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FATE recently released a brand new album, ”Ghosts From The Past”. Does the name sound familiar? FATE was iconic in the 80's but took a knock in the mid 90's when grunge and R&B became the people's favorite choice of music. FATE is back, with a new line-up, but nothing has changed. Following their recent release party in Copenhagen, we wanted you to know a little more about them. Tell us how your band came to be: Formed back in 1984 when guitarist Hank Sherman left Mercyful Fate. Hank wanted to do something different and hooked up with fellow Copenhagen musicians, bass player Pete Steiner (a.k.a. Peter Steincke), drummer Bob Lance (a.k.a. Bjarne Holm) and singer and entertainer Jeff "Lox" Limbo. The first record deal came instant and after that things took off. Are your albums based on a particular theme, or is it the songs as individuals? Our albums are songs as individuals, not themes, but maybe we will do a theme album one day! Who influence you? Van Halen, Journey among others. As time has gone by we, of course, have other bands as well. Where do you see yourself genre-wise? Melodic Hard Rock! It’s the same as always!

The highlight of your career so far? To many to pick just one, but in later years Deep Impact Festival, the gig in Madrid Spain and our gigs in Sweden Any plans on touring? Yes but we are keeping that to ourselves for the moment but we will be hitting the road in 2012 for sure Any words for the world? Be sure to check out the new album and we hope to see you on the road somewhere. Cheers!

FATE is: Dagfinn Joenson – Vocals Jens Berglid – Drums Torben Enevoldsen – Guitar Mikkel Henderson – Keys Peter Steincke - Bass

FATE releases over the years: FATE – 1985 A Matter Of Attitude – 1986 Cruisin' For A Bruisin – 1988 Scratch 'N 'Sniff – 1990 V – 2004 Ghosts From The Past – 2011

Puppets above, known as Ravenscry, released their first full-length album, ”One Way Out”, April 15th 2011. We wanted to know more about them and lead singer Giulia Stefani, was kind enough to answer our questionnaire.

Tell us how your band came to be: The band formed officially in 28th August 2008 near Milano, with Paul Raimondi and Mauro Paganelli on guitars, Fagio on bass guitar and Simon Carminati at the drums. They put an announcement on a website to find a singer, I was impressed by the project so I contacted them proposing my version of “Nostalgia” from Stream Of Passion… They contacted me back to set up an audition during which a strong feeling was immediately created, both in terms of human and artistic. So I became the singer of Ravenscry.

Are your albums based on a particular theme, or is it the songs as individuals? Each song was born separated from the others but, at a careful reading, the entire album can show a mutual theme working its way through all our songs: a strong wish to exist, to express oneself and get one’s independence, to compete with anyone without class distinction, according to one’s merits. Who influence you? The sound of Ravenscry has several main components: the metal riffing, inspired by bands like Fear Factory and Meshuggah, the melodic female voice, similar to Within Temptation or Evanescence; atmospheres, sometimes electronic and sometimes classical, which can be found, for example, in the Lucassen’s and Einaudi’s projects, much appreciated by us all. Along with this we also bring out the influences and the expressiveness of each of us, trying to create a style as personal and original as possible.

Where do you see yourself genre-wise? We feel part of each genre our fans think we belong to...we are not fanatics of a particular genre, how I've just said: we like to let talk the different influences of each member. In my opinion, this is

the only way to make music expressing oneself, this is the only way to make the music your life! I think this will be even more evident in the next album... The highlight of your career so far? No doubts: the Scandinavian tour! We got warmth we have never felt before. I'm talking about both the crowd and the professionals we had to cooperate with! We have noticed a great respect for our job and we have been glad to put out music in the service of people like that. Any plans on touring? After the Scandinavian experience, we'll try to set everything up as soon as we can, especially in relation to Germany, USA and Japan, because we are getting a good feedback from these countries. We are very happy about it, 'cause we think that this audience is well open and prepared regarding rock and metal music. At the meantime we'll continue to promote our album at the best that we can in many countries and writing new music, trying to add something new but still sounding Ravenscry! Any words for the world? Are you disappointed? Don't pray, believe in yourself only!

�One Way Out� is available on iTunes


Summoned Tide from Sweden, ready to claim the world. We asked them our basic questions of how's and why's.

Tell us how your band came to be: Rickard and Jimi met in high school and started a band that didn't really work out. Rickard then told Mikael, his brother, to start play guitar. Mikael's best friend Nicklas knew the art of drums and got introduced to the band. As we progressed we were still missing a bass. Jennifer, Rickards exgirlfriend, who knew nothing about bass bought one and joined in as our fifth member. We live in a small community and good musicians with great personality are really hard to find. We all know each other and we have grown into a family now thanks to careful choice of members, great people with great ambitions and personalities. The band came to be Summoned Tide.

