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socialads / about us

About Us Social Ads Network is an internet marketing agency that focuses on the development and execution of eective online strategies. We specialize in all forms of online advertising and lead generation, and produce expert search marketing campaigns for clients using social media sites and search engines. Further to this we provide professional website development, database management, and custom programming for all market sectors in Africa.

Our Advertising Agency is helping clients establish and implement online strategies for over 7 years. Whether you wish to place a single classiďŹ ed listing or planning to go for a national campaign, we have a service plan that will meet your needs.

Work with us on a long term basis and you will not only save money but also your energy and time. We blend the beneďŹ ts of a large scale advertising agency - strategic approach, compelling creative work, and a full complement of in-house advertising services.

Thank you . . . we hope to do business with you soo |3

Whatever your needs, our expert sta will be able to work with you to identify the best solution for your organization. We oer everything your business needs to build an internet presence; from concept to concrete.

The internet arena is being used by billions worldwide. Let Social Ads help your business stay with technology and lead your industry.

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Video Adv


socialads / video advertising

Video Advertising Is there anything video can't do? It surprises us, teaches us, and even makes us giggle at work. Every day the world watches more. And now with Social Ads Network, you can get the power of video to work for you.

With our quality video ads, you can: •

Reach the right viewer at the right time


Minimize the costs of getting customers to learn more about you


Manage advertising campaigns with ease

Video advertising provides the unique opportunity to run ads with customized video and enables advertisers to connect their messages to a massive, engaged audience. Online video ads outperform all other types of online ads. They also increase brand awareness, brand favorability, and purchasing intent.


socialads / video advertising / beneďŹ ts

Stand out from the Competition

Create Interactivity and User Interest

Video advertising can help a website or

Video advertising will help create higher

business stand out from the competition.

levels of interactivity and user interest in

Videos are more eye-catching than text and

whatever you are promoting. Well

are still used by fewer organizations, making

produced videos are edutainment at its best

them a more distinct form of advertising. In

because they are both fun to watch and

this way, you can create your brand’s

informative. They encourage users to come

signature personality.

back for more.


Rank Well in Search Engines

Let Others Advertise for You

Well-made videos can rank extraordinarily

An entertaining, funny, unique or

well in search engines, due to the

informative video can quickly be spread

descriptive tags you can associate with them

around the Internet. If one person likes the

and the partnerships between video sites

video, he may share it with dozens of others.

and search engines, such as YouTube and

This increases the reach and scope of your


advertising without you having to do any additional work.


socialads / video advertising / benefits

the newest trends in media. In order to keep up with this fast paced trend and stay ahead of the competition, many businesses are deciding to use online video ads as part of their promotional strategies. Use this form of media and create several advantages for your business.

Instruct and Educate

Online video ads create a more personal interaction between a business and its

The video platform offers the unique opportunity

customers. The use of both visual effects and

to demonstrate how products work or how

sounds is an effective way of gaining a viewer’s

to do something. In this easy format, you can

attention. In today’s fast paced world, it is much

easily educate and instruct visitors about

more practical for someone to click on a video

your product or services.

link than it is for them to read a page of text. People want fast and easy information, and

Online video ads are quickly becoming one of


web video advertising allows them to have that.

A recent study conducted by the Online

When an ad contains a link to a website, or the

Publishers Association, found that 69 percent of

name of a company website, it is quite likely that

online users have watched a video online, and

the viewer will visit that site. Studies have found

24 percent do so at least once a week. Out of

that of the 69 percent of internet users viewing

those surveyed, it was found that 66 percent

online video ads, 40 percent visited a web site

have viewed an online video ad.

mentioned in the video ad, and 15 percent requested product information.

