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Š2020, Clavis Publishing, picture by Whitley Obobaifo

Clavis Toddler Every child loves to read and even babies and toddlers can enjoy warm stories and beautiful images. But in this case the books have to suit their needs and they have to fit in their tiny little hands. That’s why the titles in our toddler line are tailormade for the little ones: with recognizable themes, rich language, fun characters and firm pages.


farm, farm animals, chicken, cow, duck, tractor, eating and drinking

Kevin & Ka publish tie already ed in m ore than 20 langua ges!

Clavis Toddler

Kevin at the Farm

Over 45 title Kevin a s about nd availab le and m Katie ore to c ome!

In the same series By Liesbet Slegers Hardback with round corners 210 x 220 mm 24 months and up 32 pages

Katie in the Forest

A cheerful story about Kevin’s experiences at the farm. For toddlers ages 24 months and up , with a focus on the world around the child. Today Kevin is at Uncle Daan’s and Auntie Klaar’s farm. Together with Olivia he goes to watch the animals and to lend a helping hand wherever he can. They also ride on the tractor together. So much fun!



Clavis Toddler


babysitter, missing mom and dad, playing

Anna and the Babysitter

In the same series

Anna Brushes her Teeth 14th reprint!

A recognizable story about a first night with the babysitter. For toddlers ages 30 months and up, with a focus on the child’s emotions. Tonight there will be a babysitter! She is looking after Anna, Mommy and Daddy are going to the health club tonight. That’s why a babysitter is coming by. At first, Anna doesn’t like it. She hides away. But Laure is a sweet babysitter and it turns out to be a wonderful evening.

By Kathleen Amant Hardback with round corners 210 x 220 mm 30 months and up 32 pages

Anna in Traffic 14th reprint!

Nothing is as important to children as the love of their parents or caregivers. But they too could use some help now and then. At difficult moments or exciting challenges, a book can offer just that little bit extra.

Š2020, Clavis Publishing, picture by Whitley Obobaifo

A Helping Hand


A Helping Hand


interactive, winter, snow, snowball, playing outdoor, animals, friends

Winter Fun

Turn th e bo the snow ok and ball wil l start to roll! Other bestseller by Anita Bijsterbosch

Everyone Is Yawning Published in in 27 languages!

To be ex pected: the other se asons!

An interactive picture book with an (almost) real snowball! For children who really love the winter. Fox, Mouse, Raccoon and Owl are playing in the snow. They want to make a snowman, on top of a hill. But‌ a snowball that big is quite heavy. Let’s help them roll the ball to the top!

By Anita Bijsterbosch Hardback 250 x 260 mm 3 years and up 32 pages


bicycle, scooter, traffic, traffic safety, to school, traffic rules

A Helping Hand

Ian and Sarah in Traffic

w to ing ho Learn in traffic! ct intera In the same series

Ian and Sarah Celebrate Halloween

By Pauline Oud Hardback 250 x 260 mm 3 years and up 32 pages Big Sister Sarah 17th reprint!

A recognizable and useful picture book about traffic safety. Today Ian and Sarah learn about traffic. Grandpa takes Sarah to school on foot. It is very busy on the streets: they see cars, busses, bicycles, scooters ... In the classroom the children talk about vehicles, they tinker with cars and take part in a traffic game. They even get a visit from a real policeman!



A Helping Hand


swimming, swimming lessons, frog, perseverance, discover your own talent

Hop at Swimming Class A colorful and funny book about a little frog at swimming class ... and about finding your own way. For kids who love splashing in the water! Splash! All frogs have to take swimming lessons from Mama! Floating, backstroke, treading water: Hop does his merry best, but he makes a mess of it. At one point he is the bravest, but was that his intention? By Esther van den Berg Hardback 235 x 325 mm 4 years and up 32 pages

More by Esther van den Berg

Good Night, Sleep Tight Published in 10 languages

“Kindness begets kindness and pays it forward: a timely, urgent message for all ages.� - KIRKUS REVIEWS

First Day of School

2nd prin t ru in 1 yea n r!

Clavis Uitgeverij



A Helping Hand

Sara’s Shoes


grow up, buy new shoes, fitting shoes, big feet

al talent: Internation om Italy Illustrator fr

Because buying shoes is sometimes quite an adventure. A recognizable book for little walkers. Sara’s feet don’t fit in her shoes anymore! And flipflops, flippers or stiletto heels are not an option either. But... what other options are there? By Francesca Pirrone Hardback 210 x 290 mm 4 years and up 32 pages

e Key Winner of th mpetition Colours Co More by Francesca Pirrone

The perfect gift book!

Little Book of Kindness Published in more than 10 languages!

Bruno Has One Hundred Friends Published in more than 10 languages!


responsibility, searching, family, losing items

Internatio nal talent: Illustrator from Chin a

A Helping Hand

Where Is the Key?

More by Mr Biro Pang Shuo & Mister Biro


ti jd

Netjes op tijd

Een bijzonder prentenboek over koesteren van de dingen waar je om geeft. Voor sloddervosjes en pietjes-precies vanaf 4 jaar.

