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Hello my friends and teacher.

My name is Claudia Patricia Quiroga Gonzalez, but you can say Claudita. I am twenty four years old.

My parents I love you.

I like the photos

I am from Chipatรก this is town of Santander.

My birthday is in December 24, that good.

I live in Bucaramanga, and my address is avenue 19 number 6 b – 03.

My neighbourhood is Mirador de Arenales. My hobbies are many: dancing, singing, traveling

an d other.

I my like traveling.

My favorite colors are black and white, my favorite sport is soccer, my favorite animal is fish, my favorite fruit are cherry and grapes and my favorite place are the old city in Cartagena and


I am single and I don’t not have children. I am teacher of pårvulos, I love my profession.



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