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Nutrition Experts Remind: Infants and Young Children Can Not Eat the High Calcium Milk "It is said that during the growth and development time, the children is best to drink milk every day. So I have continued to buy high calcium milk for my child. But several days ago I found that the high calcium milk contains not only calcium, but also a lot more other additives. Which kind of milk on earth is good?"These two days, Ms. Guo, living in the south the town, is having a lot of questions for the selection of milk. Is the high calcium milk worth buying? There are a lot of various additives in the high calcium milk Yesterday, reporters saw many people buying milk in a large supermarket at the Ruijin road. Master Li, who is already retired, elected a box of high calcium milk when choosing milk. "It is said that the older is better to drink milk to replenish some calcium. The high calcium milk calcium effect, I think it should be better than the ordinary. Oh, I am not very clear, but the feeling should be so, anyway, it is not much more expensive than ordinary milk."Master Li said. not only is he and his wife drink the milk, sometimes when their middle school's grandson come to his home, he will also give his grandson to drink the milk, "the child is growing up and also need calcium". Jinling Evening News reporter randomly picked up a bag of high calcium milk, and a bag of pure milk. Among them, high calcium milk marks nutrient composition of calcium per 100 grams, calcium 128 mg on the table. At the same time, only the ordinary pure milk "with pure milk" the list of ingredients, high calcium milk ingredients more abundant, in addition to pure milk, and milk mineral salt, vitamin D, as well as a variety of food additives, including glycerol monostearate, microcrystalline cellulose, carboxymethylcellulose, sodium tripolyphosphate, carrageenan. Jinling Evening News reporter tells the list of ingredients to Master Li and he hesitated, and returned the high calcium milk back by taking a box of ordinary pure milk."I have never found that the high calcium milk there is so many additives, too dangerous." So, can high calcium milk buy or not? "From the calcium content, the high calcium milk content of high calcium milk is really higher than ordinary pure milk."Two national public nutritionist Chang Di said, pure milk calcium content is contains about 110 milligrams of calcium per 100 grams of milk and in 100 grams of high calcium milk, calcium contents 128 mg, 18 mg more than the pure milk."In accordance with the calculation of a bag of milk of 200 ml, assuming that these calcium can be absorbed by the body, if only drink milk to satisfy an adult's daily needs, drink pure milk it needs to drink 4 bags, and 3 bags of drinking high-calcium milk drink."

But in fact, the calcium can not be fully absorbed by one hundred percent. Chang Di said, it is containing milk mineral salt and vitamin D in the high calcium milk. Among them, milk mineral salt is extracted from whey and the main component is calcium salt and phosphate. Milk mineral salt calcium can easily be absorbed. At the same time, milk mineral salt contains phosphorus, and the calcium and phosphorus ratio in the high calcium milk is also adjusted to a more appropriate level, but also conducive to the absorption of calcium. Vitamin D is a kind of absorption of vitamin and utilization of calcium. To some of the urban white-collar which spend less time in outdoor, choosing the high calcium milk can also be added vitamin D."Therefore, high-calcium milk calcium absorption rate at least not less than that of pure milk, even rate even higher than that of pure milk calcium absorption." It seems that there are many benefits in high calcium milk, is it right? Is worth to choose? "There are a lot of food additives in high-calcium milk. From this point of view, the ordinary pure milk can make people feel at ease better," Chang Di analysis, food additives in these high calcium milk are basically thickener and emulsifier. Although these food additives are with the provisions of the state within the scope of use, after all, no one is willing to take the initiative to choose to eat them, "better not eat as much as possible". At the same time, Chang Di also remind said, if there is a baby at home, it is best not to give them to eat high calcium milk. Because the high calcium milk adds milk mineral salt, and the infant kidney development is not mature, for the food of high protein high calcium can not complete treatment. If eating milk mineral salt added food, it will cause a heavy burden to the child's kidney.

Nutrition Experts Remind: Infants and Young Children Can Not Eat the High Calcium Milk  

"It is said that during the growth and development...

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