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Océ PRISMA©prepare 6.1

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Achieve the perfect balance between quality and profit Océ PRISMA©prepare 6.1 is the all-in-one makeready software solution that significantly reduces costly and non-chargeable print preparation times. With its enhanced capabilities, it’s the ideal standalone makeready application for professional print environments. As well as the cost savings you’ll enjoy by virtually eliminating hard copy proofing, PRISMAprepare fits seamlessly into your PRISMA and other professional print workflows. So it helps keep jobs flowing efficiently and without interruption. Because it’s device independent, PRISMAprepare gives you the flexibility to choose the ideal printer for every job – and even split jobs between your colour and B&W devices to maximise quality and profits. PRISMAprepare 6.1: extending opportunities, streamlining performance The new capabilities in PRISMAprepare 6.1 make it even easier for you to provide innovative and creative print services to your customers.

Variable Data Printing (VDP) to enhance your offers Easily mark variable data fields or images in your PDF document then couple a database to the document for printing. You’ll improve productivity and gain the opportunity to offer more customised and tailored services to customers.


Hot folders to automate jobs You can associate hot folders with a sequence of prerecorded workflow templates. Dragging a document into a hot folder automatically creates a print-ready job. Hot folders help reduce turnaround times and avoid errors while improving productivity for repetitive jobs.

Adobe PDF library to save time Because it now uses Adobe PDF library, PRISMAprepare 6.1 boosts productivity by offering greater stability with larger jobs – for example when using the VDP capability. You’ll save time with the ability to copy and paste between open PRISMAprepare windows and reduce installation times since you’ll no longer need Adobe Acrobat Professional.

Printer status feedback keeps you in control With the ability to check the status of target printers in real time, it’s easier to keep your workflows and device fleet operating at maximum efficiency.

Your printers, your choice PRISMAprepare is the prefect software to unleash the power of either Canon, Océ or other production cutsheet printers, for example: • Océ VarioPrint® DP Line and Océ VarioPrint 6000 Ultra Line models • Canon imagePRESS® and Canon imageRUNNER® Advance • Your preferred third party production and cutsheet printers.


Enhance ROI with improved turnaround times Print providers spend between 20 and 45 mins preparing every job – and this time is seldom charged back to clients. So the less time you spend on non-billable work, the more time you will spend generating profit. PRISMAprepare users agree it virtually eliminates hard copy proofing when compared to other solutions.

Easy to use PRISMAprepare’s new Ocean-style interface is based on award-winning design. It’s intuitive and easy-to-learn, so it makes daily life easier for your teams, accelerates turnaround times, enhances service levels and helps eliminate the need to produce hard copy proofs before sending jobs to print.

Intuitive WYSIWYG interface With its naturalistic WYSIWYG job preview screen, you can easily handle complex documents. With the ability to see a true representation of your documents on screen, you’ll need fewer costly proof prints and simultaneously reduce your chances of an output error.

Prepare complex jobs with one powerful solution PRISMAprepare’s functions encompass all the vital stages of makeready: from cleaning up hard copy scans and composition all the way to achieving the perfect production and finishing.


Automated make ready for repetitive jobs

Device independent, results orientated

PRISMAprepare makes complex jobs simple. It lets you automate repeat jobs simply by calling a template, thanks to its command line interface or the hot folders feature, without opening PRISMAprepare.

Control both colour and B&W workflows with PRISMAprepare. It offers a unified workflow for users of Canon and Océ’s monochrome and colour printers with EFI, Creo or PRISMAsync controllers.

Maximise productivity and output quality

Impress with production make ready

Your customers expect impeccable quality from every job. With PRISMAprepare, you can fulfil their expectations efficiently and affordably.

PRISMAprepare’s features enhance document output and help convert the value-added services of the print room into obviously appealing and marketable services that customers will want to buy. Prime examples

Unify your colour and B&W workflows

include full bleed tabs, automated creeping, spine caption editing and booklet creation.

PRISMAprepare helps you maximise productivity because you can prepare documents independently of the printing devices. There’s no need to design based on the functionality of the destination device: simply create your ideal document and PRISMAprepare will automatically select the most suitable printer.

Simply by utilising PRISMAprepare for document makeready, businesses have reduced job preparation times from over an hour to just 6 minutes.