Pang Shuo & Mister Biro

De bewoners van het groene woud zijn heel blij met hun mooie, nieuwe, kleine trein. Eerst was hij er niet, en toen moesten de dieren alles te voet doen. Maar op een dag zorgen ze niet meer goed voor de kleine trein … ISBN 978-9044838572


Right on Time

By Hong Cuili and Mr Biro Hardback 250 x 260 mm 5 years and up 32 pages

A funny book about taking responsibility and making mistakes. But most of all about a lost key. The perfect book for little detectives. Where has the key gone to? The girl and her mother search everywhere and turn the whole house upside down. But they can’t find the key anywhere… or can they?



A Helping Hand


koala, staying awake, not tired, bedtime, be yourself

Koala Can’t Sleep

A soft and funny book about daring to be yourself. For sleepyheads who don’t want to go to bed. Koalas love to sleep. Except for this koala. Singing songs, doing sports, laying still, chatting: no matter what he tries, he just can’t sleep. But ... maybe sleeping is more fun than Koala imagines?

By Jin Xiaoyu and Xu Yang Hardback 250 x 260 mm 5 years and up 32 pages

Internatio nal talent: Illustrator from Chin a


A Helping Hand


reading, learning to read, read aloud, pets, cats

James’ Reading Rescue

al talent: Internation om Spain Illustrator fr

More by Sara Casilda ‘Naar bed, naar bed, kleine meid!’ ‘Nee, papa en mama, het is nog geen tijd!’ Anna wil nog niet naar bed. Maar alle andere plekjes waar ze zich opkrult, zijn al bezet … Een verhaal vol humor en fantasie over naar bed gaan, voor wakkerblijvertjes vanaf 4 jaar.

Naar bed, naar bed

Naar bed, naar bed

James struggles with reading and misses recess to practice. To cheer himself up, he visits the cat rescue shelter and befriends Ghost, the cat in the box. But Ghost isn’t quite ready to make friends! As his reading improves, James learns that kindness and perseverance can have unexpected rewards and that having a furry friend is the best gift of all.

By Dianna Wilson and Sara Casilda Hardback 250 x 260 mm 6 years and up 32 pages

Valeria Kiselova Savrasova & Sara Casilda

An endearing story about reading to your favorite animal. For animal lovers and book lovers.

Valeria Kiselova Savrasova & Sara Casilda ISBN 978-9044835946


Off to Bed!


smartphone, playing outside, soccer, skateboard, fishing, investigation, outdoor, creativity

A Helping Hand

Go Out and Play

More by Adam Ciccio

dren Inspire chil time re o to spend m e! id ts u playing o Macie’s Mirror

By Adam Ciccio and Katrien Benaets Hardback 250 x 260 mm 6 years and up 32 pages The Boy in the Orange Cape

Inspire children to spend more time playing outside! The clouds are gone and the sun is out. It’s time to put the phones away and enjoy the sunshine before the sun goes down. There are so many things to explore outside. Playing soccer, skate­ boarding, or searching for bugs!


So Many Emotions! How are you feeling today? Children face many different situations and so many unknown emotions. Books help children recognize and name their feelings and discuss them in an easy, safe and playful way. Angry, happy or sad? It’s okay to feel this way.

Š2020, Clavis Publishing, picture by Whitley Obobaifo


missing family, going to school, feelings

So Many Emotions

See You Soon!

More by Brigitta Bijloos

Our Baby 2nd print run in 1 year

By Brigitta Bijloos and Esther Miskotte Hardback 210 x 290 mm 2.5 years and up 32 pages

A warm picture book about missing someone, with playful and loving ways to deal with these feelings. For anyone who sometimes misses someone. Hello! I’m Nena. I feel a bit scared and sad when I don’t see my family. When I go to school, sometimes I miss them all day. Luckily, we always see each other again very soon …



So Many Emotions


a day at school, saying goodbye, missing each other

Around the Sun and over the Moon

A funny book about having to say goodbye in order to see each other again soon. ‘See you later! I’m just going around the sun and over the moon!’ That’s how mommy says goodbye to Pieter at the schoolyard. Soon she will pick him up again. But how long does it take to go around the sun and over the moon?

By Ann Harrell and Linda Heijnekamp Hardback 210 x 290 mm 4 years and up 32 pages


farm, tractor, emotions, being afraid, overcoming fears

3rd title in

More about Little Tractor

this series!

So Many Emotions

Little Tractor Is Afraid

ming in new title co 21! summer 20

Little Tractor Is Jealous

By Natalie Quintart and Philippe Goossens Hardback 250 x 260 mm 4 years and up 32 pages

Little Tractor in Winter

A recognizable book about being a little scared and a little brave. Little tractor is scared. It’s raining hard and the hill is steep, so he really doesn’t want to go down the mountain. Until his friends need help, because then Little Tractor dares to do anything!



So Many Emotions


baby, brother and sister, playing, laughing, diaper change

Miles Won’t Smile

More by Jackie Azúa Kramer A funny and recognizable picture book about little brothers and big smiles. Prunella does everything to make her brother Miles laugh. She makes crazy faces, makes crazy sounds, does crazy dances. But Miles stays quiet and good. Until a very funny accident happens...

