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Volume 1• Issue 10

Contents The Jazz Man Eric Darius


by Robert Garofallou & Paul Pelak

Traveling Gun Show Have Gun Will Travel


by Tiffany Razzano

Breaking the Mold Brokenmold


by Tiffany Razzano

Rock N’ Roll wear 42 In the studio at IADT with Paul Pelak for rockin’ shoot Suite Music Suite Caroline


by David Norrie

The Legendary Jams of Mighty Mongo 56 Mighty Mongo by Meagan & Travis Bailey

Life on a String Jeffrey Mutler


by David Norrie

Turning the Tables Tony Faline


by David Norrie

Jannus Live(s) Jannus Live


by Tiffany Razzano

Miss Independents Lisa Casalino & Hana-Li









The “A” List Done the B Way 10 Icon B’s Hot list of the most interesting trends



by Brandi Kamenar

Elite Traveler When Travel Sounds Good


by Tammy Levent

Burning Questions La Loca Launa Katie Sommers

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Rock N’ Roll make-over 24 Ron Diaz gets a dose of style courtesy of Foster Fox Fashion Forward The Way of Shoes


by Ro Martinez

Adam vs. Eve 50 Did estrogen kill the radio star? Millionaire’s Minute 58 Gold still Golden for investors by James Cordier, Michael Gross

Hidden Star Sakana by Ian Beckles




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by Brandi Kamenar, Icon B. Marketing & Publicity Group



If you enjoy reading daily status updates on friends and family via the largest social media network in the world, Facebook, then you should check out the budding open competitor to the giant, Diaspora that launched on September 15th. The word “Diaspora” comes from the Greek word meaning “a scattering of seeds”, a movement or migration of a group of people. This can possibly describe the emerging social network that will put users in charge of their own data or as Diaspora phrases it, “a privacy-aware, personally controlled, do-it-all open source social network” that will compete with the often confusing privacy policy of Crackbook…we mean to say, Facebook. It all started when four New York University students got fed up with Facebook’s confidentiality guidelines of how its user’s data was being exploited to others and to advertisers. The team originally asked for $10,000 for a start-up, but a number of unhappy Facebook users donated over $200,000 to the project (rumored to include Facebook co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg). Although the site has officially “launched” and developers are not sure when the entire site will be available to the public, the founders state, “We are spending a good chunk of time concentrating on building clear, contextual sharing. That means an intuitive way for users to decide what content goes to their coworkers and what goes to their drinking buddies.” So although you may still read status updates on Diaspora about Sam going to the doctor for his bowel movement problem or why Betty’s cat won’t eat, at least you will have the proper privacy to do so

You know that self-conscious feeling you sometimes get when you walk by a group of people and they start cracking up, and paranoia creeps in and you think that for some reason, they’re laughing at you when they really are not? Well, in case they really ARE, there’s a new pair of shades that will be able to tell you. The BabelFisk Speech To Text Translator, designed by Mads Hindhede, is a pair of glasses that automatically translates speech to text and projects it onto the lens of the glasses for only your pretty little eyes to see. Oh, and did we mention it can convert it into any language you want? So yes, not only can you hear if that cute girl at the Starbucks is telling her friends she’s newly single, but also what the gorgeous foreign guy is talking about on the phone to your left. How does it work? The miniscule microphones on each side of the glasses pick up the “word sounds”; filter out the non-words (noise); run it through the speech to text translators…and voilà, the text appears on your lenses! And, you don’t always have to use it for spying…you can bring them with you to meetings, lectures, classes and it saves the information for you on a flash memory in both audio AND text form! So basically, when I get them, I’ll have a great excuse as to why, besides for being nosy…

MORBID BY DESIGN Haute couture fashion can be a little kooky. It’s hard to look at some of the looks that go down the runway and say “I would totally wear that!” But this summer’s catwalks in Paris have gone to the dark side…well, the downright deadly side, that is. Popular fashion houses, like Jean Paul Gaultier and Givenchy, designed pieces that looked more Halloween costume than French couture. Jean Paul Gaultier had burlesque star Dita Von Teese strutting down the runway, stripping off layers of clothing until she was in nothing but a nude-colored bustier with sequined bones mapping out her skeleton. At the show for Givenchy, designer Riccardo Tisci was inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead, sending models down in lace and rhinestone bodysuits that mapped out the bones of the human body. If you think that’s “unique,” wait until you hear about the Julien Fournie show! This French designer featured models with charcoalsmudged faces, Swarovski crystal bloodstains and torture scenes playing out on the dresses. Oh, did we mention that these models walked with their palms forward and frozen stares like walking zombies? Gotta love couture.

DOG DAYS OF DISNEY Humans aren’t the only ones who can experience the magic of Disney anymore. Yep… Disney is going to the dogs. The Best Friends Pet Resort just opened at Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, offering an oasis for your pets. And this isn’t your local Motel 6. The Best Friends Pet Resort offers 50,000 square feet of space with room for 270 dogs, 30 cats and other animals, like birds, pigs and hamsters. Standard boarding for dogs is about $37 nightly, but if you want to splurge for your pooch, you can get services like play groups, bedtime stories and upgraded suites with outdoor patios, flat-screen TVs for dog-related Disney movies and pet concierges. There’s a water park, outdoor runs, walking trails and space for Frisbee. That’s enough to make even Pluto jealous.

OCTOPUS ON ICE Although the summer heatwave in Although the summer heatwave in Japan has been brutal, the innovative Japanese didn’t sweat it. Instead of complaining about the heat, they went to the aquarium. The “Kori no Suizokukan” is located in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture and features around 450 specimens of about 80 species of marine wildlife, all captured at a nearby sea port. Those who visit this cool, figuratively and literally, aquarium, view a variety of fish, crabs and octopus that are preserved

11 by using flash freezing technology which keeps them from looking like bait. But the medley of icy organisms doesn’t stop there. They’ve also thrown into the mix of frozen nautical creatures, everyday objects such as action figures, bottles of sake and flowers embedded into blocks of ice. Although this is a stealthy way to see underwater life, visitors can only spend a few minutes inside the aquarium by wearing special suits so they keep from becoming exhibits themselves, where temperatures can reach – 4 degrees Fahrenheit. Since it’s so hot in Tampa, maybe we should open a frozen aquarium where we can preserve local favorites such as daiquiris, Mons Venus dancers, palm trees, and Buccaneer jerseys.

A STEP TOWARDS THE FUTURE Picture this…you walk into Steve Madden and you are escorted to a chair with some hi-tech equipment where they scan your foot. Then you choose a design, push a button and your shoes arrive promptly at your feet via laundry chute tube-like contraption. Sounds absolutely divine to us! And that is the ultimate goal of designers like Ten Bhomer, Naim Josefi and Souzan Youssouf, who are using rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing technology to completely recreate the term “fashion forward” when it comes to shoes. If you’re asking yourself, uh and that is? Let me give you a quick vocabulary lesson. Rapid Prototyping is the automatic construction of physical objects using Additive Manufacturing Technology. AMT takes virtual designs from computer aided design (CAD) or animation modeling software, transforms them into thin, virtual, horizontal crosssections and then creates successive layers until the model is complete. Are you taking notes? Designers say it is still pretty expensive (making the items expensive), but Ten Bhomer is currently working on a fully rapid prototyped shoe made of two materials that will be launched at the end of the year in the new Design Museum in Holon, Israel. Oh, and the coolest thing about these “Jetsons” like manufactured shoes, is that they are WAY green and would majorly improve sustainability. If material combinations to make the shoes can be separated in the same way they are created, then shoes could later be returned and taken apart to become another, different, pair. So…endless Louboutins?

WHIS-PEE The Gilpin Family has a secret ingredient for their whisky. Care to take a guess what makes this unique whisky both good for diabetics and a creative money making ploy? Urine. Sugar heavy urine is the key element, but a good thing it’s not the only, element, in Gilpin Whisky. As the website explains, “with a prevalent genetic weakness being exposed in the northern hemisphere leading to a sharp rise in type two diabetes, economists have found a new exportable commodity.” Ah, yes, capitalizing on one’s urine…that’s the way of the world in this economy. London designer and researcher James Gilpin has a specific interest in health care and uses both products and services as a way to “discuss issues of socioeconomic and cultural importance” and of course, to make some moolah from diabetics, perhaps. Gilpin more or less “recycles” pee to create a high-end single malt whisky by purifying and distilling it…but pee, dear friends, is still pee. If you are a type two diabetic and find yourself in a pinch for income and at the same time want to shed some light on the diabetic problem, maybe you should contact Mr. Gilpin for a win-win partnership.

UGLY IS THE NEW PRETTY We may have gotten one up on Lady Gaga, people. Introducing the “Terrifying Beauty” facial jewelry designed by Burcu Buyukunal. Copper pieces that wrap around the face, pouting lips into an ugly frown and jutting cheeks out to spill over cheekbones MAY just be the next hottest thing. Buyukanil explained— when prompted for her inspiration and muse behind this innovative and borderline freaky way to decorate your face—that she focused on the trends of cosmetic surgery, which she states often impose the conception of Western beauty and challenge the function of jewelry as adornment. Creating four pieces to distort the face in an unlikely way and contradicting the purpose of traditional jewelry in its entirety, she wants the pieces to inspire questioning and suggest something “unusual and extreme.” Well, I think it’s safe to say that she accomplished her goals, and while we are still on the fence about purchasing these, if I do see Lady Gaga sporting one of these in the near future…then I may be all over it!

THAT’S FUNNY Forget about the physical and mental disciplines of traditional yoga. Why put yourself through poses like the Lotus, the Dolphin Plank and the Anantasana to find your inner Zen, when you can just laugh your way through it? Laughter Yoga is aimed to keep people healthier through laughter. No matter if your dog got hit by a car, you lost your job, your wife left you for your best friend or your teenager admits to having a drug problem, Laughter Yoga is a body-mind approach to fighting off various diseases. This yoga relies on the premise that your body can and knows how to laugh, regardless of what your mind has to say about it. Those who practice this unusual form of exercise don’t need a reason to laugh, but for it to work, practitioners must laugh wholeheartedly for long periods of time, like 30 to 60 minutes. Perhaps laughing for that long is not as easy as it sounds, but already in Asia, Laughter Yoga is a popular practice used in prisons around the Philippines and used by Indian policemen. Now, if there is anyone who needs a good laugh, it’s in these countries and it is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. So put down that yoga mat, gather your friends and laugh your butt off for the sake of your mind and body.

HAUTE HOSPITAL COUTURE If you go to designer Diane von Furstenberg’s website right now, she’s featuring her wrap dress for fall. If you go to the Cleveland Clinic, she’s featuring her wrap dress for patients. Yes, you read that right. Von Furstenberg teamed up with the Cleveland Clinic to create a hip hospital gown without the embarrassing open back. The design is a wrap dress with a graphic print and the clinic’s logo printed on the fabric. It has side ties to avoid the HELLO! backside view and lightweight fabric to keep the patients from getting too warm. Most patients like the new design, but some men have complained about its femininity, so the designer is trying to come up with a more masculine print. Try wrapping your brain around that.


