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Your One-Stop Shop Aesthetic Center YJC Beauty and Slim Center is a pioneer in aesthetic surgery and skin care expert changing the lives of thousands of people who have been reborn with their new you, since 1986. The center offers a complete line up of surgical and non-surgical services, slimming and weight management, height increase, health spa, dental services and hair salon --- truly your one-stop-shop aesthetic choice.

SERVICES COSMETIC SURGERY FACE Facelift (Traditional) Facelift (Aptos Thread) Forehead lift Browlift Blepharoplasty Rhinoplasty (Nose lift / Nose Reduction/Alar Trimming) Double Chin removal (via liposuction) Otoplasty Cleft Chin Creation Dimples Creation Lip Reduction Cheek Augmentation Chin Augmentation BODY Liposuction Tummy Tuck Breast Augmentation Breast Reduction Male Breast Reduction Breast lift Nipple Reduction Buttocks Enlargement (Hydrogel or Implants) OTHER SURGERY Permanent Removal of Excessive Body odor (via liposuction) Penile Enlargement Vaginoplasty Female Circumcision Vaginal Lip Trimming or Labioplasty

OTHER SERVICES Advanced Slimming Height Increase Permanent Make up (Eyebrow/ Eyeliner/Lip Liner/Full Lips/ Nipple) Tattoo removal Permanent Hair/Mole/Warts Removal Spa Treatments (Hand spa/ reflexology, Foot spa/ reflexology/Whole body massage/reflexology DENTAL Orthodontic Treatment (upper and lower / upper or lower) Tooth Whitening (Laser) Porcelain jacket & Fixed Bridge (per piece) Plastic jacket (per piece) Tooth Extraction Dental Filling Oral Prophylaxis Full Denture (upper and lower/ upper or lower) Partial Denture (acrylic or 1 piece metal) Elastic Denture Root Canal Therapy Retainer (plain or with design) X-ray Periodental Treatment (per session) Tooth Implant (per implant body)

YJC is located at Unit 647, 6th Flr., 168 Shopping Mall Phase 5, Soler St., Binondo Manila Tel No. 788.9601 Mobile No. 0922.814.5984 Email Address: Clinic Hours: 8:30AM to 7.30PM Open: Mon to Sun

NON-SURGICAL Glutathione IV injection (per session) Botox injection Placenta injection (mesolift) Lip augmentation Sclerotherapy or varicose veins removal Natural Facelift Hairgrowth (w/mesotheraphy) Dandruff Hair treatment Scar Treatment Stretch marks Treatment Hair Removal (upper lip hair/ underarm/hands//bikini line/ legs) Natural Eyebag Removal Natural Eye wrinkle Removal SKIN CARE TREATMENT Facial Treatment Face & Body Bleaching Chemical Peel Diamond Peel Jet Peel Pimple Treatment Open Pores Treatment

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