By Jackie Azúa Kramer and Martina Schachenhuber hardback 250 x 260 mm 4 years and up

That’s for Babies

If You Want to Fall Asleep


y Bonnie in Titles b hed n Publis Grubma guages! 12 lan

friendship, being afraid, the big city, public transport, piggies

So Many Emotions

Walter and Willy Go to the City

new title coming in summer 2021!

More about Walter and Willy By Bonnie Grubman and Judi Abbot Hardback 250 x 260 mm 5 years and up 32 pages

You Can’t Scare Me!

A funny book about never being scared! And about sometimes being a little bit scared. For brave and adventurous children. Walter and Willy are best friends. Willy isn’t afraid of anything, but Walter is always cautious. One day Willy takes Walter on a big adventure in the city. The big buildings and strange sounds make Walter nervous, but a visit to Willy’s favorite restaurant makes the trip worthwhile.



So Many Emotions


passing away, mourning, saying goodbye, friends, animals of the forest

Everything that Was. Goodbye Stork

A soft and sensitive book about saying goodbye. Stork returns from winter vacation. Owl can’t wait to hear her stories! But... she keeps falling silent and eventually she even stops moving‌ Stork has died. Fortunately the animal friends help each other to deal with their grief and they say goodbye together.

By Janna de Lathouder and Anne Schneider Hardback 210 x 290 mm 5 years and up 32 pages

More in this series



with grie

Everything Is Quiet

Things to Remember published in 10 languages!


reading, reading aloud, diary, grandma, stories, enjoying stories, young and old

talent: International Italy Illustrator from

A heartwarming story about keeping memories alive and passing on traditions and about the power of reading and writing. Grandma is reading from a diary. Lissy listens intently to the exciting stories. But . . . who are these stories actually about?

By Ellen DeLange and Ilaria Zanellato Hardback 210 x 290 mm 5 years and up 32 pages


More by Ellen DeLange

The Boy and the Egg

s by E l publi len DeLan shed ge langu in 16 ages!

So Many Emotions

Lissy’s Diary



So Many Emotions


emotions, birth, friendship, development, changes, siblings

It Started with No

A poetic sweet story about paying attention to each other. Mommy has a big belly and she is busy. She says: ‘I don’t see you!’. Bonne closes his eyes, he doesn’t see anything with his eyes closed! But even with closed eyes he recognizes the animals in the park. When he comes home, he opens his eyes. He sees Mommy and his newborn sisters. ‘Do you see me?’ he asks. ‘I see a big brother,’ Mommy whispers. By Margreet Schouwenaar and Daniëlle Schothorst Hardback 210 x 290 mm 5 years and up 32 pages

Book Schot s by Dani horst ëlle p 10 la ublished i nguag n es! More by Daniëlle Schothorst Daniëlle Schothorst

Maar … Papa Pluis houdt ook van zichzelf. Dat begrijpt Pluisje niet. Als papa van zichzelf houdt, blijft er dan genoeg

houden van over voor Pluisje?

Een warm en filosofisch verhaal over houden van jezelf en houden van elkaar.

Ik hou ook van mij!

Papa Pluis en zijn kleintje houden van elkaar.

Voor hartendiefjes vanaf 5 jaar. ISBN: 978-9044834130

9 789044 834130


I Love Me Too

Daniëlle Schothorst


So Many Emotions


love, chocolates, presents, problem solving, family

A Box Full of Love

Perfec Valen t book for tine Moth ’s Day or er’s D ay!

More by Anne Sawan

A funny and tender story about sweet presents and chocolates that are too delicious. For children with a sweet tooth. Max lifts the top off the heart-shaped box and peeks inside. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate. Mommy is going to love this gift! But maybe he can just try one?

By Anne Sawan and Katrien Benaets Hardback 250 x 260 mm 5 years and up 32 pages

What Can Your Grandma Do?


cuddle toy, sock, friendship, saying goodbye, little things in life

So Many Emotions

The Red Sock lent: ional ta ina t a n r e t In Ch tor from Illustra

A touching story about a sock, a boy, and a special form of consolation. A red sock! A little boy finds a red sock on the street. He picks it up, takes it home, washes it... and they become best friends! The boy and the red sock stick together in good times and less good times.

By Jin Xiaoyu and Jiang Ziying Hardback 250 x 260 mm 5 years and up 32 pages  



So Many Emotions


overcoming fears, self-confidence, being brave, friendship, playing together

Anxious Andy A recognizable and useful book about overcoming your fears. For brave children. Bert is always afraid. His friends dare everything, but he doesn’t dare anything. Can’t he get a little more brave?

By Adam Ciccio and Nynke Talsma Hardback 210 x 290 mm 5 years and up 32 pages

More by Nynke Talsma

illion han 1 m More t d in China! sol copies A Tummy Full of Secrets

Translated into more than 10 languages!

Š2020, Clavis Publishing, picture by Whitley Obobaifo

Believe in Yourself! A little support from your friends, a pat on your shoulder, a sweet word in your ear, a book in your hand: it’s the little things that give you that extra push to be the best version of yourself!


Believe in Yourself!


circus, self-confidence, perseverance, acrobatics

SuperTess in the Circus

More by Marloes Van Loon A funny and recognizable book about perseverance, for little circus artists. SuperTess wants to be as talented as the people in the circus. She tries everything: taming lions, lifting a stone, juggling ... But what if it doesn’t work out at once?