Create compelling printing process efficiencies PRISMAprepare is designed to help you sustain the efficient print processes that sit at the heart of a successful and profitable print operation. Open standards for flexibility

Open interface for ease and choice

PRISMAprepare uses the open PDF standard that helps you simplify workflows and maintain an open systems architecture. PRISMAprepare 6.1 is based on Adobe PDF Library, so it’s faster and quicker to install, offers greater stability and equips you to take on complex print assignments – like jobs with VDP – with confidence.

By using the open market standard PDF workflow, PRISMAprepare can interface with up to 10 independent PDF-enabled Windows-based applications. Popular programmes like Adobe Photoshop®, Oce Docsetter or Adobe Acrobat Professional® including Enfocus Pitstop or Quite Imposing plug-ins integrate seamlessly. So you can perform advanced edits and make ready tasks in other applications, then import your updated documents back into PRISMAprepare and continue where you left off.

Colour split and merge for optimum efficiency Use PRISMAprepare to offer colour documents at B&W prices. Split and merge functionality lets you send colour sections to colour printers then insert them into your final document using a B&W printer. It’s an easy and time-saving solution that makes optimal use of your colour and B&W devices, helping you to work more efficiently and minimising your operating costs.


Specifications: Océ PRISMAprepare 6.1 SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS Operating System

SUPPORTED PRINTERS Operating system 32 bit: MS-Windows Server 2008 SP2 Standard and Enterprise MS-Windows XP SP3 Professional MS-Windows 7 SP1 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate MS-Windows 8 Professional and Enterprise

B&W Production Cutsheet Printers

Océ VarioPrint 6160/6200/6250/6320 Ultra Océ VarioPrint 4110/4120 Océ VarioPrint 2090 Prémia Class/2110 Prémia Class Océ VarioPrint 1105 Océ VarioPrint 3165/2062/2075 Océ VarioPrint 2065 Prémia Class/2070 Prémia Class Océ VarioPrint 1055/1065/1075 Océ VarioLink 6022/7522/9522 Océ VarioPrint 5100 Advanced Océ VarioPrint DP line Canon imageRUNNER 110/150 Canon imagePRESS 1110/1125/1135 Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8105/8095/8085 PRO Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 8205/8295/8285 PRO Canon imageRUNNER 7086/7105 Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6075/6065/6055(i)

Colour Production Cutsheet Printers

Océ VarioLink 6522C/5522C/4522C Océ CPS800 Platinum/CPS900 Platinum Océ CS655 Pro/CS665 Pro Canon imagePRESS C6000/C6000VP/C7000VP/C6010/ C6010VP/C7010VP Canon imagePRESS C6010S/C6010VPS/C7010VPS Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C7055i/C7065i Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C7280i/C7270i/C7260i Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE PRO C9060/C9065/ C9070/C9075 Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE PRO C9060S/C9065S/ C9070S/C9075S Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE PRO C9280

Operating system 64 bit: MS-Windows 7 SP1 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate MS-Windows 8 Professional and Enterprise MS-Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Datacenter/Standard/ Essential and Foundation Edition MS-Windows Server 2012 Language Support

Windows Components File System Network

Document Requirements Other TYPICAL HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS Processor


Hard Disc Video Screen Scanner

English (US), English (UK), Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Simplified Chinese, Russian and Japanese Microsoft Net Framework v3.5 (part of the PRISMAprepare installation) NTFS, ≥ 80 GB free space TCP/IP (IPV4 & IPV6) 100/1000 MB/s LPR protocol enabled, if needed to drive printer(s) PDF page size 5 – 1500mm Latest critical updates from Windows

Performance ≥ Intel Pentium IV 3.2 GHz an Intel equivalent (like AMD) or VMware GX server that conforms to this performance requirement can also be used. No restrictions regarding 32/64 bit hardware and single/ dual core For Océ PRISMAprepare stand-alone: ≥ 2 GB For a combined installation of Océ PRISMAprepare and Océ PRISMAaccess® on one server or when installed on a VMware server: 4 GB ≥ 80 GB Preferably RAID-o (striping) ≥ 1280 x 1024, True Colors (24/32 bit) ≥ 19" Flat screen, preferably wide screen TWAIN-compatible scanner (for import of paper originals)


Océ BLM 200 Océ BLM 500/550 Other in-line finishing of above printers

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