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Because we're a bunch of shiny happy people: Laura Gaita

Mihai Suta

Bogdan Gaspar

Marcelo Garcia

Ioana Staicu

Cristina Oarcea

Alex Anciu

Alina Birlan

Ioana Tolomey

Sebastian Avram

Claudiu Dunga

Why Timisoara?


A charming, cosmopolitan and vibrant city.

A place where the past, the present and the future meet.

A unique blend of nationalities, cultures and languages.

Because it's THAT easy!

4* plus Accomodation

Hotel Timisoara Located in the very heart of the city Modern facilities in a historical setting Comfort, elegance, luxury – 4 and 5 stars

Excitement! made in Timisoara The tour of the most important landmarks A glimpse into the cultural life Wine tasting A visit to the the first brewery in Timisoara (built in 1718)


Traditional Romanian cuisine Glamorous gala dinner Vibrant night life

Packages and prices

REM 3 days (early booking): 133 Euros (3 Euros are for E.R.I.C. fee)

REM 4 days (early booking): 163 Euros (3 Euros are for E.R.I.C. fee)

Starting January 2013!

REM January 2013 - Presentation  

Rotaract Europe Meetings & Conferences To aid international exchange we hold 2 weekend meetings, knowns as REMs, and 1 annual conference, k...