By Bianca Antonissen and Marloes Van Loon Hardback 250 x 260 mm 4 years and up 32 pages

My Grandma Is a Superhero


self-esteem, self-confidence, enjoying the little things, everyday things

Believe in Yourself!

I Am Enough

Santa’s Year

A funny picture book about what Santa does when it’s not Christmas. With enough look-and-search-games for an entire year of reading. For little helpers ages 5 years and up.

Rik & Federico

Santa . . . You know his beard, his sleigh, his reindeer, and his presents. Because you see those every December. But do you know what he’s up to the rest of the year?

Just pu b already lished and sold to Kong, K Hong orea, More by Federico Russi a, Taiw Macao, an Van Lunter and the , Ukraine US! Rik Peters & Federico Van Lunter $18.95 US ISBN 978-9044839630 ISBN: 978-1605377216



9 781605 377216

Santa’s Year

By Jessy Humann and Federico Van Lunter Hardback 250 x 260 mm 4 years and up 32 pages

Learn to embrace yourself, because you are enough. An atmospheric and poetic booklet full of beautiful drawings. What’s today for? Today could be for counting raindrops or taking long walks. Today could be for making wishes, for friends, or other stuff. Each day is so much better when you believe that you’re enough.



music, tastes differ, hobbies, animals, perseverance

Bear Loves music

A musical story about a small bear with a big passion. For happy musicians. Bear likes to play her flute. She wants to play beautiful melodies for all of her friends, but some animals don’t like the sound. Yet Bear doesn’t give up. She’s determined to play her music and share it with her friends.

By Pang Shuo and Gan Yufang Hardback 250 x 260 mm 4 years and up 32 pages

Believe in Yourself!



Believe in Yourself!


sunrise, waking up, rituals, talents, finding your own way, animals

Who Wakes Up the Sun? A nice story about perseverance and finding your own talent. And all that very early in the morning. Every morning the sun rises. Very early. Fox thinks that Blackbird wakes up the sun, because Blackbird always whistles so beautifully. But maybe Fox can wake up the sun too?

By Daniëlle Schothorst Hardback 210 x 290 mm 5 years and up 32 pages

“The Brightest Star by Danielle Schothorst is … a heartwarming story for young readers ages 5 and up emphasizing kindness toward others and positive thinking. 5/5” - Literary Soirée More by Daniëlle Schothorst

The Brightest Star


self-confidence, pushing your own limits, believing in yourself, talents, family

t: talen nia l a n a o nati Rom Inter or from trat Illus

A funny book about pushing your own boundaries. And about flying! Once upon a time there was a little bird that didn’t dare to fly. His mother and his brothers and sisters did everything to encourage him, but he didn’t want to leave the nest. Until that one day...

By Caroline Nastro and Anca Sandu Hardback 210 x 290 mm 5 years and up 32 pages

Believe in Yourself!

Fly, Little Bird, Fly



Believe in Yourself!


beach, lighthouse, day and night, light, family, problem solving

Biem’s Lighthouse

k, nmar e D o t More by Ton Koene Sold kraine U ! a ussi and R By Ton Koene Hardback 290 x 210 mm 5 years and up 56 pages

The picture book debut of Ton Koene. An atmospheric story about a boy, his grandfather, and their lighthouse. One evening dark clouds gather above the sea. It is already dark, but no light comes out of the lighthouse yet. How is that possible? Biem decides to investigate.


Living Together Books and stories bring people together. Reading teaches us that we are all different and all the same. And with each reader the world becomes a little more beautiful and united.

Š2020, Clavis Publishing, picture by Whitley Obobaifo


Living Together


new neighbors, strangers, prejudices, overcome fears, open yourself up to others

Afraid of Your Neighbor

Interna t Illustra ional talent: tor from Poland

A funny book about having prejudices and overcoming them. Frog lost his ball. And there’s a new neighbor in the forest. This can’t be a coincidence. Their new neighbor must have stolen the ball! All animal friends accuse their new neighbor, but Mouse has a different idea. By Katherina E. Volk and Malgorzata Zajac Hardback 250 x 260 mm 5 years and up 32 pages


fear of the unknown, having confidence, making new friends, prejudices

Internatio n Illustrator al talent: from Aust ria

An adventurous picture book about prejudice and daring to make new friends. After fleeing his home, Fox arrives in a new forest. Tired and looking for a friend, Fox knocks on the first door he sees. Will Fox make a new friend?

By Ellen DeLange and Agnes Ofner Hardback 210 x 290 mm 5 years and up 32 pages

More by Ellen DeLange

nge en DeLa ll E y b Books ed in publish ages! u g 16 lan A Warm Friendship

Living Together

A New Home for Fox



Living Together


being sick, infection, corona, covid-19, immunity, protect others, wear mouth mask

Beaver Doesn’t Open the Door

A reco g in tim nizable boo es of C k ovid-1 9

An instructive book about protecting yourself and protecting others from diseases and infections. Beaver sneezes and snorts all the time. His nose is red and he has a fever. Beaver knows that something is wrong—he’s worried he may have a contagious disease. When his friend comes to help him, he doesn’t open the door. He doesn’t want to accidentally get anyone sick. By Pang Shuo and Jiang Ziying Hardback 210 x 290 mm 5 years and up 32 pages


jungle, Congo, okapi, adventure, exploring, animals, missing mommy

al talent: Internation om Congo Illustrator fr

An enchanting jungle story with authentic drawings by Congolese illustrator Patrick Ntabaza. Little Okapi got up early. He travels through the jungle all on his own. He keeps his eyes open, because there is so much to see and everything is new. But... where is Mommy ?