Photos by Jim Burkett

On Sept. 16, What’s Hot Tampa Bay hosted our Fall Fashion Fundraiser benefiting the families of fallen officers Curtis & Kocab at the Don Vicente De Ybor Historic Inn. It was an evening of fashion, food, music and fun as more than 300 attendees celebrated the arrival of fall weather and attire. Music was provided by DJs Jamie Ferreira, Sandman and Coz. Keel & Curley winery, Sabor a Cuba Cigars, Moe’s, Monstah Lobstah, Z Grille and Don Vicente Catering all provided the culinary fare to top off the perfect celebration of fall.




or some, music is something you listen to in the car, at a concert, or on your iPod. But for others, music is an experience that takes you over. It’s the people, the outfits, the blazing guitars, the pounding beats, and the energy of the crowd that washes over you in waves of sound. But you don’t have to wait for the next concert tour to come to you – you can go to the music. As CEO of Elite Travel, I can get music lovers behind the scenes, on the red carpet, and in to the hottest parties and coolest clubs of the music industry.

BR COHN MUSIC FESTIVAL, SONOMA October 8th – 11th, 2010 If you missed Woodstock, you’re in luck, because the BR Cohn Fall Music Festival brings back the spirit of that great party in the vineyard-covered hills of Sonoma, California. The Doobie Brothers traditionally headline the event since B.R. Cohn is their manager, but this year’s two-day show also features Cheap Trick, Eddie Money, and Lara Johnston, along with many others. You never know who is going to show up. When I went last year, I found myself having dinner with Journey. The party is casual; most people sit on blankets in the grass in front of the stage, drink wine, and eat at the gourmet food carts catering the event. But to experience the music and the musicians, spring for the $325 VIP tickets. The VIP tickets get you backstage and come with food and unlimited beverage service, but more than that, VIP is a totally different experience and well worth the extra money. To start the weekend off right, plan to attend the charity auction dinner on Friday, October 8th, prepared this year by award-winning chef Bradley Ogden. Over the years, Cohn has raised more than five million dollars for a wide range of charities, so you can feel good about contributing to a good cause while chatting up the rock star sitting next to you. Tickets are on sale through the BR Cohn winery website and through Ticketmaster. Nearby Hotel: Fairmont Sonoma Valley Inn and Spa, (707) 938-9000, from $299

AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS November 21st, 2010 The American Music Awards is one of the largest live performance awards shows in the country, featuring over 20 performances from the most in-demand artists, and it happens in Los Angeles every November. Unlike the Grammys, which are awarded based on votes from members of the entertainment industry, the American Music Awards nominees are chosen by music buyers, which means that the stars you most want to see will be there. And, for a price, you can walk the red carpet along with them. VIP packages are available on a few different levels, but forget about the ones that just come with orchestra seats and a “collectible laminate” – whatever that is. The real fun begins with the $500 package, which includes your Orchestra seat ticket, a VIP Pre-party pass, a Limo pass, and a Red Carpet Viewing Area Pass. For $1500, you can get even better seats, go to the VIP After-party, a rehearsal, and get into the VIP Red Carpet Hospitality Lounge. For $1750, you’ll be so close to the stage that you’ll be able to see Lady Gaga’s makeup melting under the lights. If you’d like to attend an after-party not included in the pre-arranged VIP package, talk to an Elite Travel agent. Nearby Hotels: Millennium Biltmore, (800) 245-8673, from $202/night. The Standard, Downtown LA, (213) 892-8080, from $255/night.




While the BR Cohn Fall Music Festival and the American Music Awards only happen once a year, Nashville is always there. The area around Broadway and 2nd Avenue is lined with Honky Tonks, where cowboy hats are almost required dress. It’s a part of town made for tourists looking for the country music experience, but there is a lot more to “Music City” than country. Nashville is packed with up-and-coming artists in all genres of music. These places are where the locals go to find them. The Exit In is one of the older venues in Nashville and has played host to some of the most famous bands in the world. Now, it features mostly Indy and underground bands, and the occasional act on its way up the charts. It may not look like much, but it is a Nashville staple. The BlueBird Café is a world-renowned open mic café. Some of the greatest songwriters perform here, and the audience is expected to be quiet and courteous during the sets. It’s a good idea to make a reservation, since the venue fills up quickly. Downstairs from Grimey’s New and Preloved Music Store (treasured for its collection of vinyl records) is The Basement. Even though it looks and feels like a basement, this is one of the best places to scope out the local hard rock music scene, and you never know when a nostalgic Metallica member might show up. Nearby Hotel: Hotel Indigo West End, (615) 329-4200, from $120



LA LOCA (Sharon Montero)


6pm-9pm Who is your favorite artist? Common What 3 songs/artists never leave your iPod? Jay-Z, India Arie, and Aventura When you were 10, what did you want to be? I wanted to be WWF Macho Man’s wife Elizabeth, because I wanted him to pick me up and put me on his shoulder after a win. Then I woke up and turned on Hot 97 & decided to talk smack for a living, and get paid for it. What is the best invention/product of the last decade? OMG Spanks, those bad boys cover up all my rolls and dimples, so I too can have a J. Lo, Kim Kardashian, hell—any sexy bitch’s body… until I rip it off and BAM look like Precious! (shout out to her!)

Photo by: Paul Pelak

What’s the best kept secret in Tampa? Me! Kiddding, the Cypher @ Crow Bar every Wednesday. night. Every rapper & singer there is Tampa’s best kept secret. Shout out to Aych! Give us a quote from your favorite movie: From the CLASSIC movie Snatch (I LOVE THAT MOVIE! LOVE IT!): Avi: Should I call you Bullet? Tooth? Bullet Tooth Tony: You can call me Susan if it makes you happy. What was your favorite TV show as a kid? The A-Team. I pity the fool! What was your proudest moment? When I learned to use the potty! Didn’t have to use diapers anymore at the age of 12! LOL. J/K. On the real, it was when I was a VJ for a day on MTV. I felt like I made it.



Launa From

Catfish Morning Show 5am - 10am Who is your favorite artist? Kenny Chesney and Lady Antebellum Who is your idol? My mom, for teaching me how to be a good person What group or clique were you most affiliated with in high school? Not sure I fit in just one.…I was a good student, yet, quite the partier, lettered in gymnastics, captain of the cheerleading team, but went to Motley Crue and Metallica concerts and was a volunteer at church…so…think I was a little lost. What’s the best kept secret in Tampa? Picnic Beach Dog Park Give us a quote from your favorite movie: “Hi, Peter. What’s happening? We need to talk about your TPS reports….Did you get the memo?” from Office Space

Photo by: Paul Pelak

What’s the one piece of clothing you own that your spouse would love to throw away? My collection of Rick Springfield Concert T-Shirts If you could bring back one trend or object from the 1970s or ’80s, what would it be? Big Permed Hair! What was your most embarrassing moment? Oh…I’ve said some pretty dumb things on the air…it happens at least once a week. What 3 artists never leave your iPod? Duran Duran, Britney Spears and Candlebox In terms of your personality, are you a lead singer, member of the band, backup dancer or tour manager? Tour Manager



Katie Sommers From

Weekdays 10am-1pm and Rewind Sundays (every Sunday, all old school mixes) 10am-1pm Who is your favorite artist? I have been a devoted Ben Folds fan since 6th grade. I have to give him props for this question. Who is your idol? My mama...she’s my homegirl. Other than a politician, who (person) do you think would make the best president? Tim Gunn. He’s fabulous, intelligent and I like it when he uses old-timey words. What’s the best kept secret in Tampa? Fit for Fashion!! Technically it’s in St Pete, but whatever. My girl Bekah does an AMAZING bootcamp class there. No joke, my arms have never looked better. What was your proudest moment? Getting my job at FLZ! I love it long time.

Photo by: Paul Pelak

If you could bring back one trend or object from the 1970s or ’80s, what would it be? Dunk-a-roos. Those were tasty. What was your most embarrassing moment? I was broadcasting outside (this is when I was still in WI doing radio) and it was so cold, my mouth was frozen...instead of saying “annual” I kept saying “anal” but could barely move my mouth to properly pronounce it. Yeah, that sucked. What 3 songs/artists never leave your iPod? Black Eyed Peas, Kanye & Pitbull. If Tampa had its own coin, whose face would you put on it? Napoleon, my chihuahua. He’s quite handsome, you know.



by: Foster Fox



T-shirt: Trumpet Man by Black & Denim (Tampa-based designers) $34 Denim: Tom by 1921 Jeans - $154 Shoes: Tycho by Tsubo $129 Belt: Fleur de Lys by Tobacco Road $67

715 S. Howard Ave. #130 • (813) 251-5522

Photos by: Paul Pelak

Clothing provided by:

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Eric Darius

Local jazz sensation, , answered some questions during a recent photo shoot at the DTG Hasselblad Studios at the International Academy of Design & Technology in Tampa. . Interview Questions: Robert Garofallou & Paul Pelak photos by Romeo Duncombe Clark

How long have you been playing music and where did it start? I’ve lived in Tampa since the age of three; my

mom and dad have always been musicians and

I grew up listening to jazz in my house. I

started with the saxophone in

church at the age of nine and the age of ten I was given a saxophone for a birthday

gift and began playing in church. By age eleven I was chosen to be in “Sunny LaRosa and America’s Youngest Jazz Band” which toured the country, including the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival in 1993.



Eric Darius When did things really start happening? I attended Blake High School; my very first independent release was in 2004 for Higher Octave Music when they released “Cruisin” when I was just seventeen and had my first national release. But it was not easy; I would spend 4-5 hours a day practicing while my friends were out playing; it took a lot of sacrifice to get to this level. I remember how I felt when I did not make the final cut for Julliard school; it just made me work all the harder. Perseverance. Patience. Practice. I would not be here if it were not for that hard work because the music business is tough. What happened after Blake High School? I then attended USF majoring in business; I knew that if I wanted to make it, I had to apply my business knowledge to the music business. I had about two years into the degree when “A Night on the Town” came out and I had to decide to stay at USF or leave to support my new album; I decided to play my music. How important has your family been over the years? My family has been my biggest fans and my source of inspiration; my dad was my manager from age ten to just three years ago. I could not have done any of this without their support. Do you have any memories about Tampa that stick out in your mind? I would have to say my very first release party in Tampa; it really hit home that all my hard work was beginning to start me on my journey. I played in bars, weddings, parties, restaurants...wherever I could play; and after playing and writing music all those years this release party outside in a tent in Tampa really sticks out to me as a moment. So now that you are a full time touring musician; can you list some of what you have accomplished over the years? What about collaborations; have you given your touch to any other professionals on their albums? After 2004 “Night on the Town” I had “Just Getting’ Started” in 2006 and “Goin’ All Out” and the Smooth Jazz Debut Artist of the Year Award . Right after this interview I am going to Japan to do eight shows in four days to support my new album, “On a Mission”; pretty cool, huh? As far as collaborations, over the years I have worked with Prince, Babyface, Bobby McKnight, George Benson are a few.



