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INSTAPORTRAIT i-design + visual brand design master courses september 2012

The I-DESIGN & VB-DESIGN INSTAPORTRAIT INVESTIGATION aims at: - on one side, exploring new ways for developing a personal/ collective VISUAL DEFINITION of what respectively Interaction Design and Visual Brand Design ARE, by COLLECTING, ANALYZING, INTERPRETING, MAPPING a number of different RESOURCES, including (but not limited to) projects, researches, cultural interpretation, people, theories, intuitions etc.; - on the other side, looking for a way to capture and share EXPERIENCES and INSIGHTS, taking into consideration both the DYNAMIC and EVOLUTIVE NATURE of I-Design and VB-Design disciplines, and the potentiality to use a wide range of DIGITAL MEDIA SOLUTIONS that can serve the purpose.

INTRO The term PORTRAIT implies an external point of view that - through a specific visual and/or narrative technique - describes a PERSONAL INTERPRETATION OF A SUBJECT, by highlighting some relevant characteristics and qualities, thus depicting/showing its IDENTITY. The prefix INSTA- places its origins in the culture of INSTANT PHOTOGRAPHY, introduced by Polaroid, followed by Kodak and lately Lomography, widely exploited by nowadays Candid Photography trend and mobile apps.


- to define some VISUAL LANDMARKS, reference points, that can help us orientate ourselves in the LEARNING (today) and PROFESSIONAL (tomorrow) JOURNEY on the ever evolving DESIGN TERRITORY. - to avoid FINAL DEFINITIONS: on the opposite, to be able to tactically capture and make it visible through different media, the richness and complexity of the design activity, to create a PLATFORM based on existing SOCIAL MEDIA and DIGITAL COMMUNICATION tools. - to answer to the following questions: What is the ROLE of Interaction Design and Visual Brand Design within our society, culture and business practices? Who are the main ACTORS and KEY DRIVERS? Which are the current PARADIGMS? What are the BEST PRACTICES in the different fields of application, from artistic experimentation to research to products and solutions for the market? What are the STRATEGIC IMPLICATIONS in term of market, technology, communication etc.? What are the TRENDS, what is HYPE (and what SUCKS)? ...and to many other questions too. - to act as CURATORS, CRITICS, DISCOVERERS and DISSEMINATORS of an emergent culture, and therefore to be able to design both TOOLS and METHODS for capturing, elaborating and sharing


TO BOOKMARK Delicious - Pinterest - Pocket - (formerly Read It Later) TO ANNOTATE Evernote Instagram Statigram


The Brief is shared between MID and MVBD.

The two courses will work in parallel, with the same aims, but each one working on its specific design domain. Information Exchange between the two groups is a way to enrich the results, so we’ll spend some time together during formal revisions, and we ask you to talk frequently with your fellow students “of the other MA” to get inspiration and inspire them.

TO SHARE Dropbox Google Drive WeTransfer

Each group will choose 2 functions (but one group will choose 3) and will explore them in detail, to understand how each service/application works, which purposes does it better serve, which are its main features, its hidden ones and its limits, which kind of users and contents better fit the system and why.

TO CONVERSATE Twitter Facebook Google+ TO INFORM Blogger Wordpress Tumblr

TO PUBLISH Issuu Youtube Vimeo Slideshare TO AUTOMATE LaterBro Ifttt TO SEDIMENT Memolane Tweetbook TO BROADCAST TwitterWall Little Printer

phase 1: investigate, choose, test 18/9 afternoon - Launch + Groups Formation 19/9 afternoon - Media Tools Research 2/10 afternoon - InstaPortrait Platform Design phase 2: information stream design 4/10 afternoon - Revision (idesign only) 12/10 morning - Refinement + Next Steps The conclusion of this activity will also be the setup of another, long-lasting activity, which is going to build and spread a shared knowledge-base all year round.


Research Investigation Brief on how to create a digital and social media platform for generating semi-automatic Portraits of a specific rese...