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DIALOGUE MAURO .-Susan, why did you came late yesterday? -mmm… I… I was at the cinema with my friends. -Ok. And what do you want to do in your summer holidays? -Fabian… I want to go to Rio!!! -Rio?, why?, I don´t like it so much. -yesterday, my boyfr… my friends told me that Rio is cool!!! -Ok, we´ll go. -In what hotel do you prefer to stay? -Haha, Susan we´ll go to a V.I.P. hotel, if you want. -and with Sushi? -Yeah, with Sushi. -And with a spa? -Yeah, with spa. -Andwith,with,with,with... -Caviar!!!!! -I love Caviar! -Well, on Friday we´ll start the trip to Rio!!!!! -Oh, I love you so much, Eduardo… -Eduardo?!?, Eduardo?!?!? That’s not my name… 

Dialogue mauro