What inspires you when you write? For “Cruisin”, I imagined what it would feel like to drive around in my car, windows down, breeze blowing, driving through life. Most of my inspiration comes from living life, the sounds, the feelings, just the experiences I see and hear around me all become pieces of my music.

So, was there any particular event when you were taken aback and said to yourself that you and made it big? Well, I was in Indonesia at the Jakarta Jazz Festival when a swarm of Indonesians surrounded me and were going crazy because they were such great fans of my music. It was humbling to think that my music was making such a difference in these people’s lives on the other side of the world; it was a really rewarding experience.

Can you tell us a little about your creative process?

My music is like a soundtrack for my life; the good and the bad. It comes to me any time of the day or night as a reflection of my experiences and I first capture it on my iPhone; then I work out and refine it on whatever instrument that I feel suits the sound the best. I then go to Pro Tools (Bob was wearing his official Pro Tools shirt during the interview‌ what a coincidence)

and the very last thing I do is to play it on my saxophone. You can read more about Eric Darius to find out about his music and tour dates at . Paul Pelak is a Tampa based educator, photographer and writer; Robert Garofallou also writes and is a musician while acting as the Chair of the Audio Production Department at the International Academy of Design & Technology in Tampa.



Leggings Offer Both Comfort and Style by: Ro Martinez


f something has been pushed to the back of your closet, take it out and put it on. Do you feel comfortable in it? Perhaps it’s pulling in certain areas, not allowing you freedom or ease of movement. Make sure the garment is your correct size then compare it to a similar garment that fits well. Determine the difference between the two. These steps will help you become familiar with designers, manufacturers, garment construction, fabric quality and the variations in measurements that can have a negative effect on the overall fit.

-Modeling at Any Age (Seaside Publishing) ©2008 Ro Martinez


f you shied away from wearing leggings because they were fitted or because you felt they were revealing, think again. This fashion staple started out during the renaissance and Shakespearean periods (15th-17th centuries), worn primarily by men. During the 1980’s leggings gained popularity as workout attire and were worn by those with good physiques. Today most everyone owns a pair of black leggings or skinny jeans because they are easy to wear and comfortable. They lycra in the material is what allows us the comfort to move and bend with ease. Leggings are one of those fashion staples that will permit you to go from the gym to the office with a quick addition of a tunic length top, sweater, or jacket. By wearing tunic-length tops you cover what most women consider problem areas. Keeping your leggings a neutral color (black, brown, or charcoal grey) will make it easy for you to wear them with everything. Leggings offer versatility and will fit most body types; petite, tall, thin, and plus-size. Knowing what to wear with them is most important. Worn under longer length tops that cover your bottom and shorter dresses, leggings offer support (comparable to support hosiery) while making a fashion statement.

Let’s break down body types even further: • APPLE – Fullness in the middle means you don’t want to tuck anything in. Leggings are meant to be worn under tops and not have anything tucked in because of the elastic or stretch band. Avoid belting as it will draw the eye to your waist. You would look best in flat front bottoms that will not add additional fullness. Wearing a monochromatic color scheme such as black with a bright jacket will give you a longer appearance, camouflaging a full tummy. The same color top and bottom will not cut you off visually at the middle. • BOY SHAPE – A body similar to that of a fashion model with fewer curves and almost no hips allows you the freedom to be fun and creative. Team up your leggings with a pleated mini skirt and cropped jacket. The use of banded tops can give the illusion of a more curvaceous figure. • PEAR – Fullness in the thigh, hip and bottom means you want to avoid banded tops or tops with elastic bottoms. Any style top that stops at the full area will draw attention to it. A-line styles with shearing under the bust will skim the hip area rather than stretch over it. Tops with detail around the

neck will draw the eye upward as well. Bottoms should not have pockets or detailing on the hip or side because they will add fullness. As with apple shapes, tucking in a bulky top can give the appearance of a larger size. • HOUR GLASS – Bust and hips that are in proportion with a small waist means you can wear almost any style. Try teaming your leggings with a cropped jacket layered over a longer cotton top. Although hour glass body types can normally tuck in their tops, legging styles look best with tops untucked.

As a previous fit model (fit models are hired to try on samples and make comments on the fit; corrections are made until the garment fits properly) I learned fit is more important than style. Other people see style but only you feel the proper fitting garment. Garments should not pinch, pull or stretch over your body. A proper fit means comfort throughout the day. Our generation has embraced the fact that you no longer have to sacrifice comfort for style. Leggings afford you the opportunity for both comfort and style. Karen Toutant, wardrobe stylist with over 17 years experience in the fashion industry offers the following advice, “For women who love the sleek look of a skinny jean but can’t stand the leg-sucking compression, impossibly small openings at the ankles or the rigid denim digging into their skin, the skinny jean/legging hybrid known as jeggings could be a worthy alternative. Jegging fabric is so much more forgiving and the waistbands are higher than previous jean styles, which can help in eliminating the unsightly muffin top. Try on a few brands. Look for fabric which offers a 2% stretch in a 10-ounce fabric; this allows for movement and comfort without the sagging, bagging in the backside while you are wearing them. The skinny silhouette is so prevalent in fashion right now. In order to achieve the best look with the jeggings or skinny jeans, and you are willing to experiment, be sure that your shirt comes down to the mid-thigh. If you feel squat in the look, wear heels, or ankle boots. It’s a matter of looking in the mirror and making sure your proportions are right and that you’re comfortable.”

37 Caring for your leggings is easy – machine wash cold, line dry. Garments with lycra should be hung to dry as this will extend the life of the item. Please be sure to read the care instructions on the label. Drying in high heat may cause damage over time. Although washing instructions may say to dry using medium heat, I prefer to hang dry. Finally, to complete your look you will need appropriate footwear. Your activity throughout the day will dictate the style of the shoe. For example, an active mom, teacher, student, or athlete will want sneakers or flats to keep up with their daily activity. For a trendier fashionable look you may opt for high heels or boots that may be worn to a dinner party or date where you will be seated part of the evening. Business women will want to choose a more conservative shoe such as a neutral colored pump or flats while avoiding excessive buckles and straps.

“You can have all the beautiful outfits in the world but if you don’t coordinate with the right shoes, you just can’t look good. Make sure you look good from top to bottom…” Says Jay Burnett, Fashion Editor. Ro Martinez, Modeling and acting coach and author Karen Toutant, Wardrobe stylist Photography by: Ross Krison Jewelry provided by: Susan Endriss of SuzzzyGal Treasures www.

Combine leggings with: ...Long, high-heel boots and tunic length sweater as Julianne has done for a fashionable look that can take her from day to evening. Add chandelier earrings for sparkle and a trendy bag with studs in metallic bronze or gold for a night on the town.

...Sneakers and playful T-shirt and accessories, as Ycianda has done, for a weekend look that’s sporty.

...Booties and a trench coat as JoAnn has done that’s perfect for the office

Ro Martinez, model, actress, writer and modeling coach has been in the business for almost 25 years. Her multimedia experience includes TV, film, commercials for Walt Disney and Busch Gardens and appears in catalogues, magazines, newspapers, magazine covers, on the Internet, and even on billboards! A highly successful model, Ro is a regular on-air and fit model for HSN (Home Shopping Network). Ro’s wealth of experience, including working in the New York’s Fashion District allows her to excel as a modeling and fashion consultant, as she aspires to help others reach their dream of becoming a model. Ro holds modeling and acting workshops, focusing on people of all ages, sizes, and ethnic groups, and guides them toward successfully entering the exciting and glamorous field of modeling. Her book Modeling At Any Age is a step-by-step, comprehensive, easy-to-read guide for modeling and how to succeed in the modeling industry. Modeling At Any Age (italicize) can be followed by anyone and is sure to give an edge to those ready to enter into the exciting, glamorous, lucrative field of modeling. For information on becoming a model or actress, visit or email Ro at All photos by: Ross Krison


traveling gun show I

t’s not often an indie band can break out of the local mold and onto any level of the national music scene. So it’s even less likely for a band to do it twice. And yet, this is what the musicians behind Tampa Bay’s Americana, roots rock darlings Have Gun Will Travel have done. Just a few years ago, Matt Burke fronted indie rock/emo outfit The Chase Theory, which garnered a national fanbase, had songs featured on a Deep Elm Records Emo Diaries compilation, and released albums through Tribunal Records and One Day Savior. But having started The Chase Theory in the late ‘90s, when he was much younger, Burke began to feel a disconnect with the youthful music and slowly but surely the Bradenton-based group stopped booking gigs, going on an indefinite hiatus. Burke began to get interested in different types of music. Hank Williams, Sr. Johnny Cash. Willie Nelson. And he began writing solo material on his acoustic guitar. These new influences intrinsically revealed themselves in this

by: Tiffany Razzano

first batch of songs, from which Have Gun Will Travel was born. The group went from playing covers of Jawbreaker and Sunny Day Real Estate songs in their basement as teens, to channeling roots rock, front porch, sing-a-long, jug band Americana with a catchy, melodic twist. “At that point, we’d been doing Chase Theory for eight years,” Burke said. “Near the end of it, I started getting into a different style of music. Ultimately, I was longing for something different, something that was going to affect

people differently. But I wasn’t sure about it at first.” He added, “I really began going out on a limb musically.” In the end, Burke said, it took a year for Have Gun Will Travel to morph from solo project into one of Tampa Bay’s next hottest bands. Burke would perform solo at open mics and coffeehouses, occasionally pulling in his Chase Theory bandmates, which included his younger brother Danny, to share the stage with him. “It became a gradual and organic process,” Burke said. “I wasn’t in a hurry to put a band together. I was really focusing on the songwriting, enjoying the solo thing. So I let it run its course. Gradually, it turned into what it turned into.” Since this slow coach beginning, Have Gun Will Travel has evolved into a hot commodity in the Tampa Bay area. Releasing its third album, Postcards from the Friendly City, this past year, the group has really solidified its foothold in the local music scene, playing gigs nearly every weekend at all the

major venues. And Postcards landed at #16 on CMJ’s Top Adds chart. It also reached #56 on CMJ’s Top 200 college radio charts, after debuting at #72. The group has also secured national distribution through the Denver, Colorado-based Suburban Home Records. And the album helped them earn Creative Loafing’s 2010 Critic’s Pick “Best Bay Area Breakout” at last month’s Best of the Bay awards. The “friendly city,” by the way, is the group’s hometown of Bradenton, harkening back to the nickname the suburb earned itself during the 1950s. “You can see [it] on old postcards and stuff,” Burke said. “And we’re Bradenton boys, born and raised.” Even as far back as Chase Theory, when the group had the opportunity to relocate, thinking it could further their music career, they opted to remain in their hometown. Many of the songs have references to the city, some subtle, perhaps known to only those who live there, others more overt. “It’s definitely a theme on this [album,] a thread that runs through all the songs.”