Are your albums based on a particular theme, or is it the songs as individuals? Simple to say it's about feelings, kind of a theme but not written in a straight storyline, but the thread is there.

Who influence you? We all have different influences. From Iron Maiden, Hammerfall, Black Sabbath, Rush, to Dream Theater, Symphony X, Edguy and many more. Where do you see yourself genre-wise? Hard to say. We have such a wide genre. we'd say Progressive Heavy Metal or as we call it new season epic metal, but as we said it's hard to say. We play what we like and write the songs after the right feeling not the right pattern. The highlight of your career so far? Sweden Rock Festival, House of Metal, venturing abroad to Russia and Poland, having our music on radio world-wide and great response from existing and new fans. Any plans on touring? Yes! Though we can't tell time and place. Any words for the world? We are coming to get you! Support us as we claim to the top!

Summoned Tide consists of: Rickard Thelin - Guitar / Vocal Jennifer Sikstrรถm - Bass / Vocal Nicklas ร…strรถm - Drums Mikael Thelin - Guitar Jimi Toivanen - Synth


Some of the best metal comes from Sweden and Deathstars are no exception. Since the formation in the year 2000, their industrial tunes have become a cult phenomenon throughout the world. We learned that they were visiting Denmark, performing close to our base, so we decided that the band should be our main feature for this issue. What better, than to send their biggest fan to a little meet and greet, ask a few questions to answers you might want yourself. Follow these next pages and learn more about Deathstars.

Deathstars, backstage in venue, Kansas City, in Odense Denmark. Odense is the 3rd largest city in Denmark, located on the island, Fyn.

Setting things in motion

As I was sitting here, planning this issue, I really didn’t have a hard time picking a new main feature. There were enough bands to choose from. What I didn’t expect was the phone call from RAMM’s booker, Majbritt: “What do you think about an interview with Deathstars, for the magazine?” I told her, that I didn’t have time to go to Odense that day, so she offered to it herself. Well, if she could make it happen, I wouldn’t object. Since this is Majbritt’s favorite band, who better than her to meet them? So she set off, hooked up with photographer Kasper Fladmose, the RAMM questionnaire in hand, and this is how it went down:

Tell us how your band came to be: Me and Öhman started out in a black metal band called Swordmaster, and we got tired of doing that after, like, three albums. Then we started writing songs, initially, on piano and using synthesizers, using other vocals and so on. We started to elaborate on that and we started to experiment and then Deathstars came to be. Are your albums based on a theme or is it the songs as individuals? Individuals, there is no concept, it’s about different aspects, things in our everyday life. It’s about conflicts, always with dark aspects and stuff. The song Blitzkrieg, is about a conflict inside, it’s all about nailing down a certain kind of mood, every song needs a mood, I think it’s more important than telling stories to us. They live in symbioses, that’s very important, that you get the right vibe from it. The vibe is always in center so… Who influence you? Darkness. Just darkness? No, a lot of stuff, it could be a word – I can’t speak for the guys writing the music, but lyric-wise it can be just a word or a feeling, what you experience, everything that you deal with all the time. Where do you see yourselves genre-wise? Rock, distorted, like a dark rock band. The highlight of your career so far? For us, as a band, I think it was the release of Termination Bliss, we toured all the time. Something happened in the band. Show-wise it could be Russia, cause you didn’t know what to expect or South America. You get new impressions that can a highlight for a certain period. And how was Russia? Crazy, it’s always super fun. Another highlight was last summer when KISS came to our show and they were at the VIP tables hanging out with us. Tell us about your Rammstein support and how you came into consideration: We’ve been talking back and forth with them for a couple of years, but it never added up schedulewise. I wrote them a text message, I wrote Till and he was like “yeah, alright, of course” That was easy, yeah? Yeah, but they really love Deathstars so…

Deathstars and a happy fan, or did the find their new member, Super Furry Animal?

How will this affect Deathstars in the future? I don’t think we care that much actually, it’s wrong to have expectations on how things happen, as long as we work hard. As long as we do great music, it’s not like one single event will change that. Now we’ve been having a break for over a year and the band seems more relaxed, it’s not like this tour is “oh it has to generate something really big”, it’s more like a great experience, having a good time and not thinking too much about what this can result in. We are not careerists; it’s more like here and now and get the best of it. Of course, it’s fun playing for big crowds. Your names, is there a story behind them? Well they come from back when we started playing metal. Whiplasher, comes from Love It Out Loud by KISS “Whiplash, heavy metal accident, bla bla I wanna be the president”, Bernadotte is the name of the royal Swedish family, so it’s really sarcastic and I really hate the royal family so…Skinny is very skinny and likes disco, see, it’s not that hard.