By Bart Demyttenaere and Patrick Ntabaza Hardback 210 x 290 mm 5 years and up 40 pages

art Books by B sold to e er a Demytten Denmark, Indonesia, China! Korea and More by Bart Demyttenaere B ar t De m y t t e n ae r e & MY R IA M BE R E N SC HO T

Kleintje is een ĂŠchte tijger. Nou ja ... Hij is niet snel, niet sterk en niet stoer. En hij kan niet goed jagen. Maar hij is wel heel oplettend. Erg handig, als je een tijger bent.

Ba rt D em y t t en a ere & M Y RIA M BEREN SC H O T


Kleintje een


Een grappig regenwoudboek over jezelf zijn en je eigen talenten ontdekken. Voor ĂŠchte tijgertjes vanaf 5 jaar.

Hoe Kleintje een HELD werd ISBN 978-9044837896


King Ant

How Little One Became a Hero

Living Together



Embrace the World From the stars in the sky to the insects in the grass. Those who are really curious will find beauty and wonder everywhere. Let’s dive into this beautiful world and discover it further through our books. Š2020, Clavis Publishing, picture by Whitley Obobaifo


vegetable garden, gardening, seeds, plants, vegetables, fruit, green fingers

Embrace the World

Luke and Lottie and their Vegetable Garden

More about Luke and Lottie Naar school! De tweeling Luuk en Lotje heeft een leuke dag in de klas. Ze knutselen en spelen, leren en eten, maken muziek en sporten. En dan gaat de bel alweer, want een schooldag is zo voorbij!

Naar school!

vrolijk en herkenbaar prentenboek over een dagje op school. Voor leergierige lezers vanaf 3 jaar. ISBN: 978-9044836615

9 789044 836615


Luke and Lottie. To School

Luke an publis d Lottie hed langu in 10 ages!

By Ruth Wielockx Hardback 250 x 260 mm 3 years and up 32 pages

A cheerful and recognizable story about the vegetable garden. For readers with green fingers. Today Luke and Lottie are gardening. A vegetable garden with fruit and vegetables is fun and tasty. They rake the sand and sow radishes. Luke even plants a candy tree! But will it grow?


n oma mL 0 a S y in 1 ks b Boo blished es! pu uag lang

[Beeld: illustratie uit De moestuin van Muffin (ISBN 42449)]  


vegetable garden, gardening, nature, birds, insects

n ave or! ite R lustrat h W d il ate min


A cheerful and educational book about Muffin and her vegetable garden. For readers with green fingers. Vegetables from your own garden are the best! Muffin plants seeds and gives them a little water every day. After a while these seeds will grow into real vegetables! And then... it’s time to harvest!

By Sam Loman Hardback 250 x 260 mm 4 years and up 32 pages

More about Muffin

Have You Seen Bunny?

Baker Muffin

Embrace the World

Muffin’s Vegetable Garden



Embrace the World


animals in the garden, lizard, worm, learning to eat vegetables

Manu’s Lizard A funny picture book about caring and green beans. A small lizard crawls into Manu’s bathtub. He didn’t knock and he doesn’t have a suitcase with him. Manu wants to take good care of his new friend, but what does a lizard eat?

By Szilvia Hunyadi and Natascha Stenvert Hardback 210 x 290 mm 4 years and up 32 pages

More about Manu


Manu kijkt vol verwondering om zich heen. De lente brengt zijn gedachten op gang. Een aandoenlijk prentenboek voor dagdromers vanaf 4 jaar.

Szilvia Hunyadi & Natascha Stenvert

Manu is in de tuin met mama. Het wordt lente en hij krijgt het te warm onder zijn muts. Alle dieren krijgen kleintjes in de lente, denkt hij opeens. Hij duwt de pompon van zijn muts tussen de takken van de struik. Zou dat een goed nest zijn voor een kleintje?

Szilvia Hunyadi & Natascha Stenvert ISBN: 978-9044826227

9 789044 826227

Manu’s Button


Manu’s Little One


insects, look-and-find, quiz, facts, being grateful

Embrace the World

Thank You Day. A Search Book Filled with Little Ticklers A swarming search book about insects. Filled with fun facts and interesting questions. For little detectives. Happy Thank You Day! All insects are busy. They make honey, play music or roll dung balls. But most of all they are nice to each other by giving compliments and saying thank you! By Sam Loman Hardback 235 x 325 mm 4 years and up 32 pages

for the Selected ven a White R of st li 0 2 20 ns! endatio recomm

More by Sam Loman

You Are Special



Embrace the World


fruit, apples, apple tree, sell, store, taste, bear, rabbit

Apples for Sale

Internati onal tale nt: Illustrato r from C hina

A funny and soft story about tasting and tasting and tasting apples. For children who love fruit. Apples for sale! Bear and Rabbit offer the tastiest apples. Freshly picked from the big apple tree. But how can they be sure that the apples are tasty? By tasting them one by one, of course! By Liu Bin and Dan Song Hardback 210 x 290 mm 5 years and up 32 pages

Fantasy! Fly on the back of a dragon, visit a distant planet, rescue a clumsy prince from the tower, or travel to the future. Anything is possible, in your imagination... and in a book.