There are several ways a business can use a video online to its advantage. Video can be used to describe a product or service in detail, without any confusion. Video ads can be used to welcome viewers to websites, or discuss company information. Online advertisements have also proven to be an effective way of driving traffic to websites, and capturing a viewer’s attention.


socialads / video advertising / brand exposure

Businesses may also gain massive exposure for their brands by having their ads circulating on the web. A good video can be the best way to spread a message, product, or brand. Placing videos on search engines, and using strong keywords and taglines, can be a successful way of getting video recognition.

With the right content and the right recognition, using the video through the internet can be a powerful tool for any business.


Getting started – what will we need from you? •

Your company logo

Company Slogan

Products & services

Company description

Photos & pictures

Website Links

Contact information

Our team of expert designers will whip up an ad for you in no time. Once you’ve approved the ad, we will upload your video ad to these fine video sharing sites: 14|


Fan Page

socialads / facebook / fan page

What is a Fan Page on Facebook? Fan Site, Fan Page, Facebook Page… if you’ve ever heard any of these terms before, they mean pretty much the same thing. But for our purposes, we will refer to it interchangeably as a Fan Page.

Because after all, what good is a Page without any fans?

Something extra... A fan page is the only way for entities like businesses, organizations, celebrities, and political figures to represent themselves on Facebook.

Unlike a personal Facebook profile, fan pages are visible to everybody on the Internet. Anyone on Facebook can connect to and receive updates from a page by becoming a fan (i.e. ‘Liking’ the page).



socialads / facebook / fan page


We see you

Like a friend’s profile, Facebook pages enable

Unlike your friend’s profile, Facebook fan

public figures, authors, speakers, restaurants,

pages are visible to everyone on the internet

hotels, bands, retail stores, photographers,

by default. You, and every person on Facebook,

estate agents, community organizations and

can connect with these pages by becoming a

other entities to create an authentic and

fan and then receive their updates in your

public presence on Facebook.

News Feed and interact with them.

Authenticity is at the core of a fan page on Facebook. Just as profiles should represent real people and real names, so too should pages for entities.

Only the official representatives of a public figure, business or organization should create a fan page on Facebook.



socialads / facebook / fan page / benefits

Benefit #1

Benefit #2

Your genuine customers will “LIKE” your fan

You can post Photos, Videos, Articles, Links,

page and they will “FOLLOW” the Page for


future business posts.

including all forms of information relating to

Events, News, and Offers

your business at one place.


Benefit #3

Benefit #4

When you will have any new product or

You can interact with your customers directly.

service to launch, you can put it on your fan

You can ask their feedback and any sugges-

page. It will directly appear on the Homepage

tions regarding your products & services.

of your customers. So you can reach your

You can create pre-launch offers on your

customers directly anytime with your

page to test your product or service with

product or service.

them before launching it to the Market.


socialads / facebook / fan page / benefits

Benefit #5

Benefit #6

After having a separate Facebook Fan Page,

Search Engines also love Facebook. So when

anybody can join and interact with you any-

you put /share your business information on

time without waiting for friend requests and

your fan page, it will get indexed into the

to get accepted etc. There are no restrictions

search engines quickly &easily. It will also

to have only some specific amount of fans.

generate huge traffic to your fan page. And if

You can have unlimited fans to your fan page

you have any website or blog, you can easily

from all around the world.

redirect your traffic towards them.


Benefit #7

Benefit #9

You can integrate your Facebook fan page

You can set fully customized landing pages to

with your website and blogs also by putting a

your Facebook fan page. You can add your

“LIKE” widget into your website/ blog. This

Youtube Videos, Brochures, Logos, Corporate

widget also allows visitors to see and access

Identities of your business, and documents.

your Facebook information and can join your

You can add your website Tabs also to your

fan pagefrom there.

fan page.

Benefit #8 Twitter accounts can be integrated to your fans page.


Google R


socialads /google top ranking

Google Top Ranking Climbing the Google Mountain...

