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Dialogue Sofi and Juani Chechu: “I like your hair” Pipi: “it’s not my hair it’s a wig Chechu: “okay… I hate people with wig” Pipi: “but…” Chechu: “now you’re not my friend” Pipi: “but…but” Chechu: “it’s just a joke” Pipi: “you scare me, Darling” Chechu: “I love you” Pipi: “I like ice cream” Chechu: “do you want to marry me?” Pipi: “yes, I love cars”  

Dialogue Sofi and Juani Chechu: “are you so stupid? You don’t understand me” Pipi: “I like frogs” Chechu: “what” Pipi: “I want to tell you a secret” Chechu: “whaaaat?!?!?” Pipi: “I believe I can fly”


Dialogue sofi and juani