Š2020, Clavis Publishing, picture by Whitley Obobaifo




fantasy, imagination, daydreaming

With a Little Dog on my Hand

With rhymes!

Books by Bar bara van Rheenen publ ished in 8 languages! On her way to school Kato loses herself in her imagination. A beautiful picture book for daydreamers just like Kato. No, oh no, thought then Kato. I actually went to class. I had - frankly - smoothly forgotten That I wasn’t a dog myself.

By Nathalie Depoorter and Barbara van Rheenen Hardback 290 x 210 mm 3 years and up 32 pages




fantasy, unicorn, daydreaming

To Catch a Unicorn

More by Vanessa Westgate

A funny and cheerful book for little adventurers. Can you catch a unicorn? They’re hard to find, because they like to hide. And they’re very shy. If you’re really lucky, you can meet one . . . and ride him!

By Vanessa Westgate Hardback 250 x 260 mm 4 years and up 32 pages

ished e publ s! l t i t t s ge Fir angua in 12 l

To Catch an Elephant


rules, being naughty, fantasy, imagination, playing outside


Climb a Giraffe

More by Adam Ciccio By Adam Ciccio and Yuke Li Hardback 250 x 260 mm 5 years and up 32 pages

A Beary Rainy Day

A funny book about dreaming, discovering and maybe even breaking a few rules in the process. The perfect book for little dreamers. I want to climb a giraffe to see the world from above. And dance with a peacock. I want to find a treasure. And make a space journey... But I’ll be home in time for dinner!


Non-Fiction To all little (and bigger) readers out there the world is an open book. Some adventurers get on a ship and others dive into a story and love to learn from books. Our Non-Fiction titles enlarge your world because reading in itself is a voyage of discovery.

Š2020, Clavis Publishing, picture by Whitley Obobaifo



N D - AI D

Harm Truly Eats Everything All families have to deal with unique challenges. Band-Aid makes those sensitive issues discussible. The books contain a warm story, a game, and a verse or children’s song. But also an informative supplement for adults, with a touching testimony or an interview with an expert. Band-Aid invites you to talk with one another and to understand one another. Because no matter how difficult the situation gets, a band-aid always helps.

A recognizable story that makes excess weight discussable for a child. Including an interview with a dietician, other background information, and tips for parents. By Ilona Lammertink and Els Vermeltfoort Hardback 250 x 260 mm 5 years and up 48 pages

Harm is fond of eating and truly eats anything. Preferably, he’s hanging on the couch with something sweet next to him. Some say he’s getting too big, but Harm doesn’t care. One day, he gets the role of ringmaster in the school play. Harm is overjoyed, until he notices that he doesn’t fit into his nice suit anymore. Harm and his parents ask for help and start losing weight together.



Children often have butterflies in their belly. When they get to know their own body, when they first fall in love, or when they discover intimacy and sexuality. That’s natural.

Butterflies In Your Belly makes all these steps discussable, with tailor-made books for different ages. Children grow up, and Butterflies In Your Belly grows with them. What a nice feeling.

Belly ur

s In Y flie o er

But t C hi






a n d s e x u al



Big Bellies and Happy Babies

You Can’t Choose Who You Fall in Love with

My Daddy Has a Willlie

Sex, what’s that? What do storks have to do with babies? Is a baby bored in its mother’s belly? And why can’t pregnant women tie shoelaces? You’ll find out in this book!

When Lars tells his classmates that he wants to become gay later, it raises a lot of questions. Why is that? And can you just choose to become gay? Together with the teacher, Lars and his classmates look for answers.

‘My daddy has a willie!’ calls Max across the class. It is quiet for a moment. And then everyone starts to laugh. Every daddy seems to have a willie. Even the teacher’s dad!

By Nathalie Depoorter and Marianne van der Walle Hardback 250 x 260 mm 5 years and up 48 pages

By Pimm van Hest and Esther Leeuwrik Hardback 250 x 260 mm 5 years and up 40 pages

By Pimm van Hest & Madeleine van der Raad Hardback 250 x 260 mm 5 years and up 40 pages




, craft t page u o d l quiz es fo Includ ment and a n g i ass

Want to Know. Music

An informative picture book about ... music! For little musicians and music lovers.

An informative picture book about insects. Let’s become a real expert.

Do you want to know everything about music? Are you curious which musical instruments exist? Or how people used to make music many years ago? And did you know that there is even music in space? Find answers to all these questions and many more in this book!

Do you want to know everything about insects? In this book you’ll discover how many legs a centipede really has, how caterpillars turn into butterflies, why a spider is not an insect at all... and much more!