Postcards sees the group evolving even still, said Burke. Since they’re constantly writing new material, their sound is always growing and changing. On their last album, their full-length 2008 debut, Casting Shadows Tall as Giants (which garnered the attention of NPR and PBS,) Burke said they were “still trying to find [their] legs as musicians.” Most of the recording sessions featured Burke with a smattering of the musicians he would pull up on stage as he performed solo, capturing the feel of the band as it was just starting out. Postcards, however, finds that they have honed their sound. “We recorded with a full band, this time,” he said. “We really came together on it, and it better represents who we are.” For more information about Have Gun Will Travel, as well as for any upcoming gigs, go to


Breaking the Mold by: Tiffany Razzano


f over the past year you’ve caught a show at any of Tampa’s music hotspots – Crowbar, New World Brewery, The Ritz, The Hub, and the latest of the bunch, Ella’s Americana Folk Art Café – then there’s a good chance you’ve witnessed what Brokenmold Entertainment does so well first hand. Indie and local, even if you don’t know their name off the top of your head, Brokenmold has become one of the hottest concert promoters in the area – after all, people are still talking about the Ok Go show at Crowbar this past year (it was voted as the show of the year at last month’s Creative Loafing “Best of the Bay” awards,) as well as July’s first Antiwarpt festival that took place at various venues around St. Petersburg’s Central Avenue’s 600 block. Most recently, they brought Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s to Crowbar on Oct. 8. Over the years, the minds behind Brokenmold have been heavily involved in various aspects of the local music scene, said Sean O’Brien, who founded the company along with Phil Benito and Matt Lee. “I hate the word scene,” he admitted, “but I guess there is a scene to it.” But, he added, “The main reason I’m doing this is because I love the music.” All three attended high school in Tampa and became involved with local music at an early age as part of a group that organized a grassroots local festival called Littlepalooza during the 1990s. Though those shows eventually petered out, the three remained involved in the local

music scene, whether managing bands, organ- on Davis Island. Opening up the courtyard for izing shows, or as performers themselves (Lee music and barbecue, these shows would draw as has performed in many local bands, including many as 300 people. Poetry in Lotion). Then, two years ago, they decided to officially O’Brien began to really get heavily involved in call themselves Brokenmold, bringing in Lee, the local music scene several years ago, however, who worked with them occasionally. And when when he was laid off from his non-descript 9-5 Nervous Turkey decided to go on hiatus, as did office job. With time on his hand to figure out his several other bands in their repertoire, the trio next move professionally, he and Benito began decided to focus more on booking shows than to focus on managing blues-rock outfit Nervous managing acts. Years of helping get Tampa Bay Turkey. “For the first time in my life, I was able artists on the bill with national acts coming into to pick what I wanted to do,” O’Brien said. “I town gave them the connections they needed to had tried it before, but didn’t have the time or the start booking nationally established bands, such resources.” Nervous Turkey was so successful, as OK Go and Margot and the Nuclear So and that other bands began to contact the duo. “It So’s. took off and I never looked back.” Now Brokenmold is trying to, well, break Managing bands naturally evolved into booking the mold it has set for itself. Last summer’s their own shows, as it gave O’Brien and Benito Antiwarpt, a local response to and tongue-inmore control over what they booked for the cheek jab at Warped Tour that was in town the bands they represented. For a while, they even same day (“It was pretty cool,” O’Brien said. organized shows at O’Brien’s apartment complex “The founder of [Warped Tour] came to our event, but none of us went to his.”), was the first taste of this. And recently Brokenmold hosted a mixed media event, an art show featuring live music. “We hope to do more of these type of things,” O’Brien said, adding that they’re hoping to have a festival akin to Antiwarpt, which featured 20 local bands, twice a year, the next likely to take place around the holidays. For more information about Brokenmold and a full line-up of upcoming shows, you can find them on Facebook or go to OK Go at Crowbar in May, 2010







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Goo Goo for Gaga? Eve

Adam, can you imagine a world without music? You, like me, have a unique love for every genre, from easy listening to rock and hip hop. Without it, life would be monotonous and dull, much like that Sanjaya cd you bought a few years back. Our conversations would be centered around weather and politics. Movies would even be boring and lifeless. It’s an essential part of living, a language we all understand regardless of race or geography. And the women in the industry know what it takes to get to the top of the Charts. Gaga. Beyonce. Mariah. Whitney. Christina. Aretha. These singers are so big they need only go by their first names. In a sense their name is their brand. They are divas, modern day goddesses, according to the dictionary. And just like in ancient Greece, many of them can go by a single name and we know who they are. Throughout centuries, women have been so many things; from mothers, sisters, queens, to sex symbols. But whatever the stereotype dictates, you have to admit that women are inspiring. Now I know what you’re thinking. Whitney? Really? But pre-crack and in her prime Whitney Houston was in a league of her own. Her recording of the Star Spangled Banner, which she originally sang at Tampa Stadium during Super

Bowl XXV, reached the Top 20 and she was the only artist to turn the national anthem into a mega hit. And with an angelic voice, she sang about love with extraordinary passion.

outfits are a cross between the Jetsons and the Flintstones with a little bit of KISS sprinkled in. In fact people are still talking about those crazy-ass shoes she wore at the Grammy’s.

However, today it’s more about big egos and women with larger than life voices, singing about cruel intention and unfortunate love affairs with coldhearted snakes. Ahem.

But the Lady in Meat has one person to thank for giving women the courage to take risks by getting into character and going beyond their everyday sexuality. And that person is Madonna. Sure she’s like 50 and got tangled up with A-Rod, but it was her string of singles and music videos that changed the way we see music. She went over the boundaries by using religion, sex, politics, religion, and family as her themes. Not only is she an incredible performer/dancer, but a marketing genius as well. She registered her name as a trademark long before she became the Material Girl and at a time when she was just another struggling singer. Look at her now. She is an icon in the music world.

But it works. Just like it did back in 1972 when Helen Reddy belted out “I Am Woman (hear me roar).” That’s exactly what female recording artists are doing these days. Look at the Top 40 right now, it’s dominated by Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry to name just a few. You’re little niece probably has a Taylor Swift poster hanging on her door and your aunt probably has Susan Boyle in her CD player. It seem as though males are taking a lesser role in the music business. Back in the day rappers hired chicks to sing backup, but nowadays they are lucky to chant a few lines in a Nicki Minaj song. Look at Kanye West…even he looks like a supporting actor these days. He went from headlining award shows to interrupting one female’s acceptance speech to stick up for another. This is the dawning of the age of the Divas. Not only with their profound lyrics and sold out concerts, but more so with their daring style. Prime example: Lady Gaga. She’s on the red carpet 24/7. Her outrageous

Next up I’ve gotta talk about my

girl Mariah. She has set more records than any other artist, male or female. Allow me to enlighten you…She is the first recording artist to have her first FIVE singles at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. She is the first artist with the most number one debuts in the Billboard Chart’s 52-year history. She is tied with Elvis with the most cumulative weeks at #1. And she is second only to the Beatles with the most #1 hits. In 2003 MTV ranked Mimi 1st in a countdown they were doing of the greatest voices in music, and also named her the most successful artist of the 1990s. She’s sung with Boys II Men, Busta Rhymes, Jaime Foxx, Ole Dirty Bastard, T Pain, and Whitney. Now Adam, speaking of…you know I love me some Jaime Foxx. Ok and some Lil Wayne and Stevie Wonder (see above). I even have the latest Robin Thicke CD as well as the greatest hits of Sinatra. And I will leave it in your hands to talk about the men on the charts. But you might have some big shoes to fill with the list I’m about to give you: Tina Turner – The Queen of Rock n’ Roll Madge (aka Madonna) – The Queen of Pop Mary J Blizzige - The Queen of Hip Hop/R&B Donna Summer - The Queen of Disco Aretha Franklin - The Queen of Soul

Oh and P.S.…The only 3 American Idol contestants to win Grammys? Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Jennifer Hudson.


Adam While you’ve named all those queens, there remains only one king. And don’t even play when it comes to Elvis. I’m sorry, but Madonna wouldn’t be fit to shine his blue suede shoes. The King could fart in the shower and it would sound better than her. His famous peanut butter and banana sandwich fart no less.

Elvis Presley, Fats Domino, Ray Charles, Chuck Berry, Sam Cooke, the Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly and Jerry Lee Lewis. Musicians, my child. Not circus sideshows singing upside down from a trapeze with pointy nipples and short skirts. Put Lady Gaga in a time machine and have her open up for Zepplin. She’d be dazed and confused with a gallow’s pole upside her head on a night flight to Kashmir so quick she wouldn’t know what hit her. Women have done for music what they’ve done for politics…made a mockery of it. And you know what’s funny about those first five women you mentioned? Ain’t nobody trying to go see them in concert when they’re 50 cause they ain’t gonna cute no more. Now on the other hand, Robert Plant could perform an acoustic set at Tampa Downs using a Mr. Microphone and wearing a pair of Depends and the damn place would be sold out.

