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CLAUDIA TRIMDE BIO // Claudia Trimde, Le CITY deluxe Group CEO. There are no miracle recipes for a long and fruitful career. Goals can only be achieved by working hard and putting one’s heart to it, as evidenced by a mere glimpse at Claudia Trimde’s career. Claudia has a Master’s degree in Business Management (Glasgow University Honours MA and University of Miami) and a solid academic background in Global Marketing and Communications. These academic tools have allowed her to obtain ample experience in diverse job asignments all over the world. All throughout her career, Claudia has been able to achieve every goal she’s set for herself and has done so in the city of Barcelona, her home for over the past 14 years. This city, in her own words, “has been an inspiration for her projects and for the small things of her daily life”. She’s always been involved in the business and culture sectors and she’s been part of important projects that have propelled the name of Barcelona to the highest international level. Her beginnings go way back, to the years 2001 and 2002, when she hosted the successful TV fashion show “Líneas”, on Vía Digital. The show quickly attracted a great audience mainly because it offered a solid platform for the latest trends in the industry. Beyond Spanish borders, Claudia produced and hosted the TV show “VIP with me”, in Miami, which featured artists internationally renowned, such as Paulina Rubio and Jon Secada. Meanwhile, in the UK, she became the forefront for “BITS”, the #1 videogame show, broadcasted by Channel 4, UK. In the first months of the year 2002, she founded “Blackout”, the first Advertising Agency dedicated exclusively to the world of fashion and design in Spain. Her book, “Barcelona Jumps”, was published in 2003. In this book, Claudia paired nine of the best Spanish fashion designers with nine of the most prestigious fashion photographers in Spain. The original inspiration came from Philippe Halsman’s book, one where he characterized the “jump” with the faces of celebrities such as Richard Nixon, Salvador Dali, and Marilyn Monroe. Claudia later translated the concept into a more modern one, featuring jumps by CUSTO DALMAU, ANDRES SARDA or JUSTE de NIN, and inspired by their top model muses, Martina Klein and Laura Sanchez, among others. After years of education in the editorial and entrepreneurial fields, in early 2007 she edited “BARCELONA deluxe”, the first luxury magazine in Barcelona, published both in Spanish and in English. In 2008, the magazine was approved by the OJD, the Diffusion Justification Office, and began its in-flight distribution during Spanair and Iberia flights between Frankfurt and Barcelona. In this way, the magazine was accessing two main distribution points throughout the world.

In June 2009, BARCELONA deluxe won the Accesit award for Best Publication of the Year, something that elevated the magazine to the highest standard in editorial awards in Spain. In 2010, and in response to the success of BARCELONA deluxe, Claudia Trimde created MADRID deluxe, broadening the frontiers of the publication and penetrating the market of Spain’s capital city. In the same year, and as a consequence of her constant search for new challenges, Claudia created Le CITY deluxe Group, a prestigious and comprehensive Luxury Social Club whose main objective is to offer a platform for international members so that they can make contacts and access new business opportunities. This is framed in remarkable benefits and VIP service. Also in the same year, the prospects for the company expanded and BARCELONA deluxe and MADRID deluxe became available at the VIP lounges of the airports at Heathrow, Paris, Frankfurt and Brussels, with an average reader population of over 300,000. Later on, Claudia incorporated two essential capitals of the luxury world when the websites for ST. PETERSBURG deluxe and MOSCOW deluxe made their first online appearance. It was at the beginning of 2011 that both magazines, BARCELONA deluxe and MADRID deluxe, were positioned among the TOP 20 most downloaded magazines of the world in the Apple app store. This meant a successful response to the needs of the market and to the requests that our prestigious clients were voicing as regards app creation. Months later, Le CITY deluxe was singled out as finalist for the 3rd Edition of the National Marketing Awards, in the PYMES (SMEs) Category. This award is given to those companies that stand out on account of their “good marketing skills”, regarding their strategy development and capability to attain competitiveness and main positioning in the market. At the end of 2011, Le CITY deluxe group won the AWARD for best digital magazine in SPAIN on iPad- a prestigious honor granted by Spain’s AAEPP. Furthermore, the Group signed JV and franchising agreements for TURKEY, INDIA and the USA. Currently, with over 2 million high net worth readers worldwide, Claudia Trimde has interviewed and written over 50 published articles and managed to not only extend readers reach, but most of all, to create an integrated 360 degrees publishing platform that focuses mainly on the emerging markets. Based on that achievment she was invited by the WAN IFRA (World Publishing EXPO), congress in Franfurt in 2012 to head the conference as speaker an expert on Cross Publishing Channels. Hardworking, creative and with incredible communication skills, Claudia Trimde is currently embarking herself in new projects, and visualizing new horizons that will allow her to look satisfactorily back, and forward, into a prestigious, solid, renowned professional career.

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