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Claudia Marie Summer 2011


Volume 1, Issue 1


Debut Issue… It’s All About the Chocolate!! Project, the Branding & Transitioning Group, Sage Sisters, My Girlfriends Garden, Heartlink, my son Alexander (in spirit), God up above, and those along the way who give me a heads up, a high five, and a pat on the back. How fortunate am I to have such blessings. I want the same for you. I want to see you reach for and build your Dreampire.

~ smooth ~ creamy ~ dreamy ~

Welcome to the first issue of Claudia Marie. My dream of combining my special talents, skills, experience, and flair for the creative into everything chocolate.

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It’s so true that when you’re on the right path things just fall into place. With this debut issue I have to thank many who support me… my husband Michael, my sons Adam and Aaron, my best friend Kathy, my father Philip, my other best friend Patty, my mother Niki (in sprit), my brother Philip (in sprit), The BAM

I’ve created my brand and now my own line of products is in the works. Very exciting!! Life is a journey full of bumps, falls, scrapes, bruises, and worse, tragedy. On the flip side life is full of possibilities, joy, happiness, people, pets, family, friends, hobbies, work, and sharing and caring. I started dreaming my dream when I started my family. I was dedicated to my sons having a good start to a good future. The time went by so fast and now I’m going to give my dream a good start and a good future. I hope you follow my story. I hope you find what I do inspiring. I hope you allow me to help you build your Dreampire!!

From the Desk of… Claudia Marie It’s Summer!! What comes to mind for you? Luscious fruits? Refreshing beverages? More chocolate? May we suggest chocolate covered fruits such as lemon, orange, and raspberry. Or chocolate dipped

strawberries and blueberries. Or infused milk chocolates.

same time. What could be a better combination?

And how about a chocolate barbecue? Dove Chocolate Discoveries has a great recipe for Chocolate-Tossed Vegetables on the grill. Sweet and healthy at the

And don’t forget an all time chilly favorite. A chocolate ice cream cone. If that doesn't say Summer than what does? Mmmmmm... Happy Chocolating!!

Claudia Marie

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Chocolate Pairings: Chocolate & Bacon Does this make you go yum? Or yuck? You’d be surprised at how versatile chocolate is and can be. It flows smoothly (pun intended!) from before dinner drinks, to appetizer, to salad and soup, to main course, to dessert, to after dinner drinks, and anything and everything in between. Following are some suggested combinations. Keep in mind that for the best flavor you want to use quality chocolate (not the snack variety by the check

out counter) as well as other quality ingredients. When you’re doing pairings you’re striving for the individual flavors to come through so as not to become too bland or meld together to form one flavor. That is a guaranteed yuck! Chocolate dipped bacon strips: choose a quality chocolate and quality bacon product cooked to perfection Chocolate cake and chocolate cupcakes: sprinkle crumbled bacon on frosted

"Other things are just food. But chocolate’s chocolate." Patrick Skene Catling

cake/cupcakes or put crumbled bacon in the batter (only do in cake or on frosting, not both) Chocolate candy bars: find them in your specialty food or grocery stores or make your own Chocolate chip and bacon pancakes: add cooked, crumbled bacon to the batter before cooking Chocolate chip and bacon scones: add cooked, crumbled bacon to the batter before baking

Chocolate and bacon… an exquisite pairing… savory, sweet, smoky.

Fundraising with Chocolate Do you have a favorite charity or cause. Are you looking for a unique and memorable event that draws in people and money? Claudia Marie Design can help. Just ask!! With 30+ years in marketing and PR, launching and

building successful businesses and events we can help you create just what you need. Consider a wine and chocolate tasting, candy buffet, chocolate tasting with demonstration, and more. Contact 916-939-3492

Three Ingredient Chocolate Recipe Chocolate Balsamic Vinaigrette 1/3 cup balsamic vinegar 1/3 cup caster sugar 1/4 cup dark chocolate (2 squares) Pour into a saucepan, over low heat, the balsamic vinegar. Then add sugar and stir to dissolve. Remove from heat and stir in the two squares of chocolate until melted. Pour into a bottle or decanter and leave to cool at room temperature. No need to refrigerate as dressing will solidify. Try different quality chocolates to change up the flavor. When ready to serve, pour dressing over a summer salad of spring greens or spinach, berries (your choice), walnuts or pecans, and crumbled feta or bleu cheese. What a delight!!