What about Nightmare Industries? Nightmare is just a name that’s been following him, he was actually just called Night in the very beginning. Cat is just young, he is just like….a kitty, and now we have Oscar Leander on drums, his name is Vice. He didn’t agree on being called, Little Furry Super Animal, so that’s why. Any words for the world, perhaps on the new release? Well, it’s a compilation, a celebration on the past 10 years. Something from the past, present and the future.

Deathstars released Greatest Hits On Earth, November 4th, 2011. They went on tour with Rammstein, November 2nd, 2011 For a fully detailed bio, visit

Thanks to Majbritt Kesseldorf for doing the interview and Kasper Fladmose of Fladmose Photography for shooting the band.

Deathstars live, Kansas City, Odense, Denmark, November 3rd, 2011

Deathstars consists of: Whiplasher Bernadotte - Vocals Nightmare Industries - Lead Guitar & Keys Skinny Disco - Bass Cat Casino - Guitar Vice - Drums

Deathstars releases: Synthetic Generation – 2002 Termination Bliss – 2006 Night Electric Night – 2009

Deathstars live, Kansas City, Odense, Denmark, November 3rd, 2011

R.A.M.? What is R.A.M.M.? What turned out to be a cancelled festival, became so much more. Founder, Claus Kikkenborg, gives his view on what was, what is and what is coming.

We are still small fishes in a pond full of sharks. In our minds we are huge, but on paper we do not strike as very impressive. Not yet. But recent technology and online opportunities will get us there eventually, through networking, hard work and a cool demeanor. R.A.M.M. originates from at festival we tried to create a few years back, RamFest (short for rock and metal festival, ed.), which was cancelled due to lack of funds. I spent a year, clearing my head, and slowly I started to build a concept. When I was contacted by an old friend I just couldn’t resist in the end. R.A.M.M. came to be, as management at first. One evening I started to joke around what the short term could be used for. Rock And Metal Models came first; why not use our own modeling agency to promote our bands? One of the projects we will use when we enter 2012. Rock And Metal Magazine (hey, that’s us! ed.) was the first spin-off we used. The idea was to create a free magazine that could promote our bands, bringing news and hopefully interest towards our roster. The latest addition to our franchise is Rock And Metal Media, our very own label. We will be able to publish digitally through Distrophonix to more than 400 stores worldwide, a project, we expect a lot from in the future. All this is made possible through the world wide web and we’re dying to get out there and make a name for ourselves. Based on trust, hard work and believing in our bands and artists we strive to set our mark on music worldwide.

The whole idea is to help upcoming, as well as established, bands and artists make a name for themselves. As a general rule, we start by helping upcoming artists for free. We want to help as many people as possible, which is hard with only two people at the helm. We’re recruiting in the new year though, hoping to bring in local as well as some foreign power, to strengthen our team. So there you have it. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we might be able to help you.

R.A.M.M. – it’s not a goat

REVIEWS Ravenscry Italy One Way Out Melodic Metal One Way Out gives a great progressive approach. The electronic touch is giving the album an interesting sound and the heavy riffs gives a great contrast to Giulias Stefanis voice. 8/10

Apostate Ukraine Trapped In A Sleep Doom Metal Trapped In A Sleep, is doom when it’s best. It’s not overdone, has a fair production and not too overwhelming. It may sound as something you heard before and yet it doesn’t seem to fade in with the rest. 7/10

Summoned Tide Sweden If We Fall We Will Rise Power Metal If We Fall We Will Rise, takes on an interesting journey with this upcoming band. This is a solid debut from a very determined band and If We Fall We Will Rise, could easily be the solid foundation for a great career. 8/10

That’s all folks! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2012!

R.A.M.M. would like to thank: Majbritt Kesseldorf Deathstars and their management Giulia Stefani from Ravenscry Summoned Tide Jens Berglid from FATE Harboe Cola Apostate The hackers that thought it was fun slipping us a virus Black Succubi Michelle Karlsson Chainfist Urquell and various other brands of beer Veronica Freeman from Benedictum Morten Schriver Kasper Fladmose Eddie Law BETA P.H. CafĂŠen Pitchblack Frederick Thunder Henning Nielsen Martin Steene from Iron Fire And all the other metalheads out there!

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