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Fazenda Belo Horizonte Last summer I visited a place called "Fazenda Belo Horizonte". It was fascinating. THe farm is next to Cristais Paulista, 20Km from Franca. I went there by car, with my friends. It is very close and easy to get there. This farm has been open to visits since 1999, and it belonged to Mario Andrade. Now it belongs to his son, Paulo Andrade. It´s a famous place in the region, because a lot of young people go there to do different activities.

I went there in November, but at any time of the year it is good to go there. In summer, the place is beautiful, with a lot of flowers, colors and big and wonderful trees. I went there because my mother convinced me, but people can go to visit, take pictures and do extreme sports, like rowing, rappel and track. At night there is the camping, we usually light a bonfire, and we eat and talk about everything. The scenery is beautiful, for me it is paradise, I feel free when I´m there. We drink and eat at the restaurant, a simple restaurant, which has good food.

This place is the best place to visit near Franca, it is cheap and everybody will like it there. When you go there, enjoy it and take pictures, because you will want to remember that simple trip forever. (Luna Gabrieli Barbosa)

Rio Quente Resort Rio Quente Resort is an incredible place! If you want to relax and have fun, you should visit it. I went there with my family and the trip was just amazing: We spent five hours in our journey, but everything was interesting, we could observe all the scenery by the car’s windows and the weather wasn’t too hot. This place is famous around the world. There we can find one of the most beautiful and natural thermal water fountain, and the view is indescribable!

I went there in December three years ago, with my family, but the best time to visit this place is in the Winter, because the thermal water stays even better in the Winter, since, Rio Quente is located in Goias, where the weather is really hot in Summer. You can do all kinds of activities: if want to relax, you can enjoy the big and hot pools to swim and forget your problems, or you can enjoy the aquatic park (Hot Park), where you will have a lot of fun! The place is open all the day long and at night as well, and you can enjoy it when you want ! We can enjoy the parties, the restaurants and the food, everything is perfect !

Rio Quente Resort is also known by its beautiful scenery: you can dive with the fishes, and walk in amazing woods! And one of the most interesting experiences is talk and know all kinds of people who come from all over Brazil and the world to visit this place. The food is also good, you can eat in the hotel restaurants, or in the cafeterias which are spread around the park. I don’t have words to describe this trip, everything is so beautiful and good, but if I need to give some advice it is: Be prepared for the bills, because Rio Quente Resort is a paradise, but it is not cheap! (Luis Felipe Visconde)

Maceió Maceió is a wonderful and unforgettable city. It’s the capital of Alagoas, a very beautiful state in Brazil’s northeast. My wife and I went there for our honeymoon. It was in 2007. First we went to São Paulo and there we got a plane. We had just gotten married that day and we stayed there for a week. Maceió isn’t so popular but they’re the second biggest producer of palm trees in Latin America. The beaches are wonderful, they’re so Sandy and the sea is perfect.

Maceió has a very exciting nightlife. There are so many pubs, so many places to eat and drink something. There are many historical buildings and all of them are open to the tourists. Their food is so good too. The most famous is “tapioca”, it’s flour and it’s made of cassava. They cook the flour with sugar and coconut. It’s delicious! We visited many places, but the most beautiful was a beach called “Praia do Gunga”. It wasn’t in Maceió. It was far from the city but I had never seen something like that before. It was amazing!

To get there we had to get a boat, but when I arrived there, I thought to myself: - I want to stay here forever, I don’t want to go home, it’s wonderful! But unfortunately I couldn’t. The sun was shining all the time, it didn’t rain, it was hot, the beach was so sandy, the palm trees were swinging with the wind, the waves of the sea were so calm and the view was breathtaking. I felt like in a paradise. The people there are very nice and welcoming. Everything that you want to know or everything you ask they answer with a big smile.

They have a very interesting carnival too. All the people go out of their home and start to dance without special clothes. They’re fantastic. If you want to take a trip, you should go to Maceió.

(William Ferreto)

São Thomé das Letras I've known a very beautiful place called São Thomé das Letras, situated in Minas Gerais. For you to get there, the best way is to go by bus or by car. It's a small and rustic town, built on a mountain of stones, the same used in the construction of houses, in the pavement of the streets, in the shape of handicrafts and household items. That's the reason why it is known as ‘The City of Stone’. São Thomé is popular because it's believed to be a place for mystic spiritualist societies, scientific and alternative, then it's called ‘Mystic City’.

I traveled to São Thomé in September, 2007. This is the best time to go there. The weather is always hot and sunny, good for swimming in the waterfall and do a lot of extreme sports and at night there are very good bars. People from São Thomé were hippies and alternative crops in their majority. The tradition is always to be contemplating the nature. My visit to São Thomé was magic because I hadn't imagined that there would be so much beauty in such a small city so close to me.

To sum up, people usually consider traveling to distant places, not being aware that there are places much closer to them and that can make them delighted, because each place has its own beauty.

(Ana Paula Barbosa dos Santos)

Ubatuba This place is called Ubatuba. It´s situated in the North of São Paulo. To get there it´s easier to go by car. You can see beautiful landscape from the mountain range. The beaches are amazing! Ubatuba is popular because it´s near São Paulo city. The people from this city love to go to the beach on the weekends. I went to the beach there two yeas ago, during my honeymoon.

Certainly the best time of the year to visit Ubatuba is in the Summer between December and March. All the beach towns have rainy weather and Ubatuba isn´t different. I love beaches and in the city there are a lot of things to do at night: go to the restaurants, walk along the beach, go to the concerts, visit the aquarium, etc. Near Ubatuba there is Paraty- RJ, a historic city from the XVIII and XIX centuries, all the buildings are made of stones, big stones.

Ubatuba has a lot of hotels and inns where people like to relax and take a rest. And lot of restaurants that serve especially seafood. The city has also pretty handicrafts. I loved this place and I recommend it. The only piece of advice that I would give people: you should carry sunscreen and joy.

(Anelisa Ribeiro de Souza)

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