And for the record, it wasn’t Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, John Bonham and Betsy Livingston. You never heard an announcer say, “Put your hands together for Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Richard Wright, Syd Barrett and Janice Berchum.” Eve, open your rose colored Gaga eyes and tell our readers the obvious; that bubble gum BS you gave me is a joke. As evidence, Exhibit No. 1, I present to you: The first group of inductees, inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio on January 23, 1986, included James Brown, Little Richard,

And if Gaga is the best new artist for you women….and that’s still debatable if she even is a woman (don’t flick her in the Adam’s Apple) then it’s a sad state of affairs. I’d rather eat rice cakes while jogging through the desert than have to sit through one of her concerts. Eve, you wanna know what real talent is? Go catch a live show from Citizen Cope. One man and a guitar, singing the songs he wrote without a dozen backup dancers. Brittany, Beyonce, Pink and the other talentless broads you name are puppets at the end of the strings. Don’t think for a second they actually sing at their concerts. It’s impossible to carry a note while doing a Flashdance number. So why call it a concert? Call it women dancing to prerecorded tracks. Kinda like the Dollhouse, no? And you say that men are taking a back seat in the music business huh? Put your ear a little closer

to the speaker for this one then as I whisper a little secret. Madonna’s debut album was certified platinum five times. But it was produced by three men. Mariah Carey’s self-titled debut was the best selling album of 1991 and certified platinum nine times. Five men produced it. Even Gaga’s The Fame was produced by people with names like Josh, Brian and Martin. I didn’t see any Suzies, Lisas or Penelopes listed and believe me, I LOOKED! So even when you think you’re responsible for hits, I hate to say it but it’s the men behind the scenes. You see, being successful in music isn’t about flopping about in a video like Little Lupe in Howard Stern’s studio. No, try writing the music, playing an instrument and coming up with some good audio engineering. That’s man’s work baby. You know how many people would be listening to Mariah if she were fugly? ZERO! So, you’re right about one thing. Sex is selling. I’ll show up and pay $50 to sit in the front row and watch Mariah floss her teeth, that’s how hot she is. And my brother is one of Beyonce’s biggest fans but I can tell you it isn’t for her music. She could sing the A-B-Cs off key, over and over, for an hour but as long as she’s in a latex mini skirt and a triangle bikini top, he’s letting the stove catch fire and the house burn down. But when the fire trucks are there and the TV is melted, you best believe Beyonce is not on the radio. It’s back to Blue Oyster Cult or the Doobie Brothers. The Top 40 charts are dominated by women right now because you and gay men are the only people still buying music, if you can call it that. Men who know music have their stash of quality records and discs that they don’t let go of. Real music died with the birth of MTV. As soon as the image mattered

more than the product, it was over. Video killed the radio star could not have been more prophetic. Because if I’m being sent to the moon for a year and can only take three CDs with me you can bet your sweet ass The Fame ain’t gonna be one of them. I’m taking Bob Marley Legend, John Legend Get Lifted and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. I’m not going to be a total chauvinistic jerk though, so I’ll give you a real short list of some broads I garner some respect for in terms of talent. Heart’s Nancy Wilson more so than her sister Ann. Watch Nancy play the intro to Crazy on You and you’ll know what I mean. Norah Jones. Oh, I’m sorry, you didn’t mention her? Probably because she actually plays an instrument, writes, sings and has class. Regardless, she has one of the best voices ever. And you mention Katy Perry? Katy Perry is the Happy Meal of the music industry, cheap, processed entertainment for little kids. Stevie Nicks, which is a glaring overlook on your part. If you had come with a Stevie take we could’ve avoided all of this harshness. Stevie is Rock N’ Roll Royalty 101 and when she sang on stage live with your girl Taylor Swift, it was a total mismatch. The equivalent of Jimmy Fallon trying to act alongside DeNiro. Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders and Debbie Harry of Blondie get my honorable mentions as far as musicians I can respect. And truthfully, that’s about it. Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge and groups like the GoGos are what I expect to find in the dollar bin at the local music store. In fact, I think I have an uneven table in my kitchen with a Christina Aguilera disc propped under a leg to stabilize it, so at least I’m getting my money off that one.


“Signature Moments in Sports” is a passionately crafted Art Exhibit created by Tampa Bay Artist Shannon Bennett. The collection features more than 40 unique canvas art pieces, which capture memorable moments in America’s favorite past time, Sports. Each painting clearly showcases Shannon’s passion and love for art and her chosen medium of painting. Each athlete was personally selected by the artist and each moment was thoroughly researched and understood so that she could effectively express the emotion and the meaning of that special moment on canvas, so that it could be forever captured and shared with the world for generations. For further authenticity the artist has had each of these masterful 4 x 5 foot original paintings signed by the selected athletes elevating each piece of artwork’s already collectible status to a “Must Have” piece of sports memorabilia. This exhibit is one of a five part series of “Signature” Art Exhibits that Shannon has personally visualized and created. Some of her upcoming exhibit titles are “Classic Hollywood, “The Art of Hip Hop” and “World Leaders”. Stay tuned for more Amazing Masterpieces by Shannon which are certain to be just as masterful as her series on sports. To view more of Shannon’s artwork or to learn about Shannon’s Signature Moments in Sports Art Gala scheduled for November 15, 2010 at the Tampa Museum of Art please visit or contact Gary Lewis at (813) 299-8656.


Suite Music by: David Norrie

You don’t have to be a professional talent scout to recognize when somebody has “IT.” And it’s glaringly apparent that even though she’s just 13, when Suite Caroline straps a guitar over her shoulder and steps up to the mic, she definitely has “IT.” With the spirit of a teenager but the soul of a much more seasoned performer, Caroline’s not afraid to look you right in the eye and sing to you like you’re the only person in the room. “She’s always been pretty confident and outgoing,” said mother, Marie Kudelko. “She just came that way.” Like any other kid, Caroline tried her hand at the usual hobbies growing up, but things like roller blading and ice skating never stuck. It wasn’t until her father gave her a guitar for Christmas at the tender age of eight that this little girl found her calling. Immediately, she took to it, learning a few chords within days. Believe it or not, she says she wrote her first song that same year, as any 8-year-old would, with a green crayon. “The song was about a boy I had a crush on and I called it Questions,” Caroline said. “I was excited about it, but when I heard my parents were coming upstairs I hid it and pretended I was asleep.” Writing songs in her room would become her M.O. in the early years of her career, and early is an understatement. “Nothing else mattered

much,” said Caroline, who learned to cover songs by the GoGos and Colbie Caillat while she was still losing her baby teeth. However she prefers to do originals which she claims to write them in her sleep, literally. “I can only describe it as magic,” Caroline said. “Writing was always fun and easy for me and I’d always wake myself up to jot them down in the middle of the night.” Even in school, when she got a language assignment to write a story, she’d write three because her head just filled up with ideas.

The budding singer got her first taste of being on stage by accident, at a local fair her grandparents took her to when she was just nine. “After getting off a ride, we happened to walk by a stage and I saw a guitar sitting there,” she explains. “I just grabbed it and started playing.” A small crowd quickly gathered around her and urged her to get up on stage and continue singing. And anyone who has met Caroline knows, you don’t have to ask her twice. That performance was all the convincing her parents would need to see that their sweet little Caroline possessed something that was beyond their own natural bias. Within a year, the first CD would be cut. Between social networking sites such as and small gigs at local fairs, people were quickly beginning to take notice. It just so happened that Mom and Dad were big music junkies which didn’t hurt. They took Caroline to her first concert, Kelly Clarkson, which she doesn’t like to admit she fell asleep in. When Pat Benatar came to Ruth Eckert Hall, Caroline got a front row seat and sat with a sign which read, “I WANNA SING WITH YOU”. Benetar saw her and invited her on stage for a duet of Hit Me With Your Best Shot. Before you could blink an eye, Caroline was making appearances on stage with more big name acts like Charlie Daniels, Sheryl Crow and Martina McBride whom she opened for last June at the Taste of Pinellas.

“There’s just something special about her, you can tell in the first 10 seconds you meet her,” said Ian Beckles after a recent impromptu set on the air of the Ron and Ian Show on 620 WDAE. What’s amazing is that at the age of 13, this songstress is able to maintain an aura of innocence but still sing with a broad appeal to adult audiences. Of course Mom says that being surrounded by a tight knit family is the defining factor. She’s all too aware of little girls who grow up too fast in the spotlight. “How do you keep her innocence and protect her in an industry which can be scary? Kudelko said. “We keep the circle very small. It’s limited to very trusted people who we believe have Caroline’s best interest at heart. Plus, my husband and I play a very active role. I’m always with her.” When the glitz gets too big and it’s time to wind down like a normal family, the troops head off to Orlando and Universal Studios. Younger sister Ellie is always a trusted companion and Grandma and Grandpa live close by as well. Caroline says that making sure they all sit down for a proper family dinner every night helps keep her grounded. Don’t let her innocent smile fool you, she’s a performer at heart, one with a stage presence well beyond her years. She proved that at the annual Strawberry Festival this past year where she headlined a show in front of 6,000 fans. “I love audiences,” she said. “Whether they are passers by or people who came there specifically to see me. I love to see them, hoping they understand the song.” Be it a room with two people or a mass of thousands, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference from Caroline’s performance. Whether she’s singing an original like Old Enough to Love off her latest album or an acoustic rendering of Jimi Hendrix’s All Along the Watchtower she takes advantage of every opportunity as if she were belting it out live at the Grammys. “Music just makes me happy,” she said. “Every song I write comes from my heart and is an experience which I’ve felt so strongly about that I had to write it down. It’s what I love and even if I didn’t make it big, I always see myself playing and singing to my friends and family.” Not making it big isn’t likely. She recently returned from a summer tour which took her to Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Nashville. She even played at the Martin Guitar factory in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, a company with which she has an endorsement deal. You may also recognize her as the darling of the GTE Federal Credit Union ads on radio and TV. Right now Suite Caroline is a full time job for both daughter and mother. Balancing school and friends is still a priority though. But this is one act if you don’t catch soon, may be pretty hard to get a ticket to in the future. One thing seems certain, Suite Caroline is the real deal. “ I love to speak through music,” she said. “I would get nervous when I was younger, but when I had a guitar in my hands I could say anything. My guitar is my home—it’s my comfort zone.”


The Legendary Jams of Mighty Mongo by: Meagan & Travis Bailey photos by Meagan Bailey


red spotlight illuminates the chipped relief of a horse. Its exaggerated shadows flicker as Alex Card stands beneath it, a bass raged by the movement of his fingers. He presses his mouth to a microphone, and his voice resonates with the lyrics to “Blitzkrieg Bop.” The words are affected with a slight British accent as Card revolves his torso, exaggerating the lanky movements of Joey Ramone. “Everything’s like rounded a drunk pirate,” he says. “I try really hard do impersonations of other singers...I was recently taking classes on jazz, and we had to do this assignment on a jazz musician. I did Louis Armstrong, and I found out that he’s one of my favorite musicians to imitate.”

her hair in a mullet, to which Isoldi responds, “We should all cut our hair in mullets.”

Card begins to mumble an impression of Bob Dylan, his eyes half-closed as his hands flail in parody of the folk icon. “Anthony’s better at doing ‘Low Rider,’” their drummer, Scotty Chmura, says of the lead guitarist, Anthony Isoldi, who sings the 1975 hit by War. “It’s the only song he sings.” Lindsay Vitola, their female vocalist and keys player, laughs as she describes her current fixation with Joan Jett. “I just saw [The Runaways]...It was freaking amazing...I immediately went out and bought these leather pants.” She is considering cutting

The lyrics are brilliant: “‘Descartes, can you tell me who I am,’ he said, ‘I think therefore I jam.’ This song is entangled to all history and time, one small jam for man, one giant jam for mankind.” The verses are followed by a tribute to Zeppelin’s “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You.” Card writes most of their music. “Usually I’ll just have like a really simple melody,” he says, which Vitola calls the shell of the song. “Like Cleopatra,” Isoldi replies. “The only thing that you had when you showed it to us was the bass line...and the melody too.”

