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MANAGER: Johannes Abildtrup

SAMARBEJDSPARTNERE: Faarup Beton A/S Roblon Fiber Opties A/S Svaneglas Danmarks Metrologiske Institut Holmriis El Preben Mejer

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Jonas E. Thomsen Malene Sliphaber

PHOTOGRAPHY: Lucas Adler Little Visuals

OLE JOERGENSEN Ole Joergensen is the author of the much acclaimed book “Soul, beautify thyself” about Inuit. The reviewers wrote: “THE KEY TO INUIT. His work on the culture of the inuits is a sensation with regard to both text and images, and it ought to be translated into major languages!” “The book offers an alternative view at the global climate problem, suggesting that the Inuit culture may give directions to a solution.” Due to his many talents, Ole Joergensen is widely engaged in domestic and international cultural activities as an artist, or as a project manager of festivals and cultural events.


CLIMATE CHANGES The climate change of our planet is a topic, which now needs special attention, because it affects us all, both rich and poor. Natural catastrophes become more intense and present due to the global media coverage. Daily we are confronted with extreme weather conditions through the internet, television and radio. Iceberg Sculpture Ole Joergensen

GLOBAL WARMING The Artic sea ice and glaciers are melting. Climate scientists all over the world generally agree that the global warming is the cause of these changes. We need to take it seriously. If it continues, it will have catastrophic consequences for the whole planet. Everybody is responsible, and we need to take a stand in respect for the nature and the future generations.

Iceberg Sculpture Ole Joergensen

THE ARCTIC CONTINENT In the arctic continent around the North Pole and the ice cap of Greenland, the ice is melting much faster than expected predicting incalculable impact on man, ora and fauna.

Iceberg Sculpture Ole Joergensen

THE VISION The main purpose of my “iceberg-sculpture� is to focus on the global warming and its consequences in the arctic. I want it to be positioned in strategic places around the world in order to remind the observers, that the responsibility needs to be accepted now and in the future.

Iceberg Sculpture Ole Joergensen

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS The sculpture will be cast in white concrete with optical fibers embedded. It is CO2 neutral and has minimal electricity consumption. Ice floes for people to sit on will surround the sculpture.

FRONT: Three scenarios of the melting of the arctic areas: year 1980, 2010, and 2030 visualized by 200 embedded optical fibers.

BACK: The northern lights visualized by 1,250 embedded optical fibers with changing colors.

THE SIDE: Glacier cracks are visualized by blue-green glass illuminated by internal lights.


All dimentions are in mm

THREE SCENARIOS At the front of the sculpture three scenarios of the melting of the arctic areas: year 1980, 2010, and 2030 visualized by 200 embedded optical ďŹ bers.

YEAR 1980

The sculpture interacts with its audience and surroundings and thereby gives a clear impression of its relevance. The interaction is a key part of the communication and storytelling. The scenario has been elaborated by DMI, Danish Meteorological Institute.

YEAR 2010

YEAR 2030

Visualization of the iceberg sculpture in an urban environment.

Visualization of the iceberg sculpture in an urban environment.

Iceberg Sculpture by Ole Joergensen