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Independent beauty specialist bloggers confirm the efficacy of Clayspray Glow

“I did notice a bit of a skin-boosting glow” Essie Button! “And the result? Lovely, clear, glowing skin” Lis for Ladybird! “To reveal a lot more radiant complexion"Beauty Bubble Blog!

“This is definitely a super luxury face mask” Fundamentally Flawless!

“I was extremely pleased with the immediate results... My face beamed with radiance and felt significantly clean and refreshed.  It also felt suppler and extremely smooth to touch”  Belleza Babe!

“I tried the Glow Red Clay Mask with cacao at the launch event and fully intend to add that one to my skincare hoard after payday.”Do not Refreeze! “The Glow Red Clay Masque instantly adds a boost of radiance to dull skin. Hey Do You!

” My skin felt smooth, my pores minimised and my complexion brighter. The difference was amazing after just one use!”Afro Boudoir! “The results are, in our opinion, superb. The skin is thoroughly cleansed and radiant and we particularly noticed how well it draws out impurities and minimizes blackheads and pores size.”Heart!

”I found the skin incredibly silky soft after removing the masks and none of that tight uncomfortable effect. I also highly rate this product as you don’t break out at all even though it does detoxify the skin. ”  Beauty and the Snob! “ Tiredness had evaporated and my skin looking rebooted and yes, glowing. Jacqui Dolly Mixture!

Independent beauty specialist bloggers confirm the efficacy of clayspray glow  

Glow Red Clay with Cacao Masque ready to use. Clayspray Nourishing power of antioxidant rich cacao aids cell regeneration and neutralises t...