Getting your website to the top of Google is no easy task. We like to think of it as a mountain climb, only this mountain doesn't just come with a great view at the top, it comes with a significant financial reward. The good news is that we are good at it- very, very good at it. We'll confidently get you to page 1 of Google, and that's just the start...

We'll get your website to the first page of Google using keywords that will gain you a huge amount of new visitors.

We've been around for over 13 years, have excellent prices and are winners of various National & International Business Awards. Call or email us for information, advice and a free analysis.

Long Tail Results - lots more visitors - no extra charge...



socialads / google top ranking

Due to the way our system works you will also get discovered for lots of other search terms around the primary key phrases we are going to optimize your site for. These results are called long tail results. Take a look at our testimonials for some examples of key phrases we've optimized for and then the position achieved for other, long tail, phrases that the clients are being found for. Another reason to choose Social Ads Network – We’re a smart way to connect with customers.

How are you so confident this will work for me?

We have consistently achieved page 1 and position 1 Google results for lots of clients in various industries or sectors. We've developed a system of website promotion and marketing that produces truly outstanding results and delivers one of the best ROI (Return on Investments) your business will ever see. Take a look at our testimonials to see the great results we are achieving for other clients, and rest assured we will give your websites SEO marketing campaign the same high level of effort, attention to detail and promotion that we do theirs.



socialads / google top ranking

What should I do now? Unlike traditional advertising, SEO is a bit strange in that the people who "get in first" have a huge advantage over those who "arrive late to the party". The people who get in first for a specific phrase are incredibly difficult to "get past" on the way up through the Google results. The sooner you get your website promoted; it effectively stops your competitors (who haven't yet cottoned on to SEO) from getting past you to the top.

What will my package entail? We will strategize up to 20 keywords for your website, video advert, and internet banners to be displayed on the 1st page when customers are looking for you. The technique we use is fairly simple. We rotate keywords each time we submit to Google, which allows your company to climb the ladder faster than other companies out there would.


Factors to consider when achieving a high ranking on Google include •

Keywords used within the Title tag

Page content, position and emphasis of keywords

The 'theme' of the site, including the number of pages indexed and the use of keywords throughout

Having a site listed in the Directory with a keyword relevant description

The number of inbound hyperlinks from other relevant and quality websites and advertisements.


a Banners

socialads / / banner advertising Banner advertising 94% of consumers look for information on products and services online before making a purchase. Turbo boost your local campaign with display banner advertising and become a first choice for customers searching online.

Be it on a laptop, desktop or on the go, people are spending more time online than ever before, so it makes perfect sense that businesses are too. Let Social Ads Network take your business to the next level with a banner advertisement on the internet today!


Classified banners on are a great way to showcase your business when a user searches a particular heading or keyword online. Your banner will ensure your business messages stand out on the search results page with an eye-catching graphic. Classified banners appear at the right side of the results and rotate every time a new search is conducted.


These banners are premium placement products reserved exclusively for our valued customers. A top listing is included on web and mobile search as well as a 3D map listing and a high ranking on the video channel.

Let our Account Managers secure a banner advertisement and a top listing on to help your business stand out from the crowd and drive new and increased traďŹƒc to your door today!


Twitter A


socialads / twitter accounts

Twitter Accounts Twitter is an online social networking and micro blogging service that enables users to send and read "tweets", which are text messages limited to 140 characters. Registered users can read and post tweets, but unregistered users can only read them. Users access Twitter through the website interface, SMS, or mobile device app. This service has rapidly gained worldwide popularity, with 500 million registered users in 2012, who posted 340 million tweets per day. It handles 1.6 billion search queries per day. Twitter is now one of the ten most-visited websites, and has been described as "the SMS of the Internet."

Businesses use Twitter to share information about their services, gather real-time market intelligence, and build relationships with customers, partners and inuencers.

Let our Account Managers set-up a business account for your company today and stay connected with your customers and grow your community today.



Thank you . . . we hope to do business with you soo

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Thank you . . . we hope to do business with you soo

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