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Exchange Booklet

Our Exchange Projects Summer Vitamins

Act Sustainable

Summer Vitamins is a project in which we want to bring 3 international students that will deliver trainings to middle-school students (aged 12-15 year old) that would help them develop personally and culturally by raising their awareness regarding values, opportunities, tolerance and multiculturalism. Participants will also discover themselves, they will find their strengths and will improve new skills.

The importance of money in this period of financial crisis reaches high levels. It is very important to know even young being, how to manage our savings and what should we invest our money in order to have a great profit. AIESEC Galati takes the initiative and develops a new project of non formal education, with themes that involve financial field, named: Act Sustainable.

Design sessions for middle-school pupils on different topics in order to stimulate their creativity, improve English skills and raise awareness among pupils about multiculturalism and world issues. •



Start Date

23th of June, 2014

End Date

31th of July, 2014

It is addressed to high school students, involving them in different activities and sessions of trainings. Act Sustainable aims to bring international students in a Development Internship to educate the high schools students in the field of economics through English sessions.

EPs Start Date End Date


1st of May, 2014 13th of June, 2014

Panorama of Galați from the Television Tower

Cultural Mix Cultural Mix is a PBOX that aims to offer university students and high school students the chance to learn the basic skills of Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Hindi whilst interacting with natives of these countries and learning about the new cultures. The project is split in two parts: 3 internationals will come in Romania at the end of November to teach the University students, and 3 other internationals will come at the beginning of January to teach the high-school students. Deliver trainings for University students or high school students to teach them the native language of the EP.

Galați is the capital city of Galați County, in the historical region of Moldavia, eastern Romania. Galați is the largest port town on the Danube River. In 2011, the Romanian census recorded 249,432 residents, making it the 8th most populous city in Romania.

Trainee teaching students how to dance salsa

gROW GROW is the nationwide youth development program that represents a long term, non-formal educational engagement designed to improve the quality of education in Romania. Organized by School of Values in partnership with AIESEC, Grow project addresses high school students in Romania (age 14-18). The program offers high school students a professionally designed educational curriculum that complements the formal education system. It has been developed with the support of an Educational Board, gathering personalities and top-notch experts in education and adolescent psychology, especially to address key needs of the development of teenage participant.



Start Date

15th of June, 2014

End Date

6th of August, 2014

International Kindergarten International Kindergarten is a project that aims to create a non-formal educational system for kindergarten children. It focuses on topics as tolerance, cooperation, diversity, internationalism and opening for new. Also, this project tends to help the children to get used to the cultural diversity and form a healthy image about the surrounding world at an age when values and attitudes are easy to shape. Consists in: 3 trainees that will come to one private kindergarten, to teach children about tolerance, cooperation, internationalism, team work through games and interesting activities suited for children this age. Teaching as well as learning - while teaching about their own cultures and ways, the trainees will also learn about the Romanian culture and about the way children are raised here. As well, they will have the chance to compare educational systems and have an impact both here, while teaching, and in their countries, after returning, while sharing their experiences.

EPs Start Date End Date


24th of March, 2014 5th of May, 2014

Executive Board Contacts Dumitrașcu Bogdan - LCP Rouă Ionela - VP Talent Development Lupu Angheluță - VP Sales Neagu Iulia - VP Finance Tașcă Claudiu - VP Communication Lupu Alexandra - VP OGX Șușnea Cristina - VP ICX