.

For those who prefer a less intoxicating, and more refreshing beverage when dining out at El Camion, Aguas Frescas is a deliciously cooling drink. It is similar to lemonade, as it is prepared usi ng a blend of fresh fruit, sugar and water, however Mexicans usually use whatever fruit is in season at the time. The

most commonly used fruits include lime, papayas, mangos and tamarinds. The taste of this drink is light and sweet; the perfect accompaniment for spicy meals.

Atole (pronounced ah-tol-ay) is an ancient Mexican drink recipe. Drinking something which is made with a base of corn flour might sound strange at first, however those with an adventurous palate will be glad they tried this delicious drink. Atole is warm and comforting, akin to hot chocolate and its name is derived from the language of the Aztecs. It is made using a Mexican corn flour dough called masa harina, along with vanilla, cinnamon, ‘piloncillo’ (a hot sugarcane syrup) and water. The consistency of this drink will vary from restaurant to restaurant, with some serving it thin and watery, and others serving it as thick as porridge. It tastes particularly good when consumed with a Mexican sweet bread like pan de huevo, on a cold winter’s day. Some restaurants such as El Camion also serve a chocolate version of Atole, known as champurrado; this is prepared using bitter Mexican chocolate and a sprinkling of anise seeds.

Traditional Mexican drinks to complement your mealsh  

Because many of the dishes which Mexican restaurants such as El Camion serve are hot and spicy, most people don’t think of washing down thei...

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