Feel the love… of chocolate...

Claudia Marie

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Weddings and Chocolate: the Perfect Pairing You have to infuse chocolate in your wedding. You just have to!! Whether it’s chocolate favors, candy buffet, chocolate wedding cake, chocolate colors, chocolate buffet, chocolate theme, there has to be something chocolate. There just has to!! Chocolate adds an element of elegant fun. It captures people’s imagination and warm memories. It make people feel good and you want people to feel good at your wedding. Claudia Marie recommends having one signature element at your wedding. Something totally unique and unexpected. It’s the “secret surprise” that holds everyone in suspense until the moment it’s unveiled (yes, pun intended!).

My heart to you is given: Oh, do give yours to me; We'll lock them up together, And throw away the key. ~Frederick Saunders

We discovered something very unique and chocolate. It’s the Royal Chocolate McVitie's Biscuit Cake. It’s featured on the Cost Plus World Market website at... -kate-middleton.html It’s really a bit of a treat!! Claudia Marie Design can advise you on how to make chocolate happen at your wedding. We offer a complimentary consultation by phone or in person. It’s so easy!! And fun!!

Gift Store Our website is up and ready for business. Please book mark as a favorite so you can check every so often as we’re in an ongoing state of product and gift development. Our first offering is gift certificates in any increment

"There’s more

to use toward our... 

Chocolate products and custom gift baskets

Women in Business PR & Marketing Mentorship

Scoops d`Elegance Candy Buffets

Wedding Day Design

to life than chocolate, but not right Check out our website at


Scoops d`Elegance Candy Buffet Consider a candy buffet of all French chocolates. Or capture the theme of France by including just a sampling of French chocolates with your other sweets and treats. If you can’t get French chocolates, then arrange a combination of your favorite sweets and treats displayed within a French themed buffet. Oo la la!! Check out... La Maison du Chocolat Chiberta Richart Little Gourmet Discovery Collection Richart Ligne Classique Patrick Roger Couleurs Jean Paul Hevin Cheese Chocolate Appetizers Arc de Triomphe

Pralus Chocolate Bars

H appy Cho colatin g!! Claudia Marie Design 3941 Park Drive, #20-114 El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 Phone: 916-939-3492 Fax: 916-939-3905 Email:

"Forget love ... I'd rather fall in



Dreampire So you have a dream. So do I. And I’m making it come true. So can you. Here is my first step… What do I want to do?

No dream is too big or too small to make come true!!

This was tough. I like to do so many things and I know I have a lot of skills and talents that I’ve refined and developed over the years. I decided to just pull out a piece of paper and start writing down what I had already done… as a business woman, as an entrepreneur, as a writer, as a consultant, as a mentor, as a volunteer, as a mom, as a wife. They all counted and they all mattered. I then started identifying commonalities in all of these interests and endeavors. I took another piece of paper to list those

Dreampire– to Dream and to Build your Business Empire

common features. Some of mine were fun, creative, being with people, teaching, mentoring, coaching, and learning and then sharing what I’ve learned. Then I started identifying on another piece of paper the vehicles that included those common features. For too long, although rewarding and successful, I chose to express myself through venues that were primarily for others. They were never really for and about me. Chocolate seemed to be for and about me. I wanted to brand a name synonymous with fun, style, sharing and caring, being creative. “Claudia Marie” and “Claudia Marie Design” were born. Wow!! Am I happy and excited? You bet!! Now, what do you want to do? Feel free to share on my blog at

Claudia Marie Volume 1 Issue 1  

1st issue of Claudia Marie

Claudia Marie Volume 1 Issue 1  

1st issue of Claudia Marie