On stage, they transition to an original song, “Maximus Res.” To Card’s left, Isoldi calmly grips a Fender Strat, strumming bright chords to fill in the tight transience of the live kit. He picks a melody to a reggae beat, while Vitola scats, her voice reverberating from the speakers with rich soulfulness. The verses are interposed with Isoldi’s screaming guitar solos. As Card and Chmura play wildly beside him, his fingers glide determinedly across the fret board, sculpting a dirty lead. His face is calm as the notes echo with that classic Fender reverb, the velvet tone gripping its surroundings.

“It’s like a formula,” continues Chmura. “If he comes up with a good riff...and he can hum a melody...[Anthony and I] will come up with little things here and hits and pauses.” Card describes the process of creating Cleopatra. “If you listen to the CD, it’s got so much stuff going on. It’s crazy...There’s like bridges and there’s a different solo...there’s a whole different chord progression. There’s hits, and there’s stops. We changed up the way rhythmically it’s played.” It is apparent through their music and interaction that these four musicians have an ideal dynamic. Card, Chmura, and Isoldi started Mighty Mongo a year and a half ago. “I call Scotty ‘my drummer,’” Isoldi says of Chmura. Vitola joined the band in September of 2009 when they heard her sing at Z Grill. However, as Chmura begins to describe his relationship with Card, the band begins to laugh. “There was some tension there...we’re so much alike... like we’re both hyper...and we’ll argue for hours,” he says. One night, they were playing a gig at Paddy Burke’s. “I’m very mean on stage...and one night, he kept adjusting his volume,” Chmura describes. “I know better than that,” Isoldi

interjects. “It built up for months,” Chmura continues. “That was the night...I said to Anthony, ‘I’m getting really mad. If he doesn’t knock it off.’” Card smiles shyly as Chmura thrashes his arms, mocking the intensity with which he played over Card’s performance that night. “I just made it obvious that he was wrong.” During the set, the band had to stop playing. “We hung out in the parking lot...we talked and a lot of it was just miscommunication...we’re finally figuring out each other...It’s like a family thing.” This year, Mighty Mongo won first place in a talent competition at Nova 535 Lounge, as well as the title, “Hardest Working Band.” They recorded four of their original songs, “Somebody,” “Cleopatra,” “Maximus Res,” and “Illumination,” in January 2010 and will be rerecording “Summer,” “Viking,” and “Fantasyland.” With an increasing number of gigs each week at venues like Paddy Burke’s and Vintage Ultra Lounge, the band is constantly recognized throughout St. Petersburg. Even as they eat pizza downtown, a man hangs out of the window of a moving car to scream, “Yo! Mighty Mongo!” According to Vitola, “Our biggest goal is to make sure that the next month is better than the month before...It’s constant progression with our social networking, with our music, and with our abilities as musicians...That we’re just constantly building on what we have...We never want to become stagnant.”


The “Guaranteed” Trading System By: James Cordier, Liberty Trading Group


’d like to retell a story I heard from from a gentleman named Bob in Colorado, who called me this week and was kind enough to share this with me.

They’re either keeping it for themselves or using it in some kind of capital management capacity.

Bob mentioned that he’d had the privilege of having lunch with a well known author and provider of trading courses (For the sake of this article, we will call him “Joe” to protect the guilty). Prior to the luncheon, Bob had used a computer program to backtest several of this gentleman’s trading systems. Without exception, every single one of the systems he tested had lost money through the period tested. During the luncheon, Bob decided to breach the subject with Joe. “Joe, I’ve backtested nearly every system I could find of yours,” he explained. “And without exception, every single one of them lost money though the test period. How do you explain that?” “Bob,” Joe replied in a low voice, “Every one of my systems makes money. It just depends on how many copies they sell!” Great story that illustrates a good point. The guys with the great trading systems probably aren’t going to be selling that information.

– ideas (many of them good ideas – but ideas nonetheless). They do not constitute a trading plan in and of themselves. A trading plan is something one gets by designing his own or seeking out a managed portfolio. Selling crude oil calls may not be a good idea if you are already heavy short heating oil calls. Selling soybean calls may be a better trade if you are already short corn puts. A larger position in short gold calls may be warranted if one is short Euro puts. And so on and so on. To paraphrase an important lesson I learned from an old CME floor trader many years ago, “Options are meant to be used in conjunction with other options.”

Each Option you Sell should only be a small piece in the larger, interconnected puzzle of your overall option selling portfolio.

I had to explain to Bob that we were not selling a “system,” but rather educating investors on a method they can use. They can use this method in a number of ways or even incorporate it into their own system. (We do use our own system to sell options for our clients. Parts of that, of course, are proprietary and not for sale. ) The investment ideas you read in this newsletter, and our bi-weekly online updates are just that

I couldn’t agree more. Therefore, the next time you sell a sugar put and it expires worthless for you, it does not mean that selling puts is the ultimate strategy. And the next time you sell a soybean call and get stopped out, it doesn’t mean that “option selling doesn’t work.” Individual trades are just one tiny piece in a great big coordinated puzzle. Keep that in mind when you read this month’s suggestions.

October Feature Markets Feature Market #1

Crude Oil – Cash Cow for Strangle Writers

The great thing about trading energy markets

support energy prices. And yet, crude oil is now entering a slack demand period (between driving and heating season) which should slow any upside momentum. We expect these offsetting factors will continue to keep prices in a potentially wider but still somewhat defined range. We like the 130 calls and the 50 puts in crude. However, investors seeking more premium can “tighten up” the strangle by selling closer calls and/or puts. Look to sell out several months to get the larger premiums. Feature Market # 2

Cotton: Classic Demand Story Could Pay Put Sellers

It was weather that initially ignited the raging

is that they are rarely effected by weather (hurricane season not withstanding). They don’t stop pumping crude oil because it’s too hot. The gasoline crop is not subject to a shortage of rain. Crude oil is a storable commodity and refineries tend to keep running rain or shine. In a year when weather has taken headlines in everything from Wheat to Coffee, this feature has made prices of crude oil and its products (Gasoline and Heating Oil) a beacon of stability this summer. Crude oil prices have been caught almost perfectly balanced between the opposing forces bulls and bears. The bulls have surprisingly resilient 2010 demand from China and India as well as more recently, a falling US dollar. The bears have an outright burdensome US supply, along with concerns about a fragile US recovery.

Chart courtesy of Hightower Research

These balancing effects have kept crude oil prices in a $13 range between $85 and $72 a barrel since May. Considering that you can write strangles right now with a roughly $80 range of movement, we feel crude oil and the products will continue to be cash cows for option writers this month. The existing fundamentals do not appear likely to change in the near term. Last month’s Fed comments regarding quantitative easing should keep the dollar under pressure and

59 We feel the trend will remain your friend in cotton and that technical pullbacks will be opportunities for fundamentally based put sellers in October.

Option Selling 101 – Back to the Basics Should I use “Stop Loss” orders on my short Options? Many new option sellers ask me if we use “stop loss” orders when they sell an option. The short answer is “no.” While stop orders may make the novice feel better about his trade, there are much better ways to manage risk on short options and I know of no serious futures options trader that uses them. In fact, some option pits no longer accept stop loss orders. Stop loss orders can be very effective at managing risk on highly liquid shares of stock or futures contracts. However, in options, especially options with wide bid/ask spreads, they are not only an impractical risk management tool, they can be detrimental.

bull market in cotton this year. Sporadic weather problems in China as well as the US supported cotton early. Flooding in Pakistan accelerated the rally as Pakistan produces 10% of the world’s cotton and sustained severe damage to much of it’s 2010 cotton crop. But while supply side issues get the press, it is demand that is largely responsible for fueling the bull engines in cotton. Voracious demand. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we must again point to the Chinese as a main contributor to the rally. While we continue to suck wind here in the US, the Chinese economy is expected to grow by another 9% this year. China is the world’s largest consumer and importer of cotton. The Pakistani floods as well as shortfalls in it’s own production have forced it to rely on US producers to fill much of the cotton supply void. The USDA’s weekly Export Sales report from September 23rd showed US year to date cotton sales at more than three times the rate needed each week to reach the current export projection. As of mid-September, cumulative cotton sales stand at 54% of the USDA forecast for 2010/11. The five year average for this time of year is 34.8%. As of late September, the cotton market, like many agricultural commodities right now, is overbought and vulnerable to corrective price action. However, demand led bull markets can be quite resilient and nothing in the immediate future suggests slowing cotton demand through year’s end.

Using a “stop loss” order may not be your best bet when managing risk on a short option.

This is why. When you place a “stop loss” order on an option, only one option has to trade at or above your stop to trigger it. Once your stop loss is triggered, it becomes a Market order. And market orders placed in less liquid contracts can become detrimental to your account health – especially if you’re placing it on an electronic platform. They can fill it wherever they want. For exiting a short option position (or for entering one for that matter) I highly recommend limit orders placed through a floor broker. A good floor broker can “work” your exit order to get a reasonable fill in most cases. They have not failed me yet. This can be a much better option than leaving your exit price to the mercy of somebody on the other side of the market. Have a great October and I wish our readers healthy profits this month.

When the World Needs Expertise in the Commodities Markets…




They Call Liberty Trading Group – The “Go To” Experts on Commodities and Option Strategy Is YOUR Portfolio worth Hiring Expertise? For a FREE ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENT INTRODUCTORY PACK

Call 813-472-5760

or visit us online at

James Cordier Author, Head Trader Liberty Trading Group

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813.230.8666 fax 813.831.2736

By Appointment Only / In your Home or Office Richard Greaser President Professional Clothier

s r a e y 0 3 perience! ex


Life on a String by: David Norrie


effrey Multer is heading into his fourth full season as Concertmaster for the Florida Orchestra. A native of Buffalo, New York, Multer studied at the esteemed Julliard School of Music where he continues to teach his passion for the violin.

Among his many accomplishments, he has appeared as soloist and recitalist at Lincoln Center in New York, the Mozarteum in Salzburg, the Rudolphinium in Prague, the Kennedy Center and the National Gallery in Washington, DC. He’s also a dog-loving, mountain-climbing Pink Floyd fan who says one of his greatest goals is to bring classical music to the masses and convey his love of the music to those who may be intimidated by it. What are your earliest memories of music? My dad was a very accomplished pianist, so I was exposed to music at an early age. He would practice and perform a lot and I was always there, trying to reach up and poke my fingers at the keyboard. Eventually Dad had to lock the piano. That’s when he decided to get me a violin. I was five. Plus, he was a Mozart lover so I grew up on a steady diet of that. How do you think the average person views classical music? No matter how we slice it or try to bring it into current day, a large bulk of the music we play was written over 100 years ago. Because of that,

an orchestra can appear very stuffy and a bit off-putting to some people.

monic’s covers of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. Very cool. What’s your take on that?

