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Without regard for the natural colors of the actual subject, heightened color visually enhances the elements in the compositian.

I perceive both form and color as a graphic designer and as an artist. Form transcends color but color conveys emotion.

I feel that color in harmony creates balance.

In the same way that light interacts with form, often elilciting an emotinal response, color can do the same — eliciting emotions ranging from humor to ridicule.

Expressionists and post-impressionaists in particular, broke away from traditional uses of color.

I find inspiration in artists like Edward Munch and Vincent Van Gogh, in the respect that they manipulated color to provoke.

The digital technique that I use is inspired by artists and photographers employing the gum bichromate process, where the natural colors captured in photography are manipulated or dye is added at different stages of the developing process. I am able to use mediocre or trash photographs and turn them into something that may border on absurd or weird. Call it digital up-cycling.

I observe contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity. I enjoy finding a use for old photographs while thinking about new compositions and ways of manipulating them. Sometimes I see the superimposed color over the natural color.

Artwork and Text Clay Byars Copy Editing Jennifer Westfield Copyright Clay Byars Design, 2013

Clay Byars Design

Hightened Color Book  

This booklet contains images that have the colors manipulated, reflecting a basic three to four color, pallet.

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