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What sets Sup apart from the others? I would say the way we relate and account to our customers that sets us apart from other lifestyle brands. I think the thing that sets us apart from them is we do not give a fuck about it. As for being better than them, we are not looking to outdo anyone other than ourselves.

events and forgets you the next day. And backstabbers. I believe it’s the same in any country, in any business. However, it is also in this scene that I met many true friends from all over the world. It’s a love/hate relationship, I guess. There’s nothing we can do other than to just keep believing in what you do. Here, it’s no right or wrong if you want to do your own business. You have to make it right.

what most people are doing right now. There were also family issues that were driving me nuts. But I guess all these add up that makes me stronger as a person.

Who has been in your stores and has been wearing your threads? Any celebs?

What should we look out for in street wear?

What do you do on your down time?

Haji Lane has become a tourist-y place as compared to way back when we started. We get different tourists in Haji Lane every week from all over the world. We see a rise in (the number of) Indonesians visiting our store often. As for celebs or stars, we have no idea and it’s not that important.

I think it will all be back to basics. And a little bit of vintage that will last for a lifetime.

How far is your marketing reach? I think we are still pretty old school up until now. More of by word of mouth, referrals and social media where people would definitely visit our store, if ever they come to Singapore. With the large number of brands from all over the world, how is the street wear market treating you? I think most brands in North America are mainly not doing so well. But because of the media and Internet, everything seems too perfect for people to understand. We chose to be oblivious (of course, not totally.) of what’s happening on the other side of the world, but mainly focusing on our own market/ customers, and hopefully, Southeast Asia. I think because we have been in Haji Lane for 6 years, most people who come to Singapore, in Haji Lane, our store would be where most people would come and visit. Are you satisfied with Sup’s current market status? We are satisfied with our current market status. Of course, there would be rooms for further reaching out to more people regionally and globally. What do you hope to achieve with Sup? I hope customers are able to see that we could work with different kinds of brands on any projects. Something that we are able to conceptualize and make it our own collectively with any brand. I do not want people to see Sup as just another clothing brand. Before I started bringing more brands into the store other than our own in-house brand Sup, I was really skeptical about it. But it’s not only about selling apparels. We make sure people understand the whole story of anything they buy in the store. Every product has a story. I’m glad it’s all shaping towards the right direction. What do you feel about the current street wear scene? Honestly, I fucking hate this scene where people give you name cards during

Is there a brand, apart from Sup, that we should look out for?

What gets you out of bed every morning? Every morning when my Father wakes me up for breakfast!

I would just pack my bag and go to an island alone. Say you’re stranded in a deserted island, what are the five things that should be with you?

I really have no idea what are the brands that will make waves. I am still waiting for a brand that does really good products at affordable prices and not sell to some corporation with loads of cash but at the same time, keeping it tight with all the retailers that stood by them when they first started out. Until I can find a brand that fulfils everything I mentioned above, I think it’s a brand that people should look out for.

Alcohol. Alcohol. Alcohol. Alcohol. Alcohol.

Your thoughts on someone imitating a fashion plate?

I would like us to be well represented in at least one country in the whole of South East Asia. Having the same concept and direction as the current one in Haji Lane in Singapore now.

I think people should stop trying to emulate anyone/brands/icons. Too much reference would affect the way you dress and behave. What do you think will be the next big thing in urban culture? Things changed and moved too fast for people to even decide who they are, let alone any style or culture. Therefore, I think it’s really hard to know what’s the next big thing. As long as anything that gets featured a billion times on the Internet and all major magazines, TV, Radio, etc. would be the next big thing. For sneakers, I think shoes that are cleaner with really good shape would last for the longest time. Tell us something that most usually doesn’t know about street style and street culture? This is a tough question. I think most sneakerheads don’t even understand anything about street style or street culture because there is no such classification of style or culture. To me, street style and street culture is about being casual, not so much about the classification you want to be in. Who cares, anyway? In your point of view, what shapes street culture? Music and art. How was life before Sup? Life before Sup was a massive struggle. I was lost, didn’t know what to do. All I wanted to do was to further my studies so that I could buy time to decide what I want. I think that’s

What is a dream project for you? My dream project would be to work with a sneaker/shoe company to produce a release pair for Sup. Where do you see Sup in 5 years?

What’s next for Sup? We hope to be able to work with more brands, to do something different other than the retail side of our brand. Expansion in the range for our own clothing line, mainly towards more lifestyle where you can buy anything, in Sup from head to toe. Do you know where the Philippines is? Of course! I have yet to visit Philippines but I would definitely do so in the near future. As we are a sneaker magazine, we have to know about your shoes. I would not say that I’m a sneaker head. I just buy sneakers that are in black and that could fit my outfit for my daily life. I guess the only Holy Grail I have would be the Nike SB Forbes. What sneakers do you rock? Vans. New Balance. What sneakers did you yearn for the most? Nike Supreme Dunk. What is that one item every sneakerhead should have? I would say the right kind of socks for different kind of sneakers.

VOLUME 7 2011