I would love it if we could get the public image of orchestra to become more accessible. People shouldn’t feel threatened by coming to an orchestra, it’s some of the greatest art man has ever created. It’s supposed to be entertaining. I mean composers didn’t write their pieces saying ‘well this is going to be intellectually challenging’. It’s not supposed to be intimidating.

We’ve done that with a couple of different groups, in terms of playing some rock orchestras. It’s a lot of fun for us. Especially for me because I’m 44, so I grew up on Floyd and stuff so it’s part of my genes. Plus, the audience sees us doing something different and they vibe with it too.

I’ve been to see the Florida Orchestra several times and you always stand out, not just because you’re in the front but you seem to have a very animated style, a passion that is evident. Can you describe that? Since I’m leading the string section, I’m more animated so they know where to play. But it’s more than that. As a kid, I was told I had to move less because it was distracting to people around me and I wasn’t the leader. It’s hard to explain, music is my great love in life and I react to it. There’s really not much I can do about it. That’s how it works for me, I have to get into it. I’ve recently found some of the Royal Philhar-

But you have to be careful, sometimes it can be hokey, like a square peg in a round hole. So it has to work. Led Zeppelin is one of those groups that just happens to translate very well. Violinists are commonly looked upon as being reserved and dignified. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done that might shock people? Truthfully, I am rather reserved. Sorry to say, I’m not the craziest person in the world. No tattoos or anything. But I have good reason, I must protect my hands, they are my livelihood. The craziest thing I did was move to New York City when I was 15, by myself, to go to school. I’ve climbed some smaller mountains too, so that’s the extent of it.

Is being a violinist and performing with the Florida Orchestra a full time gig or do you have another job? That’s a very good question, because I think it’s important for people to know that for those of us in the orchestra, this is our full time job. The preparation is so intense. I practice anywhere from four to five hours a day. We spend as much time with our instruments in our hands as other people do at a keyboard in their office. I have to get the notes and music learned way in advance of a performance, so to do what we do requires a lot of time. The Orchestra in the Park series, both at Al Lopez and Curtis Hixon, seems to be a great way to get your music out to the masses. Can we expect more of that? Quite honestly, most of the music we play wasn’t written here in the United States. It’s from Germany, Italy or France. And when you come from Europe, you study that music like we’d study history in the States. They get more music education. Here I think a lot of folks don’t know it so they assume they won’t like it. And that’s why the city and the orchestra are committed to doing that. It’s really fun for a more casual crowd and gives us the visibility that’s so important. Plus, it’s an excellent date night activity. So yes, it’s certainly part of the picture to make the orchestra serve the community’s needs and having any exposure like that helps us. Things like what you’re doing here, mixing us in with other genres of music, helps a lot as well. What’s in store for the Florida Orchestra in the near future that we can get excited about? We start the fall season the beginning of October. Our opening concert is a great series, really cool music, eclectic stuff that audiences know. I would really like to take this opportunity to invite your readers to come out and experience the orchestra. For a list of dates and events they can log onto



by: David Norrie

the Tables I

f you’ve ventured out into the SoHo nightlife scene anytime in the last decade or so, surely you’ll recognize the name Tony Faline. A fixture in the DJ booth at some of the hottest places in Tampa, Faline has released over 150 tracks since 1995. His signature style of funk and drive has set the bar in the breaks genre. His tracks have been licensed by some of the biggest DJ’s around such as Fat Boy Slim, Kekoi, Afrika Bambaata, Icey and many others. Over the years, he’s had an opportunity to share the stage with Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, Benny Banassi, Ferry Corsten, Icey and countless other artists. As patrons, the DJ is often known by name and style only. Camouflaged by smoke and laser lights, he or she remains fairly anonymous. But surely you’ve wondered at some point, what’s spinning in the head of those multifarious manipulators of music. What’s the story behind the turntables.

GETTING TO KNOW DJ TONY FALINE How did you first get your feet wet DJ-ing? One of my friends came back from the Army with some DJ gear he acquired. Some practice and a few records later we landed a baby boomer Halloween party and that’s how it started.

What really put the DJ on the forefront of the music scene. In other words, when did it go from John Doe playing records to guys like Tiesto and Oakenfold creating a brand for themselves? Hip Hop DJs were always mentioned by the rapper fronting them. However, House DJs started grabbing attention in late 80’s early 90’s in Chicago. When Raves and late nights began to take off more and more, DJs got recognized. What’s the most difficult thing about being a DJ that people don’t know? Knowing what to play and when to play it. What’s the best thing about being a DJ?

Soho is still peaking. The music has changed but the crowds are swelling on Howard (Avenue). The peak time in YBOR for electronic music was 1994-2002. Club 1509 was without a doubt the best club (on Saturdays) Tampa has ever seen. We set the standard for Ybor’s run. That vibe has faded and we all know what Ybor looks like today. What one song would somebody have to put a gun to your head to play again? Almost any hip-hop song Do you ever get sick of listening to music? I do. In my car I listen to sports radio and I do not own an ipod.

Feeding off the energy of a crowd.

Who have you seen live that blew your mind and why?

When was the heyday of SOHO? When things really peaked? What were the hot clubs and what was the vibe?

Not sure about mind blowing but Deadmau5 had a great show last year at The Ritz. His stage presence and visuals really moved the crowd. In three words or less, respond to these three words: Drunks requesting songs? Very f@*king annoying

You can hear DJ Tony Faline play House and breaks locally at The Hyde Park Cafe. Songs available at


Jannus Live(s) by: Tiffany Razzano


onsidering it’s state this time last year – beset with the financial and legal woes of an inept owner – St. Petersburg’s iconic concert venue Jannus Landing, now renamed Jannus Live, has made a comeback that nobody could have expected. Purchased by Knight Global Entertainment, whose owners, including Jeff Knight, had no experience in concert promotion, last fall, there was concern around the Tampa Bay area that Jannus Live would not be able to make a comeback worthy of its historic status. And all people could do was wait and see what transpired. Opening last March, the venue on 2nd Street, nestled in a downtown courtyard setting, tucked in the middle of storefronts between

Citizen Cope in June at Jannus Live

1st Ave N and Central Ave N, Jannus has really been revamped and renovated. “The first order of business was spiffing the place up,” said Eric Snider, who took on a PR/marketing role for the venue that has since evolved into Jack-ofall-trades. He refers to himself as the purveyor of information. “Crappy offices” and empty rooms overlooking the courtyard, which once were abandoned and served, more or less, as tenements for the city’s homeless, Snider said, were reconstructed into brand new offices and luxury private VIP suites. The crude restrooms, which were often out of order and with the men’s room featuring what was referred to as a “piss trough,” were revamped, and new ones were constructed.

The broken and cracked concrete courtyard floor was smoothed over and resurfaced. A new raised stage structure was erected – previously, Snider said, bands performed on a flat surface- and a brand new PA system and lighting were installed as well. What was once grungy and grimey, was now sleek, new and state-of-the-art. “But we still wanted to retain the feel of Jannus Landing,” Snider said. “For all of its warts, people loved it still. They came for the acts, not necessarily the venue. But there was some opportunity for upgrades, to use the word mildly.” At the heart of it all, one thing about Jannus hasn’t changed – the music. The landmark venue, the result of an urban renewal project in the early 1980s, brought in relevant punk, metal and reggae bands during that decade. The ragtag venue continued to grow, despite changing hands several times, and by the early ‘90s, the owners were booking bands – such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Green Day and Pearl Jam – on the cusp, before they really made it big. Jannus Live intends to focus on the music as it starts its new chapter, bringing in acts that cater to appeal of a wide variety of people, Snider said. Last spring, they hosted Rusted Roots as the first show under new ownership. Since then, Jannus has brought in a wide variety of acts, from Citizen

Cope’s bluesy, hip-hop infused soul, to Gretchen Wilson’s raucous country. Most recently, they brought in acts such as Vampire Weekend and The Flaming Lips. The fall is the real concert season in Florida, as the weather begins to cool and spending time outdoors becomes more bearable. So this is when you’ll really see Jannus flourish, Snider said, as the venue offers a calendar full of eclectic acts, such as Method Man and Redman, Social Distortion, Anberlin and The Cult. With such a varied lineup, there really is something to appeal to just about everyone. And, seen especially this past summer, and spilling over into the fall, Jannus will open up its courtyard for Tampa Bay residents to enjoy the weather, the venue and local music for free, whenever a major act isn’t scheduled. “It’s great because it gives local bands the chance to play in front of a larger audience on a first-class stage,” Snider said. He also noted that in this economy, offering free events whenever possible was a great way to connect with the community. For a full lineup of events coming up at Jannus Live, go to www.

Photos by Loose Bruce



Lisa Casalino With its orange and white sign, Datz Deli and Loft Bar may seem as unapproachable as a South Tampa divorcee. But during Saturday brunch that changes when Lisa Casalino’s voice spills from the venue on South MacDill Avenue. Today she is singing Billie Holiday, her voice carrying over clinging glassware and ambient laughter to entice passersby. Inside and to the right of the main entrance stands a petite brunette, smiling to the audience as she holds the last note of a Frank Sinatra number, then straps on her guitar and begins a Norah Jones tune. The transition is effortless. Meet Ms. Casalino. If you’re a regular on the South Tampa social circuit, you’ve undoubtedly seen this singing, keyboard-playing, guitarstrumming dynamo. If you aren’t, consult her calendar and plan a date night accordingly. Much of the draw to Ms. Casalino lies in her ability to intuit what the audience wants and provide it with the kind of humor that keeps them engaged. Today she is a solo act, accompanied only by an iPod. “If there is something you want to hear and the band knows it, I’d be happy to sing it for you,” she jokes in the middle of a set. Noticing a couple paying their tab and heading for the door, she switches it up, leading into a rendition of Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together. Sure enough, they stay until the song is over. This is as much a testament to her talent as her disposition, which is as bright and sunny as the flower she wears tucked behind her ear.

With so much natural presence, it is strange to think that a few years ago Ms. Casalino wouldn’t have been found playing here or any other establishment. She would have been home grading papers or preparing to host an open house as a residential realtor. In 1995 she moved to Tampa to teach vocal music, including concert choir, women’s choir and show choir at Durant High School in Plant City. In 2003 she left teaching full-time to pursue singing. After performing with cover bands, she realized she truly loved jazz standards. In 2007 she broke away and hasn’t looked back. In three short years this Long Island, New York native has quickly become a Tampa treasure. Ms. Casalino has made quite an impact in and around the Bay area, booking gigs at GrillSmith, Timpano Italian Chophouse and Martini Bar, Love’s Artifact Bar & Grille, Avila Golf & Country Club, Mangroves, Restaurant BT, Westshore Yacht Club, and Bellini’s. More diverse than the places she plays is her song list, which includes everything from Bonnie Raitt to Fleetwood Mac to Alicia Keys. She is as comfortable singing poolside as she is at a private event. She has sung the national anthem at numerous sporting events including Yankees spring training games, Rays and Lightning homestands and been the main act for countless events and private parties. This range of experience has taught her grace under fire, as witnessed when a voice from the

second floor requests, “Uncle Cracker!” “Yes, I hear they’re great here,” she recommends as she removes her guitar and grabs the microphone. “Pair it with the Meiomi pinot noir. Have a drink. Stay a while.” They do, because when the up and coming voice of Tampa speaks, people listen. *To learn more about Lisa Casalino’s playlists and upcoming events visit

Taylor Grey is a freelance writer and author of the children’s book, A Wig for Ally.

