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2016 Semiannual Meeting

In October of 2016 Clayton County Parks and Recreation was recognized at the National Parks & Recreation Conference as being a Nationally Accredited Agency. Great job to everyone for their hard work in making this a great place to live, work and play. Your dedication to your job makes a difference in the lives of others. Thank you for all that you do throughout the year.

EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR Bruce Tilly This individual’s desire to serve his community is something special. Not a soul in this facility does not know him. Over the years he has developed a relationship with constituents that is genuine. He treats the recreation center as his own, and has made it home. The integrity of our facility would be nothing without his assistance. His work performance never diminishes despite any circumstance. Nor has he complained about the lack of help or assistance. His work is impeccable and never needs validation. He has made a difference in this facility, this department, and in the lives of others.

Employee Recognition

Juanita Brawner Gerson Blanc Shaneria Crudup

Paul Smith Desmond Troutman Clarence Mack Rashida Robinson

Earnest Jones

Clyde Wright Roy Fluker

Floyd Henderson Bruce Tilley

Synta Barnard Chris Turner

Prestini Ambles

(Not Pictured) Phillip Lewis Juan Muhamm Yvette Smith Millie Martine

Michael Jackson Delano Boone

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Volunteer of the Year Angel Pittman

ation 2016 Semiannual Meeting

Star Fish John Monday

Excellent Se Petura T

Clayton County Parks & Recrea

ervice Tate

Director’s Award Ahmed Johnson

ation 2016 Semiannual Meeting

Clayton County Parks & Recrea

ation 2016 Semiannual Meeting

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Clayton County Parks & Recreat

or a great year!

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Yvett Park

Reynolds Nature Preserve continues to grow its relationship with the Atlanta Audubon Society. Master Birder and Reynolds Board member, Anne McCallum, lead a birdwatching hike with RNP regulars, Ricky and Rachel Bowman. Birding in winter months allows greater visibility as the Majority of trees are leafless. Check for upcoming hikes!


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Javier Woods

Program Coordinator Virginia Burton Gray Recreation Center

Mr. Woods started as a Program Coordinator at Virginia Burton Gray in February of 2016, after working as a Gym Coordinator for two years at Carl Rhodenizer Recreation Center. Javier, who goes by “Jay”, is originally from East Point where he played basketball and frequented his local Recreation Center. As a kid Jay fell in love with Recreation and went on to pursue a degree in Health, Physical Education and Recreation. One interesting fact about Jay is has had dreadlocks for nine years and hasn’t had a haircut in over ten years. Jay lives by the quote “Everything happens for a reason” and that reason has lead him to Clayton County Parks and Recreation.

Kandice Daniels

Therapeutic Coordinator Carl Rhodenizer Recreation Center

Hailing from Louisiana Kandice Daniels is adding her flavor to Clayton County as the new Therapeutic Coordinator at Carl Rhodenizer. Kandice has worked with the Special Needs children and adults for over ten years, she has a Bachelors Degree in Therapeutic Recreation and a Masters in Public Administration. Kandice enjoys interacting with the public and creating exciting programs for the Special Needs population. Kandice is approaching one year of being with the county and what better way to celebrate then to host the First Annual Mardi Gras party for Special Needs children and adults. One interesting fact about Kandice is she loves to bake. Kandice lives by Psalm 46:5 God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day.

2017 february parks & recreation employee news letter  
2017 february parks & recreation employee news letter