By Sanne Ramakers and Jeroen Schipper Hardback with big fold-out page 250 x 260 mm 5 years and up 36 pages

By Sanne Ramakers and Marjolein Hund Hardback with big fold-out page 250 x 260 mm 5 years and up 36 pages


Want to know

Want to know

n at u r e

hist o r y

Want to know t h e w o r ld

Want to know

Want to know ‌ are informative picture books that answer the many questions young children have about the world around them. This series focuses on what children really want to know about the subjects they are most interested in. Chockfull of well-researched facts and lively illustrations, information is expressed in accessible and interactive ways. With subjects ranging from Dinosaurs to Knights, from Space to Volcanoes, the Want to know series offers books that kids will pick up again and again.

a lo t t o d o




Alexander von Humboldt





The series ‘Clever Minds’ allows young children to discover the world’s greatest scientists. The first title is about Alexander von Humboldt, father of the climate change activists! For little researchers. The pockets of the young Alexander von Humboldt always bulge with stones, insects, plants and fossils he finds on his wanderings in the woods around Berlin. He grew up in the second half of the nineteenth century to become the true Indiana Jones of science or even a climate genius! His expeditions lead him all over the world… Let’s join him! By Peter Nys and Conz Hardback 210 x 290 mm 5 years and up 32 pages

More about Alexander von Humboldt in the Parameters series

The parameters Series for 12+ with a unique mix of fiction and non-fiction: you travel around the world and through time. Each title focuses on a different branch of science.

Last Chance for Cosmos


Journey to the Arctic

The fifth part in the series about scientific wonder ‘Marvelous but True’. Dream, dare, think and do. Roald Amundsen was a Norwegian explorer who researched the polar regions. At the beginning of the twentieth century he was the first man to set foot on the South Pole. But Roald wanted more! Together with the Italian engineer Umberto Nobile he designed the airship the ‘Norge’. The goal of the men and their team? A trip to the North Pole! An expedition that was not without dangers...

By Jan Leyssens and Joachim Sneyers Hardback 210 x 290 mm 6 years and up 32 pages

More in this series

2021 or the list! f d e t c Sele oks EM Bo Best ST

Mission to the Bottom of the



Reading pleasure Exciting stories or funny situations, recognizable characters or enchanting illustrations: with these books you forget the world around you.

Š2020, Clavis Publishing, picture by Whitley Obobaifo


Clavis Early Readers

read aloud, learn to read, farm, animals, humor, music

Miss Fie Fun Bel Wants to Go the Ball


Hello, hello, my name is Miss Fie Fun. And I am... well, it’s with a 2 and a 6. Guess: is it 26 or 62 years old? Fun-time, joke-time!

Bel the cow wants to go to the ball. But farmer Bas doesn’t allow it. Bel the cow is way to young! Can Miss Fie Fun help her? A fun and innovating reading bundle for the beginning readers.

More by Ann Lootens By Ann Lootens Hardback 250 x 260 mm 6 years and up 32 pages 1.650 words

Nana From the Robbers’ Forest. Welcome Everyone

Nana From the Robbers’ Forest. The Secret



Clavis Middle Grade


history, Japan, samourai, dog, Akita

Kenji and the Akita


history, Rome, gladiators, Colosseum, lion

Trassus and the Lion More in this series

Ragnar and the Walrus

Quick as Lightning and the Bizon

Third volume in the series of historical books.

Fourth volume in the series of historical books.

Kenji’s father is a samurai. He is part of the army that has to repel the well-equipped Mongols. Yuki, the akita of Kenji, is unusually restless when his father leaves for battle. The weather is changing and Yuki feels a storm is approaching, which is an even bigger threat than the Mongols. Kenji decides to go with Yuki to warn his father. It’s a race against the clock!

Trassus dreams of becoming a gladiator. His hero is Urbicus, a gladiator who seems unbeatable. To Trassus, Urbicus is a man of honor who questions the executions at the Colosseum. When one of the lions used in executions escapes from his cage and makes Rome unsafe, Trassus thinks this is the moment to show how brave he is. But is that a good idea?

With colored illustrations

By Gerard van Gemert and Rudi Jonker Hardback 145 x 210 mm 7 years and up 64 pages


humor, school, annoying teachers, classmates

Clavis Middle Grade

Don’t Cheat on Page 39

A funny and crazy book about a school that is even worse than yours. For far too curious children. This book is about a terrible school. A lot of schools are terrible, but sometimes one is just a little bit worse. Wout and Nia are unlucky to be at such a school. Their teacher, Sir Bulder, thinks all the children are lamebrains and complains all day long. But then he loses his voice and a special substitute teacher arrives: Sir Wits. From then on, one remarkable event follows another at the Ravenstein College.

By Nathalie Clefas and Federico Van Lunter Hardback 145 x 210 mm 9 years and up 120 pages



Clavis Middle Grade

Flame in the Pan!


cooking, restaurant, family, recipes, cooking together

With o ver 4 and so 0 recipes me use ful cookin g tips!

A unique read-and-cookbook, with an exciting story and fun recipes. For adventurers and chefs. Cooking with grandma‌Twins Liv and Edu like nothing more! Grandma is almost blind, so in the kitchen they are her eyes and hands. Cooking becomes more than just a hobby when a restaurant in the village has to close its doors. Liv and Edu try to help the poor restaurant owner by cooking for her guests. But someone in the village is not happy with that...

