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Claudia Sánchez-Izquierdo Besora Space designer Birth date: 29/05/1997 Adress: Travessera de Grácia 117 2d 4th, 08012 Barcelona Telf.: +34 687 80 25 27 Mail: claudia.sanchezizquierdo@ Instagram: claudiasanizbe

Freelance work: Administrative work preparing payslips, preparation of invoices and accounting; introduction of accounting entries for Aslau Asesoría S.L. In which I learned to manage a strict timetable, and working with a wide range of different acconting programmes. Gained useful background introduction to future work in a design studio. Various freelance design projects.

PERSONAL STATEMENT A space design student keen to find a job or an internship in a related field. Open-minded, active, creative, intelligent and empathetic. Able to work on my own initiative or as a part of a team. Been in an Erasmus programme abroad learning to carry out more than one activity at a time. ACADEMIC

ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering: Design degree (2015 - currently cursing 3rd year) - ERASMUS+ programmme of Interior Architecture in KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture in Ghent, Belgium (Sept. 2017 - Febr. 2018). La Salle Bonanova School: Technological and sience high school (2013 - 2015) Escola Infant Jesus: Secondary Education (2009-2013) Tennis training and playing (20072013) Piano and musical language studies (2004-2006) Escola Nostra Senyora de Lurdes: Preparatory and primary school (2000-2009)

PERSONAL SKILLS I identify myself as a passionate, creative and curious person keen on design in general (and product specifically), fashion, photography and music. I like challenges, I know how to act under pressure and I adapt easily to different circumstances. I am sociable, extroverted and open-minded and I enjoy meeting and talking to people to discuss different points of view, participate in activities or just drink something. LENGUAGES Spanish Native Catalán Native English Advanced French Elementary REFERENCES References aviable on request.



Baby-Siter; An enriching experience with children between 3 and 8 years in which I learned what it is to be responsible for someone. This experience helped me learn to stay calm and be patient, and gained comunication skills.



Hi! My name is Claudia SánchezIzquierdo Besora. I’ve always had problems with the lenght of my full name, so my friends started calling me Clou as a way to make it shorter. Therefore, this is the naiming that I’m using. ‘CLOU’ for me is like a friendly way of saying my name, and moreover I really like how it sounds. When I was 16 I had to choose which baccalaureate I wanted to do, I dicided to chose the scientific technological one with the subjects technical drawing and technology on it, because I was already sure that I wanted to study design. And I chose Elisava because it is the only university that places design within the branch of Architecture. As a student of Elisava, in these years I have had projects of space

design, I have also worked in projects of interior design, product, drawing and photography. In many of these projects I have worked as a team, which has helped me gain experience and knowledge of the other components of the group. I have chosen the specialization in space design since it is the branch of design that I want to dedicate in the future, my passion for design makes me see the world in a different way and it makes me be constantly questioning the sense, the reason of existence and shape of objects and spaces that surround us. I am a creative, observant and original person, able to work as a team, openminded to the change, with empathy and with a lot of desire to learn and deepen in the field of design.







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The brand selected is Rieju. It is a Catalan company which produces motorbikes. However when you talk with people about this brand, instead of thinking on motorbikes they relate it with a collective known as “quinquis” or “canis”. referring to

people who have a brave attitude, who stands out of the crowd, who wear showy clothes and make a lot of noise when they are riding their Rieju. The word parkineo is the one that sums up our project. Everything that happens in our space relates to parkineo concept. Following this concept we wanted to design a social club where parkineo can take place, the main thing is that we are changing the cars for motorbikes, and transforming the open air into a closed and delimited space. The problem is that this activity is known as being chaotic, with no order at all, so we had to find a way to control this chaos, and create a subtil order so that we can maintain the Parkineo concept.


The design for this project was inspired in the brand Rieju. The challenge was to modernize and create new values for this brand. The place where the business will be developed is Poblenou. This district of Barcelona is known for its cultural, social and revolutionary environment. The architecture that surrounds this district is a combination of industrial and contemporary buildings inhabited by middle class people where we can find a lot of lucrative activities.


The space is divided in two floors: the parkineo, and the customization/ sale. In the main floor we have established a bars system in order to organise the parkineo zone, this bars have the function of chairs and tables, and its position is completely variable. In the centre we find a combination of holes that allow us to place the bars and create a changing and versatile space. At the background there are the bar, the chill out zone and the toilets. The second floor is dedicated to customize the motorbikes and selling our products.









My name is Claudia Sánchez-Izquierdo Besora, and I'm 21 years old. I'm a design student who is still studying in Elisava, Barcelona. In this...


My name is Claudia Sánchez-Izquierdo Besora, and I'm 21 years old. I'm a design student who is still studying in Elisava, Barcelona. In this...