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E.E.”Dr JOAQUIM VILELA” AVALIAÇÂO DE INGLÊS ALUNO (A):________________Nº___ PROFESSOR: ____________ NOTA: _______


BOA SORTE!!! 01 - What are your predictions for the future? Use will or won’t plus a verb to complete the sentences below.

pass / win / be / get / have 1. Larissa is going to Fernando de Noronha on her next vacation. She ____________ a great time there. 2. My sister _______________ a doctor. 3. Gabriel never studies or pays attention to class. I’m sure he _______________ for the 9th year. 4. The economic situation in Europe _______________ better soon. 5. My soccer team is playing very well. It _______________ the next State Championship. 02 - Match the sentences.

1. She was buying 2. I was writing 3. They were watching 4. We were listening to 5. He was meeting

( ( ( ( (

) a documentary on TV. ) an interesting person . ) an e-mail. ) a new pair of jeans. ) Rolling Stones.

TEXT 1- Read the text about Mary’s diary last Sunday. Answer questions 3 , 4 , 5.

Time 09:00 – 10:00 11:00 – 13:00 13:00 – 15:00 15:00 – 17:00 17:00 – 19:00 20:00 – 23:00

Activities Have a big breakfast with bread, fruits, eggs and bacon, orange juice and cheese Walk in the park, doing exercises Have lunch with her boyfriend Watch a film on TV Have a shower, get dressed Go to a disco

3 - Match the sentences. 1. What was Mary doing at nine thirty?


) She was walking in the park.

2. What did she have for breakfast?


) She was having breakfast.

3. Is it a healthy or an unhealthy breakfast?


) She had bread, fruits, eggs and bacon, orange juice and cheese

4. What was Mary doing at twelve o’clock?


) It is a healthy breakfast.

04 - Choose the best question for the answer below. A - _______________________________________? B – She was watching a film on TV.

05 - What were Mary and her boyfriend doing at two forty -five on Sunday? a) They were watching a film on TV. b) They were going to a disco. c) She was walking in the park. d) They were having lunch.

a) What was Mary doing at four o’clock p.m.? b) What was Mary doing at six thirty p.m.? c) What was Mary doing at eleven thirty a.m.? d) What was Mary doing at one fifteen p.m.? 06 - Make predictions about people’s future according to their description.

Stephanie studied in an excellent public university. She speaks two languages fluently and she has been taking good grades in university. a) She will get an excellent job. b) She will speak English fluently. c) She will look for some specialized help. d) She will be a famous player.

TEXT 2 Read the text and answer the questions 7,8. Vocabulary: Grades – Notas Report card – boletim escolar Quit – afastar Advice - conselho

07 - Write (T) TRUE OR (F) FALSE.

08 - Answer the questions.

1.( 2.(

) Behah showed his report card to his parents on his birthday. ) He is usually a very good student but this time he had a bad grade.

1. When is Behah’s birthday?_______


)Behah’s father prohibited him to do many things.

2. What kind of student is Behah? ___________________


) Behah can watch TV and talk on the phone.

3. What were the consequences that happen to Behah because of his low grades? ____________

TEXT 3 Read the text and answer questions 9, 10 e 11. Vocabulary: Vouch for – garantir Managementgerência Wine- vinho Waiter - garçon

09 - Assunto: reading comprehension This text is a) a poster. b) an e-mail c) a letter. d) a cartoon.

10 - The woman doubts about a) the restaurant management. b) the quality of drinking water. c) the quality of alcoholic drink. d) the quality of red wine.

Have a nice test!!!

11 - comprehension The waiter’s answer means a) persuasion b) questioning c) complaint d) justification God bless you!!!