By Folkert Oldersma and Annelies Vandenbosch Recipes by Anneke Gebert Hardback 145 x 210 mm 9 years and up 200 pages 29.600 words


humor, dyslexia, difficulties with reading, letters

Clavis Middle Grade

Etters and Letters

A funny and cheeky book about fear of failure and dyslexia. But above all about standing up for yourself and writing off your bullies. Zaan is 10 years old and has a life-size problem. He finds writing and reading very difficult. And what’s even worse: he grows up with his awful Aunt Mekel and her husband. They love to tease him and hit him whenever he makes a mistake. Zaan is sure that with every hit, his letters get more and more upside down. Until his writing mistakes suddenly come to life. Will he get his letters and his self-confidence back in order?

By Frederick Deloddere and Esther Platteeuw Hardback 145 x 210 mm 10 years and up 180 pages 29.000 words



Clavis Middle Grade


humor, over the top, cakes, family

The Apple Flop This book is half crunchy and half greasy! For gourmands who love sweet stories. Apple turnovers or beignets? In the sleepy village of Zoetendaal they suddenly don’t know anymore. For centuries, the Flaps family has been baking the crunchiest apple turnovers in the country. But then suddenly the Bolleboos family invade... with greasy beignets! Bill and Ozzebolle Bolleboos devise the most sly plans to make a flop out of the apple turnover. Fortunately, Frits and Frieda Flaps have a secret weapon: grandma Appelmoe. Which family will win this food battle? By Gerlinde De Bruycker and Johan Klungel Hardback 145 x 210 mm 10 years and up 280 pages

More by Gerlinde De Bruycker


A book is not a book. Not just a book. A book is an adventure, a world of experience. Reading is not reading. Not just reading. Reading is feeling tension, falling in love, laughing and crying. Clavis Young Adult is for readers who know that a book is more than just a book.

Š2020, Clavis Publishing, picture by Whitley Obobaifo

Young Adult



Clavis Young Adult

zombies, humor, love, adventure, dystopian

Crumblehead A hilarious and absurd adventure full of conspiracies, zombies, love and pizza. Tiberius’ life is not about roses. The world is still recovering from the Near-Zombie Apocalypse of 2020, his school does not allow advanced technology and his mother always serves broccoli with the worm burger. There is only one bright spot: he is in love with Emma Romera… and it is mutual! At least that’s what he thinks, because Emma is a Crumblehead and they don’t communicate very well. Tiberius likes his life much more now! But then Emma disappears without a trace…

By Koen Van der Elst Hardback 145 x 210 mm 14 years and up 224 pages 48.900 words


Clavis Young Adult

humor, love, narcotics, violence

Girls with Knives A sad and humorous story about the beautiful and the less beautiful sides of life. Of course, you can say to yourself that you don’t want to be in love with the girl next door. But if something bad happens, you inevitably grow closer. And you can promise yourself that you will ignore the troublesome youngsters in the neighborhood. But if their gang leader gets too close, you will have to intervene. And you can agree with your parents that you will never take your knife collection outside, but sometimes...

By Coen de Kort Hardback 145 x 210 mm 16 years and up 176 pages 40.700 words

More by Coen de Kort

My Hero the Hitman





Clavis Young Adult

18th century, France, French Revolution, love, romance, nobility

Red Sunset An intense and sensual novel against a historical background. Eighteenth century. Nathan Landrieu grows up in a French brothel. The lady of the house teaches him the tricks of the trade and turns him into an irresistible seducer. Years later Nathan uses his talents to seduce rich women of nobility. In this way he gathers important information, which he uses to help both parties of the French Revolution: the revolutionaries and the nobility. But then something happens that Nathan never thought possible: he falls in love. By Bes Ceyssens Hardback 145 x 210 mm 16 years and up 288 pages 66.300 words

More by Bes Ceyssens

Sold out. n coming 2nd print ru The Last Dance

In Vain


Clavis Young Adult

history, 2nd World War, war children, persecution of Jews

Forever An exciting and confronting story about how the past always repeats itself. 1965. For the first time in twenty years Joachim returns to his native village. What happened there during the war is a mystery to him. There was an orphanage, Jewish children, and an SS unit. It gradually becomes clear to Joachim what happened in that orphanage and what role his uncle played in it. Leen, the local veterinarian and alsoa war child, reveals to him the terrible conspiracy that no one in the village talks about anymore.

By Guido Eekhaut Hardback 145 x 210 mm 16 years and up 280 pages 62.000 words




Clavis Young Adult

friendship, studying, betrayal, living on your own

I’ll Do Everything for You

An intriguing novel about friendship and betrayal. Donna and Sem have been best friends for years and know each other like no other. But when they start living together during their studies, cracks appear in their close bond of friendship. And when there is a new love in their lives, their friendship is tested to the extreme. Secretive incidents put their already tense relationship on edge‌with dramatic consequences. By Susanne Koster Hardback 145 x 210 mm 16 years and up 312 pages 69.600 words

More by Susanne Koster

When Only Darkness Remains

Empty Rooms

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