Hana-li My name is Hana-li, I’m 22 years old and I’m a singer/songwriter. I was born in NYC and have lived in Clearwater most of my life. I’ve been singing since I was 2 and have traveled the world singing from Florida to New York, California to England and from Africa to Suriname, South America. I’ve worked with David Campbell, Chick Corea, Mark Isham and Doug E. Fresh. My music is mostly alternative but has a lot of influences from pop, soul, progressive and classical. I grew up listening to ALL kinds of music, which is why my music is so diverse. I wanted to have something for everyone no matter their age, gender, race, religion or musical background. Communication is the most important thing to me in my music and my lyrics are meant to inspire people to reach further than they thought possible both for themselves and others. My debut EP was recorded at the brand new, state-of-the-art recording studio, Clear Track Productions in Clearwater and mastered by the world-renowned Ted Jensen of Sterling Sound in New York. The EP was released July 10th, 2010 at the Orpheum in Ybor, and is available for purchase on iTunes. You can find me at or .




hen was the last time you were on a diet that worked and what were your long term results? The fact is, most people struggle to lose weight and then gain the weight right back within 6 months. Why do most people who lose weight have trouble keeping it off? What is the real truth about weight loss? Is there a difference between weight loss and fat loss? There are many different factors involved with weight loss and that is why most diets fail. Sixty five percent of the American population is overweight and of those 26% are obese. Cancer, diabetes and heart disease are directly related to being overweight. Weight loss centers are going up on every corner but do they treat all of the contributing factors of weight gain? When it comes to weight loss, one diet does not fit all. Weight gain has been notoriously accredited to slow metabolism as a result of poor lifestyle or the aging process with a decrease in hormone levels and adrenal fatigue. The biggest problem with most weight loss programs is that they don’t address the long term. In the short term, there is weight loss and fat loss, but with most diets, lean muscle is also lost. Lean muscle helps control the body’s metabolism or fat burning mechanism. When lean muscle decreases so does metabolism. Most diets ultimately cause the metabolism, or fat burning process, to slow down through this loss of lean muscle. So, when individuals go off their diets, they tend to get bigger than ever and it becomes more and more difficult to lose the weight. This is why people tend to “yo-yo” or rollercoaster diet (loss weight and gain weight back over and over again). And, the more you rollercoaster diet, the more difficult it is to lose weight. Rollercoaster or” yo-yo” dieting will also slow metabolism, causing additional weight gain. These diets are a quick fix and may work temporarily, but not long term, leaving you with a sense of defeat and frustration. Imagine what your life would be like if your weight was no longer a problem, you felt good about the way you looked, had clear thinking, energy and vitality EVERY DAY. So, is there a comprehensive weight loss program that really works, not just short term, but for life? The answer is YES! Vitality Weight Loss using HCG... results for a lifetime.

Human Chorionic Gonadatropin (HCG) has become the new “Weight Loss Cure”. It is a preferred treatment for obesity and weight loss by physicians around the world. This weight-loss protocol works to drop tremendous amount of fat while losing weight while maintaining muscle. In combination with a low-calorie diet, HCG is believed to help safely speed up weight loss by slightly raising hormone levels in the body, such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. This hormone boost not only increases the body’s metabolism and promotes weight loss, it also targets the stored fat and spares lean muscle mass. It protects your body’s good fat and muscle from depleting and targets your abnormal fat at those noticeable areas (ie. belly, hips, buttocks and thighs). This means you can go on a low-calorie food plan and lose weight without experiencing the typical problems that we see in most low calorie diets such as excessive hunger, cravings, muscle loss and sagging skin. The average weight-loss for a man is about 1 pound per day during the 40 day protocol. The average weight-loss for women is about ¾ of a pound per da, or 30 lbs in 40 days. What is HCG? HCG is a hormone that is produced in women during pregnancy. It is utilized by the body to protect and nourish the fetus by delivering adequate caloric nutrition to the placenta by obtaining the mother’s stored fat reserves, thus sparing lean muscle. HCG by injection has been used for decades to treat a variety of medical conditions in addition to weight loss, such as hypogonadism (very low testosterone levels in men). HCG and Weight Loss Over 50 years ago, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons discovered HCG could be used for the treatment of obesity in men and non-pregnant women. He found the mechanism of HCG assists in removing stored fat while sparing lean muscle by forcing the body to rid fat through the body’s own natural elimination process. His patients received a daily dose of the HCG medication for 40 days in conjunction with a very low, 500 calorie diet. During his research, Dr. Simeons noticed several important factors including the lack of symptoms one would expect from a patient on a very low calorie diet. For example, his patients had no headaches, hunger pangs, weakness, or irritability as long as the low calorie diet was combined with HCG. Since then, tens of thousands of people have used a version of this inexpensive, simple, and safe treatment to achieve phenomenal, fast, and permanent weight loss.

Benefits of HCG for Weight Loss: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Fat burning and muscle sparing Rapid weight loss compared to other diets Redistribution of fat Increased metabolism by slightly raising estrogen and testosterone levels Decreased craving for sweets Decreased appetite Increased libido in men and women Maintaining weight loss despite returning to regular calorie intake Putting an end to Yo-Yo dieting frustration for good Ideal for women in menopause with declining or imbalanced hormone levels Targets the flabby fatty areas on the stomach, buttocks, thighs, arms and chest Cost effective

HCG Delivery Systems Real pharmaceutical HCG is available only by prescription and can be administered two ways, subcutaneously or orally. Subcutaneous Injection (recommended): HCG is injected into the fatty abdominal tissue via a tiny insulin needle (1/4 inch). A very small amount of HCG is injected daily for 30-40 days. Pharmaceutical Sublingual (oral): HCG is taken via drops or a troche under the tongue for 30-40 days. IMPORTANT: HCG alone will not cause weight loss; it is just one part of a total weight management program and if the entire program is followed properly and medically managed, the chances for losing weight and keeping the weight off are extremely high. At Vitality Weight-loss, we truly understand the complexity of weight and fat loss and will customize a program to fit your specific needs.

Brian Wolstein, D.C.

B.S. Food Science and Human Nutrition - UF Certified Age Management Medicine – Cenegenics Medical Institute Diplomat - Anti-aging and Rejuvenation Medicine – A4M

David Wolstein, M.D.

Board Certified - Anti-aging and Rejuvenation Medicine – A4M Diplomat - Anti-aging and Rejuvenation Medicine – A4M Fellowship - Anti-aging and Rejuvenation Medicine – A4M *A4M – American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine



1313 8TH AVE. | TAMPA, 33605 | (813)248-4969 Monday-Saturday: Open at 3pm • Sunday: Open at noon


1812 17TH ST N | TAMPA, 33605 | (813) 241-8600 Open 7 nights a week

TRANSITIONS ART GALLERY AND SKATEPARK OF TAMPA4215 East Columbus Drive | Tampa, 33605 | (813) 382.3477 Most events start at 8pm


937 Douglas Ave | Dunedin, 34698 | (727) 736-0606 Tues: 4p to 12a • Wed: 4p to 1a • Thurs: 12p to 1a • Fr& Sat: 12p to 2a Sun: 12p to 10p


10820 Gandy Blvd. | St. Pete | (727) 576-1091 Open 7 Days a week 10am-3am


14042 66th Street | Largo, 33771 | (727) 532-0265 Monday-Friday: 4pm-3am • Saturday-Sunday: 5pm-3am


13 South Safford Avenue | Tarpon Springs, 34689 | (727) 943-5713 Mon-Fri: 6pm-2am • Sat & Sun: 1pm-2am


532 1st Avenue North | Downtown St. Petersburg | (727) 898-JAVA Mon-Thurs: 11am-1am • Friday: 11am-2am • Saturday: 4pm-2am


10008 N 30th Street | Tampa, 33612 | (813) 971-1679 Monday-Sunday: 11am-3am


687 Central Avenue | St. Petersburg, | (727) 895-3045


kles’ Ian Bec


2908 W Gandy Blvd Tampa, 33611 (813) 837-8744


he word is out! Sakana serves the finest seafood and sushi in town. That’s written on every Sakana menu. There are very few foods that make me more excited than sushi. I’m very selective where I have my sushi experiences. Sakana sushi restaurant on Gandy may not be as well known as some other sushi spots in the Bay area, but they sure can go head to head with any of them when it comes down to taste, quality and creativity.

risotto was next up. This dish is a must try. Creamy risotto with chunks of lobster topped with a piece of fried lobster—it’s decadent and delightful. Next up was the 24 hour beef short ribs on a bed of wasabi mashed potatoes. The ribs were perfectly glazed and I literally cut the ribs with my fork. I was the most impressed with the torched yellowtail. Thin slices of yellowtail snapper seared to perfection topped with a secret, delicious sauce.

It’s all about the food at Sakana. Head chef “Eric-san” has thrilled Sakana patrons. He and owners Joe Gomez & Corky Harrit have done a great job creating a wonderful atmosphere for their brilliant food. Joe Gomez, the former owner of Sushi on 7th, opened Sakana 5 years ago and now Sakana is my first choice for sushi. The 2000 square foot restaurant is definitely a Tampa Bay hidden star.

Sakana has all the main sushi fares and assorted rolls from the famous Tampa roll to the spicy tuna hand rolls. It’s also a great place to hang out at night for a cocktail. Sakana serves beer, wine and infused sake with flavors like lychee, pineapple and green apple. The sake is a must try. I suggest you bring a designated driver if you are going to indulge in the sake; it has a tendency to sneak up on you.

I sat down with Eric-san to taste a few rolls that I haven’t tried yet. He surprised me by going outside the box of any regular sushi restaurant. My first course was pickled jalapenos and eggs, an odd combination, but right then I knew that Eric-san wasn’t playing around. The tastes were fabulous together. Lobster

Schedule a trip to the end of Gandy. Sakana is certainly one of Tampa Bay’s sleepers. Former wrestler Joe Gomez aka “Desperado” and Corky have created a fabulous product and he is an all-around great guy. If you like great sushi with an edge and culinary creativity, Sakana is a must try.




Steve & Julie Weintraub

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